Small Christmas Giveaway


This Christmas I’m afraid I don’t have a massive giveaway for you guys. This year Christmas crept up on me a little, so I’ll be doing something much simpler which some of you have been suggesting for a while. Hopefully, you’ll like it. This giveaway will be held for both my Patreon supporters and my YouTube viewers, but you can enter both if you want.

I’ve already explained most of the giveaway in the video, but just in case, here are the rules for THIS giveaway:

  • One entry per person (I will check)
  • On the 2nd of January I will pick the winner/s
  • Giveaway is open worldwide

Good luck and Merry Christmas!


  1. Chanel coutain says

    I prefer the eye on the right side because there’s more depth within the picture : includes the eyebrows and the eyelashes which gives it a more interesting feature xD

  2. Kiana Madrigal says

    Hello! Happy Holidays! Both paintings are beautiful! Though I am geared more toward the one with the eyebrow, I love both paintings and would be happy just to win one. I am a massive believer in you and think you are so incredibly talented. I hope you have a very merry December!

  3. Rebekah McCoy says

    Both eyes are incredible. I quite enjoy the novelty of the 3D effect of the right eye, plus the eyebrow frames it beautifully. I also love the color and flair of the left eye. I would have a hard time selecting a favorite because I appreciate both so much, but if I must I would say the right eye.

  4. ella highley says

    I prefer the painting for the you tube giveaway because of the shape of the eyelid and the colour of the eye is similar to mine so I automatically am a bit biased but also because of the use of green and blue on the white of the eye gives it a beautiful dimensional look. The lower eyelashes also extend the eye in the outer corner and I typically do that with my makeup. :) both are amazing though

  5. Hanna Faulk says

    I like the one on the left a bit more (though both are stunning) I enjoy the way the eye curves a bit more and I think the colors in the eye are very nicely placed.

  6. Kyra Howard says

    I love the glitter on the Green Eye and how you have used the eyelashes not in the typical shortest – longest style but the more un-even and experimental style :D

  7. Julia Fish says

    I think I’d prefer the one with the eyebrow, as it’s a bit more realistic, and just has more detail than the green one, although both are very pretty.

  8. Laura Eisele says

    I like the one without the eye brow. The texture is great. I love the way that you repurposed the eye lashes. The colors in the painting are beautiful.

  9. Abbey Garrett says

    They are such beautiful paintings! You are do talented and I’ve loved watching your videos for years. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  10. Agsu von Giest says

    I absolutely love the one you’re giving away for the YouTube viewers. Love from Finland and merry Christmas to everybody!

  11. Katelyn Jensen says

    I love them both, but I like the YouTube eye better. I like the colors and the way the lashes set more in that one.

  12. Shazleen Suhaila says

    Both artworks are great, though I prefer the green eyed one just because it’s so “simple” in a way yet so complicated.

  13. Raquel Rhoads says

    I love the one for the Patreon giveaway especially because of the reflection on the eye, the added detail of a realistic eyebrow and I love how the bottom lashes look! Happy holidays and good luck to everyone!

  14. Cintia says

    Awww, you’re an angel! Both paintings are pure beauty, but I prefer the eye on the right side.
    Lots of love from Spain.

  15. Emily Lenz says

    I prefer the green one, It’s more simple and more elegant. My eyes are green so It’s a bit of a biased opinion :) I love all your art so much. The colors are brighter in the green one.

  16. vinyl milligan says

    I don’t mind which one honestly art is art Im not much of a judging person I love the color used in both both are beautiful

  17. Maarten says

    I like the one on the right the most. I saw your tutorial on YouTube and I fell in love with it. The colours of the iris are really nice, beautiful colourcombination. The eye also seems a bit sad or scared to me, so the fact that one single eye shows so much emotion really catches my attention. I’d love to have a piece of art in my house, made by one of my favourite artists and biggest inspirations.

  18. Jo says

    I really like the green one, I don’t really know why, I just feel like there is more depth to it (if that makes sense) Also, green eyes remind me of my sister so this is always a good thing ! :)

  19. Juliette says

    Just lovely, I wanted yo say I really love your work, and I think it’s trully amazing. When I saw one of your videos on youtube I became a fan of your makeup tutorials and everything. Merry christmas, and lots of love from México.

  20. Mary Cobs says

    I like the right one (with the eyebrow) more. The colors are so beautifully mixed. I love it.
    The other one is beautiful too, it reminds me of my best friend. She has actually blue eyes bot she has almost the same form and look.

    Merry christmas. :) <3

  21. Lacy Rice says

    I like the more detailed painting more but since I’m entering via the youtube video I’d be very happy to win the first one you painted.

    Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!

  22. Kate says

    I really like the one with the eyebrow, it gives it more dimension. The other one is a bit too simple for me. But both are still lovely.

  23. Rachel guy says

    Hi I love them both, you are so talented but I love the green eye, it’s very striking! Thanks very much! ☺️

  24. Shanel says

    I absolutely love both. Great job! It’s hard to pick the one I prefer, but I think it’s the one on the left. I love the green :) Happy Holidays!

  25. bea fernandes says

    i think the canvas on the patron giveaway is prettier simply because it has more details and it looks more realistic, but both are great artwork.

  26. Sophie Thornton says

    I really like how the one for the Patreon giveaway has the rainbow hue in the eye, so I’d have to say that one is my favourite – but they’re both beautiful pieces and a great way of using the lashes that you might have just given or thrown away. You should definitely sell your art more!

  27. Freia says

    I like the green one more, cause it reminds me of the mermaid in my short story. But they are both really beautiful as always!

  28. Dana says

    Although both are amazing, I think I prefer the patreon painting. The colors used are very nice, and they make it look realistic.


    i think your extremely talented both in your art and your music. i prefer the one in your right hand. i loved it when you did the eye on the brush handle. may you have a Happy Christmas and God Bless.

  30. Duran nergiz says

    I would love to receive the green eye because it looks amazing and I have green eyes too! It would look really nice, hanged on my room!

  31. Alice says

    I actually like the YouTube one! (Don’t know what else to call it.) That was so amazing how you changed it into a 3D canvas! I’m not artistically inclined in the visual art field, but I absolutely adore your work.

    Love from LA!

  32. Emily Standige says

    I prefer the eye shape from the one on the left because I feel that the eye shape and the way the lashes frame it really make it look beautiful. I also really love how the eye on the right has the eyebrow because I feel that it gives a bit more character :)

  33. Charlie says

    Both paintings are stunning, though personally I prefer the one on the left. The green tones are absolutely beautiful and the different lengths in the lashes give it a very fairy-like appearance. These actually inspired me to try a similar thing myself.

    Happy Holidays!
    -Charlie <3

  34. Collin Howard says

    I love the eye without eyebrows a lot! They’re both beautiful but I like the eyebrowless one more. Also happy holidays and a happy new year :)

  35. Maria Olivella says

    I like the left one more. Due to scale, I think clumping the lashes at the ends of the eye created a more lifelike use of the false lashes. The extra space around the eye also gives some more breathing space, which makes it draws your attention a bit more, I think. Hope your holidays are lovely, and can’t wait to see your next historical look, Edith was wonderful!

  36. Mikayla says

    I adore the one on the right due to the deph of it. The colors are absolutely stunning and the addition of the eyebrow and the lashes just make it pop that much more. You are a fantastic artist!

  37. Megan Hales says

    I think the painting on the left is more appalling , I like how simple and cute it is. I feel like the one on the left is more feminine looking and it feels more pretty to me, you did a fabulous job and seeing your art work inspires me for Ideals on mine, Merry Christmas and keep up the good work. lots of hugs!! :D

  38. Alex Findeis says

    I really love the green eyed painting, it looks amazing and so are you. I love your work and you are awesome thank you for uploading what you do!

  39. Lyzly says

    Both eyes are beautiful. I love your work. Ive been watching your videos for maybe 2-3 years. Eyes are always something that I’ve loved especially the way you add fake eyelashes to not only give them a new life but to bring out the eyes too.
    Have a merry christmas and happy new year!

  40. Kathryn Loya says

    I love both, it doesn’t matter which one I’d get (If I somehow win) because both of them are beautiful and you’re an amazing artist and I love you. Happy holidays!

  41. Emma Whitworth says

    Thanks for doing this giveaway, Klaire! I can’t wait to sponsor you on Patreon one day when I’m no longer a student. I prefer the one without the brow, as the eye is more centralised. Merry Christmas, lovely!

  42. Sasha says

    I really loved the one with the eyebrow it showed a lot of emotion and showed love even though it’s just a painting but it’s more than just an eye on a canvas. Very beautiful and simple, says a lot of words

  43. says

    I love both of them and thank you for opening up the giveaway so I could enter though I have no problems with anyone doing an exclusive Patreon giveaways.

    Happy holidays!

  44. Serene Gonzalez says

    I love all your videos and it would be an amazing Christmas if I had the eye with no eyebrow cause I really love it so much and love all ur drawing I hope u have a Merry Christmas and happy new year I love you ❤

  45. Judy says

    I prefer the canvas for the Patreon giveaway. The iris has a beautiful combination of colours, and it is very pleasing to look at. Happy holidays! x

  46. Darija says

    You are amazing and your creativity is a true inspiration. Both eyes are stunning, but I like the right one better because it reminds me of my best friend’s eye 😄😄

  47. Amy Holder says

    There’s just something so beautiful about eye paintings; so many emotions, thoughts, and feelings can be conveyed through them. I prefer the iris in the left one but love the lashes and the eyebrow in the right one as hey frame the eye more giving it more realism due to the context added. Both very beautiful and brilliantly done though.

    Also hope you have a very merry Christmas!! And thank for for all your videos they’re a treat to watch!

  48. Aimee says

    Such a unique idea! I love the shape of the eye,eyebrow and curve of the lashes on the second one. But the green glitter on the left one is stunning!

  49. Katherine says

    I love both eyes and the fact you use false eyelashes is so cool. But i like the one on the left more and i dont know why like my eye draws to it more.

  50. Andy says

    I love the one on the right because it because the colours are beautiful. However, both are lovely. Happy holidays and greetings from Mexico

  51. Frankie says

    Hey Klaire!
    I’d prefer the small green one a little bit more, but they are both beautiful.
    Happy holidays and greetings from Germany! ❤

  52. says

    Both pieces are such stunners and extremely unique, personally I prefer the left painting which does not have the eyebrow included just because it looks cleaner in my opinion!

  53. Christina Gee says

    I absolutely adore the one with the eyebrow and the multicolored eye. Eyes are some of my favourite things to draw, and I’ve always been mesmerised by them. Your artwork is lovely regardless, though. I wish you’d post more of it here.

  54. Amber says

    Both of them a beautiful, but I like the one on the left (without the eyebrow) more because it is simpler and the color and the iris is amazing!

  55. Eileen Mullin says

    I love the idea of using the lashes as part of your art work!! I myself really liked the placement of the lashes without the eyebrow. However both are beautiful!

  56. Katy Kay says

    What a fun giveaway! Like many people, I also like both of them. The lashes just make both of them pop! But I do think my favorite is the one WITH the eyebrow! There’s something about a brow that frames the eye to make the eye itself seem to stand out even more…and I think there’s a twinkle in the eye of that one! :)

  57. Denise Lisboa says

    I like the green eye better because of it’s shape. It’s much softer and delicate. :3 both are awesome though

  58. Tori AnimeIsMyLife7 says

    I love the blue one as it looks really similar to my gf eyes. But the green one is drawing me in, in a way that I don’t really know how to explain. Your art is beautiful, you are beautiful, and your tutorials have helped me through many tough times over the years so I want to thank you for that.

  59. Lisa Wallett says

    Im a fairly new subscriber who knows zilch about art but ur work is amazing and i love the green eye on the left. Somehow it conveys a shy strength if that makes sense? Beautiful.

  60. Stefany says

    I absolutely love both of them, the colors are amazing, and the 3D element of the lashes is such a unique touch! I think I prefer the one on the left more (without the eyebrow). The colors of the eye are so intense, and I love the glitter in it!

  61. Sophia Casasanta says

    I really like the eye on the right because of how it includes an eyebrow and more of the false lashes on it and I also find it more interesting to look at rather than the left eye. Anyway, they’re both beautiful paintings, I absolutely love your work.

  62. Jennifer says

    It’s hard to decide which I like best, but I think I’d have to say the one that’s more solid green. I like how it’s a bit more minimalist.

  63. Hippodoc says

    Well, trick frack snick snack! That’s a hard one but I would have to say the one on the left because of the only green’s in that eye.

  64. Peyton Bousman says

    I adore the piercing green eye on the left.. it seems like there is a story behind it. Like it represents someone, maybe that’s just me and I see someone I know in it.

  65. Briana Gonzalez says

    I prefer the green eye. I like the simplicity of the painting, how the lashes add subtle drama, and I like that the eye can stand alone without the support of a brow. Drawing eyes with out the framing of a brow is always challenging for me, I adore how you’ve accomplished that.

  66. Laur says

    I absolutely adore the canvas with the strong brow. I’m so fascinated when artists mix different sources of media into a painting to make them unique and show the true artists style. Everyone has their own way of creating eyes and that’s my favorite thing to display because everyone does them so differently

  67. Jennica says

    I love them both honestly but I like the one on the left just a taaaad more because it’s smaller and looks a bit more like my own eyes. I love the false lash idea on these pieces, it’s an awesome way to declutter and make your artwork a bit more unique to you! Xx

  68. Sarah Rodriguez says

    Both paintings are gorgeous, but I think I prefer the one on the right. Eyes are one of my favorite things to draw, and I usually include eyebrows in those drawings, so it feels like the one without the eyebrow is missing something.

  69. Nicole Dacanay says

    Both look incredibly gorgeous but I think the one without the eyebrow looks better. It’s more simple and the color of it is marvelous. I’ve always been a sucker for green eyes XD. Happy Holidays!

  70. Annabella G says

    I really like the piece for the YouTube giveaway. I prefer that piece because of how the lashes are in different little points; it gives it more dimension and I personally just find it more aesthetically pleasing. I also like the color choice the green of the iris and all of its hued flecks and speckles of green look like it could hold vast forests and plains, while the green tinge of the skin ties into the iris and makes the piece cohesive.

  71. Sophie Robinson says

    I like the eye on the left, the green one. It’s probably because it looks more like mine from the two lol. Both are amazingly in depth though and I like the false eyelash touch, it’s comical. Wishing you a very happy yuletide and new year Claire :)

  72. Zeynep Yilmaz says

    The one with the brow because it looks like my eyes :) They are both beautiful though. Thank you and merry Christmas 🎄

  73. Mireia says

    For some weird reason not even I can understand, the one you held in your left hand (according to the viewer’s point of view) was the prettiest. There’s something about the green in that eye that makes me feel peaceful, like everything will be okay– while the one in the right makes me want to tear up, because of the blues used in it.
    Both of them are awesome and I’d never be able to create anything like that. Oh, and the false lashes idea is absolutely fantastic; I’ve actually never seen anyone do that.
    Thanks for reading my comment, happy holidays! ❤

  74. Courtney says

    I prefer the one without the eyebrow. I also hope you start posting on your second Instagram account again soon! I enjoy seeing all of the House/food projects you do :)

  75. Julia says

    Both are very beautiful and it’s hard to choose between those two. But I prefer the one with the eyebrow. I really like it because of the colours in the iris you mixed it in with. It’s really lovely how they just melt together and create this feel of tranquillity and composure but also this inner storm that it carries. There is a feature within the eye but also around it that I adore so much. It gives the eye itself such a vulnerable but also strong look. The gentleness and softness in it is so captivating and charming. The eye is also more in the focus thanks to the eyebrow framing it.
    So yeah that’s why I prefer the one with the eyebrow but like I said, I think both are very gorgeous!
    I wish you a happy holiday, Klaire :-) ♡

  76. Julie Sheu says

    I love the one for Patreon ( the one with eyebrow) The idea of sticking the false lashes to the canvas is really genius !!! You are so creative and beautiful and I love you so much <3
    Merry Christmas ;)

  77. Paul Kruth says

    I like the one on the right although both are beautiful. It’s just my eyes went to it more. :) merry christmas by the way! :)

  78. Arya says

    I’m definitely a sucker for the eye you’re giving away through YouTube! The shape is so graceful and streamlined, and green is my favorite color.

  79. Emily Roach says

    I like the colors of the one with the eyebrow the best, but for some reason I’m not a huge fan of the bride itself. So the YouTube one is my favorite :)

  80. Helena says

    I like the one with “rainbow” iris, because the eyebrow and all the creases around the eye give it so much depth and the extra bit of realism.
    However I love how the green light reflects in the other one, makes it look like something from a different world, and I like having things/looking at things/making things that alow me to escape from reality.
    So to be fair I could not choose, because they both have their features that make them look different, but equally as beautiful.

  81. Anajg says

    I like the best the one you are giving away in YouTube, but mainly for its shape. I think the iris of the one for Patreon is absolutely stunning.
    Merry Christmas and thank you for the giveaway :)

  82. Janine Salinas says

    I prefer the one on the left. I remember when you first posted the picture of it and since then its been my favorite!

  83. Maria Alvarado says

    The one you are giving away on patreon is stunning , so beautiful and you can kind of see some type of hurting in the eyes and i think that’s beautiful , the detail is also amazing and i especially love the brows.

  84. Emily Jinxx says

    Hello Klaire,
    I think both of the eyes are lovely and when you posted the video of you making them, I was actually wondering if you would ever sell or give them away. I wish the best always.

  85. says

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks a lot for it! Who wouldn’t like some art of yours?! I like both, I think I prefer the one you give away for YT :) Happy holidays and a lovely 2018. Smiles from HUngary :)

  86. Anaid Acosta says

    I honestly love them both but I think the eye with the eyebrow just seems to convey emotion to me in a way that resonates with me. I look at it and it conveys sadness to me. I just think it’s beautiful in that way.

  87. Delaney VanWey says

    I adore green so I would say that one is my favorite, though I also love the eyebrow on the other one! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  88. Isabella Evanoff says

    I love them both! You’re so talented but if I would have to pick a favourite I would go with the one on the left with the green eye because of the simplicity of it.

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