It’s been ages since I last did a giveaway, but instead of makeup, I thought I would giveaway my makeup books. I’ve been ruthlessly clearing out my life at the moment, including my makeup books which have been whittled down to the twoI think are the best out of all of them; Rae Morris’s Makeup Masterclass and Lisa Eldridge’s Face Paint.

I’m even letting my beloved Alex Box by Rankin book go. As for the ones I’ll be giving away today, these are all the best makeup books – some of which I’ve been collecting for years – but I don’t want them to gather dust in a charity shop, so instead, I thought I would give them away to other makeup lovers; you guys. For the giveaway, because there is such a mix, I’ve cut them up into four different sets – so there’ll be four different winners too – all you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post saying which set you want.

The Prizes:

  • Set no. 1: Rae Morris Express makeup and Ultimate Makeup
  • Set no. 2: A Guide to Special Effects Makeup
  • Set no. 3: Fashions in Makeup and Compacts and Cosmetics
  • Set no. 4: Makeup is Art and Art and Makeup

The Rules:

  • One comment per person
  • The giveaway is worldwide (provided I can post to to where you live)
  • Pick the set you want

And that’s it! Simple! :D



    • Zoe Soliven says

      I would really want to receive the set 4 . I love reading and makeup and I know that those books can help me have more knowledge and techniques that I can use in creating makeup looks . It can also help me encourage my artistic side just like you . If i ever won this set , this is my first time having books about makeup because most of them are pricey.

      Thank you for inspiring me to think outside of the box when doing looks :)

      • says

        I’ve been watching a lot of videos about makeup books recently and this seems to be like perfect timing! I would like to pick set no. 1. I feel like this book would be the most practical choice for me at the moment :). Thank you very much for hosting this giveaway ! Your videos are excellent by the way ( both videos about art and the ones about makeup) keep up the good work! :D

    • Charlotte says

      I would adore set #4

      You are incredibly kind, thank you for the opportunity to win these gorgeous books!

    • Vaishali says

      I would really love to get set 4. It would be my first book on makeup. Already very excited :D

    • Cece says

      I’m such a big make up fan but unfortunately i don’t own many books so any would be great, you are amazing thank you so much!!

  1. Jade Chilvers says

    I love books and makeup! This is an awesome giveaway
    Also I think you’re inspiring as a person :)

  2. Adrienne says

    I would love to receive set number 2! (You are an amazing artist​and I enjoy all of you videos!)

  3. Darr says

    I would definitely love the book from group two. I used to work for a haunted corn maze and wish i had had acces to that book it could have helpped me so much! I have been using your make-up tuttorials as inspiration for my own halloween costumes :3

  4. Clementine Tully says

    These all look amazing but I think I would find set number 4 the most useful. This is so nice Klaire!

  5. Vendori says

    Omg!! This is so cool! Ahhh, all the books sound amazing!! I think i prefer set 4 though!
    Thank you so much for this giveaway! And good luck everyone :D

  6. Erica says

    Yes please, I can’t find a good makeup book here so please god I need to win 😍
    I love all of them but if I have to decide just one I think I’ll go with the set number 4.
    Love you and your art ❤️

  7. Sarah says

    I would LOVE to receive a SFX makeup book from you. It would be so wonderful! I have been watching you for so long and I have been doing add makeup since I was 11. Im 17 now :) I love you! Good luck to everyone!

  8. Hannah says

    This is so wonderful! I’ve been wanting a beautiful makeup book for years! I would love set 3 or 4

  9. Kenesha says

    I would love to have the books from Set no. 4 I love makeup and I don’t have any books about it which is shocking to me.

  10. Mickayla Waterman says

    I could use set 4, I’m actually a makeup artist taught through a trade school, but can never find any artistic type makeup books. Mostly it is Bobbi Brown recommended to me, but I want more ‘art’ than pretty. Thank you for your time.

    • Veerle Remmerswaal says

      Hey! I think this give-away is so much fun and if I could pick one set, it would be the first one. Lots of love from the Netherlands❤️

  11. Genevieve says

    I would love to receive set #3! Thank you so much for thinking of your subscribers, your giveaways always have so much thought put into them!

  12. Ruby says

    I really love like the books in set no. 4. I didn’t know there were so many makeup books much less different kinds.

  13. Clare schmidt says

    I am so excited for this! I’ve never had a make-up book and always wanted one. Set number one is definitely speaking my lingo!

  14. Katie says

    I would love set number 4; I can already see the hours I’d spend reading those in the summer :)

  15. ELEFTHERIA says

    I would love to get the Set no. 4: Makeup is Art and Art and Makeup. You had me with the picture there so i had to choose that!! <3 thank you so much for giving away those beautiful and useful make up books!!! ^.^

  16. PengooShroom says

    I would love set 2, and even if I don’t win I might pick it up for myself! You’re amazing Klaire, keep up your awesome work <3

  17. Snir Harel says

    I would love to get set #1! I’m starting to learn makeup and how to do it and it’ll really help me!

  18. Lauren says

    Set number 3 looks so interesting! I’d love to read up on the history side of the industry 😍

  19. Trick says

    Set number 2 would be amazing. I love special effects makeup and the sort of fantastic creepy works from Japan.

  20. Linda W. Fast says

    Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway! I’ve wanted some makeup books for a while and this is a wonderful opportunity :) I’m just starting to dabble in special effects makeup so I would love set 2 & 4, but I’m also working on a novel series based in the 1600’s so set 3 would be lovely too. Thanks again for the chance! :)

  21. Katie says

    I would love set # 2 I’m currently in college for animation and special effects and this would be an amazing resource. Thank you! :)

  22. Hilliary says

    It’s so sweet you to do this! Personally I’d love set 2 the most (as would seemingly everyone in the thread!) but the 1st set would be an amazing learning guide as well. ^~^+

  23. Hilliary says

    It’s so sweet you to do this! Personally I’d love set 2 the most (as would seemingly everyone in the thread!) but the 1st set would be an amazing learning guide as well. ^~^

  24. aven says

    i would love set 4! i’m a long time lover of makeup and fine art (and makeup art), and those books are gorgeous.

  25. Tara says

    I would love set number 4 or 2. I love all kinds of art books, I find they help me when I’m in a creative slump.

  26. Felix says

    This is such a wonderful idea!!! I’m so interested in historical things so I’d love to receive the third pack! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!!

  27. Tafanity says

    Set #2. I always wanted to learn how to do Special Effects Makeup and I believe that book will help me get started.

  28. Jennifer says

    I would love set #4! And by the way I love your “anti-sexy” series. It’s refreshing to see realistic female character looks.

  29. Emma says

    I would love set 2! I’ve been trying to learn sfx makeup and it would be really helpful! I love your channel and you are a huge inspiration :)

  30. Beverly says

    Set 1 is the most perfect looking part of key essentials that a person would need to know! I would love to win it😍

  31. Sara P says

    Set #2. Your tutorials have been the inspiration for my learning new special effects techniques!

  32. Helena Ho says

    I’m in love with Set#4 because I, myself, am studying fine arts in college. I’ll love to use both Makeup is Art and Art & Makeup books as references to my illustrations since they lack expression. I am also learning to apply makeup, so seeing those books got me all excited!!!!!

  33. Kaylin says

    I have been following you for YEARS, and I must admit, that you are one of the most beautiful & selfless person I’ve ever “met”! You got me interested and in love with indie music(Amarante stuck with me though), and my top favorite looks from you that I’ve maybe watched 927461 times are the ‘Banshee’ Makeup and the ‘Sloth’ Makeup tutorials! I would LOVE to be given something from you(especially a book, my favorite thing(s) in life! I also agree that if you abuse a book you are dead to me), and I would like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to ask for Set #2! Beautifully terrifying is what I LOVE in Halloween looks! Thank you so much for the chance!💚💚💚

  34. Christy says

    I would love set 2! I absolutely love your videos and take inspiration from them all of the time 😊

  35. Daisy says

    I would either set no.1 or set no.2 your choice. Btw I love your videos they always give me inspiration or this ideas for like characters I create. And your so pretty!! And so sweet!. I love you.

  36. Sarah says

    It’s Sarah again haha. You told me to put another comment, fixing my mistake. I was talking about how much I love you and how I have been a SFX Makeup artist since I was 11 and now I’m 17 haha. I would love Set #2 :) I love you! Goodluck everyone! Again haha.

  37. Leilani Hall says

    I would absolutely adore to have the first set of books very much!! Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

  38. Mason says

    Hello! I would like the last set which is the art of makeup (if I win lol). Looks really cool and I’m into those crafty kinda stuff.

  39. Ashley W. says

    Hello, Klaire! Thank you for the giveaway! :) I’m an artist who loves both wearing and painting makeup, so set #4 sounds the most appealing to me.

  40. Samantha says

    Set number 4 would help me out so much since I’m trying hard to become a makeup artist 😄😍

  41. Edith M says

    I love reading so set #3 would be best for me! <3
    Learning about the history of makeup would be awesome~ <3

  42. Kyra Heinisch says

    I would love to have a makeup book of my own, it would be my first ever. I would really like the first set of books.

  43. Ruth aka Tuti says

    Hello, I would really like to recieve set 1.

    Btw, I think you are a great artist and person. Thanks for thinking in your followers, love from El Salvador, Central America ❤

  44. Emilie says

    I would die for set no. 2: A Guide to Special Effects Makeup.
    I love, love, love eerie yet beautiful looks!

  45. Brittany Hill says

    I would LOVEEE set number 1. I really need some thing to reference so I can get better at makeup. I love makeup so much, I’m just not as good at it as I’d like to be.

  46. Bianca Alfaro says

    I like set 2 because I really love special effects makeup and would like to use the book to enhance my own art

  47. Frances says

    I would absolutely love to receive set no. 3. I’m a complete nerd for all things history. All the love. xx.

  48. Kaitlyn Collins says

    It would be amazing to have set 3, history is an amazing thing and shapes the everyday. I have watched you for so long and love everything I watch. I hope that you find happiness in the future.

  49. Lucie Marion says

    I Love the set #4 . It would be an honoré to receive a book of art from a great artist!❣️

  50. Sarah says

    Set 3 would make my life. I love historical costuming and makeup, and this would make researching a bit easier!

  51. Vanessa A Ramirez says

    Heyyy, I’d love to win Set no. 1. It seems more model-esque and I’m really beginning to get into that. Thanks for a chance at winning, good luck to everyone else! God Bless! :)

  52. Everything Izzy says

    I absolutely love the history of makeup, the third budget would be amazing, especially since my birthday is coming up in early June.

  53. Kat says

    It’s hard to choose between 3 and 4 but I’m going with Set no. 3: Fashions in Makeup and Compacts and Cosmetics!

  54. Judy says

    I would just absolutely love set #2 because I’d really love to learn more and see more special effects makeup like that.

  55. Sebrina Placencio says

    If I were to win I would love to have book number one. I would consider myself an amateur makeup artist and I would love have a book to be able to guide me to get better. I hope to one day start making YouTube videos and you’re a huge influence in my life and I hope to be one day as good as you. Thanks for this opportunity to win these items. Good luck to everyone 💕✨

  56. Zulema Mata says

    I love your videos so much I think what you do and how you do your work is amazing I would like to have #2 I love Japanese arts and make up btw I really love your work

  57. Victoria Briones says

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! I’d love set #4 (it was really hard to pick, I’d love any of them, set #1 looks incredible!).

  58. Alexandra says

    Hi Klaire! Awesome giveaway! I would love to win set Set no. 3: Fashions in Makeup and Compacts and Cosmetics. :)

  59. Sarah Rodriguez says

    I would absolutely love set #3. I have a passion for theatrical costume and makeup design and am always struggling to find good historical references, especially for makeup, so those two books sound absolutely amazing!

  60. Deb says

    I would love to have the books from Set no 3… I love all history related books…. Thanks for this giveaway, its really amazing….

  61. Ana Velazquez says

    Set #2 looks so amazing! I would love this book thanks for this giveaway!! If this set is picked then #4

  62. Alex Brito says

    Hello, Klaire! I’d love the third set, especially Fashions in Makeup: it’s such an interesting subject! Cheers!

  63. says

    hi! just want you to know that you’ve inspired me on doing some of my makeup looks on deviant. mainly because what you do is simple and yet beautiful in such a different way. it would be nice to see where you get your inspirations from. ^_^ i hope you read this and stay amazing
    set no. 2 seems perfect for what i like to do.

  64. Samantha Morales says

    Klaire, I’ve long loved your work and am a huge fan. I am in the process of a major overhaul of my life. After all of high school and two years of college, I’ve decided I can no longer continue trying to go to med school, and instead, next fall, I will be enrolling in a makeup academy, with a focus on special effects makeup. It’s a very risky trade off compared to the job security of med school, but I really want this to be something I succeed at because I believe it will make me happier in life. You’ve been an absolute inspiration to me, and I’ve even attempted a few of your looks, nothing ever worth posting unfortunately. Set 2, the special effects set, would be an absolute dream come true. Any set would honestly though, I refuse to be picky with that kind of thing
    Your fan,

  65. Leah says

    I was torn between sets 2 and 4, but the picture you showed won me over to Set 4 :) Thanks so much for the giveaway Klaire!

  66. anusha says

    Set number One! this is a great idea. I don’t own any makeup books, but I peruse them religiously whenever I find one at a bookshop.

  67. Chelsea sambrook says

    I would love set 2 or set 4. The books look amazing. Anything to up my halloween game and I’m in, as well as find out what inspires others. Plus nothing beats the feeling of holding a book.

  68. Niamh says

    The first set ☺ Stuck between the third set and the first but i think the first set would be more useful despite how interesting the history would be, must go on a makeup book spree it’s not a genre i think of often but i definitely need more of it !

  69. Nerissa says

    I would LOVE set #4! (my other preferences would’ve been set 1, 3, and 2, in case I actually win and it’s already picked lol). Ty for this giveaway!

  70. Riley Axelrod says

    So kind and thoughtfull to give these away ! All look great but I think I would like set #1

  71. Madison says

    I think this is an amazing opportunity for more people to explore the world of makeup. Klaire, you have been one of my biggest insperations and one of the many reasons why I want to get into makeup. Ever since I saw your Seven Deadly Sins series I was hooked. I love all you work you put into your makeups and everything you do. I would love to recieve set #4 cause just like you, I LOVE glitter and gems. Love you and love what you do. Stay awesome! :)

  72. Tobi says

    If I win, I would want set 4. I am currently working on designing products and would love to learn the artistic ways makeup can be applied.

  73. Amelia Shiel says

    I would like set #1 because I do not know much about makeup and I would really like to learn more about it and how to build my skills. I really enjoy when creators reach out to their fans, I think it shows how you’re a real person and not some untouchable idol. Thank you for your hard work!

  74. Allana says

    I would love set #3…I’m so interested in the history of making although the art you have created is an absolutely amazing category as well. Ty for this opportunity

  75. Laura says

    Thank you do much for this giveaway :) And than you for taking care of the books. I love taking caring of them as well.

    Regarding the set I was catched by set number 4 because in my heart art and make up are always holding hands. :)

  76. says

    I would love to own the first set! It would be so nice to receive something so useful for a beginner like myself from a artist like yourself! What an honor! Thank you for giving back to us ! But honestly you give back on every video you make! Xoxo. Jessi

  77. Kimberly says

    I would really like set #4! I am super interested in art and makeup and want to understand the connection better.

  78. Emily says

    I never owned any makeup books before and they all look nice but set no. 1 really caught my eyes. It’s very nice of you to be doing this generous giveaway Klaire! Thanks :)

  79. Maria Lissandra de los Angeles says

    I love how different and creative this giveaway is!!!! I like the fact that what you might get will actually teach you something. Thank you for the opportunity! I’m not opposed to having set 4💓💓💓

  80. Madison says

    Set 3 please!!! I love the history of anything really and I’ve been looking for some good books about makeup history for a while now, so thanks for this opportunity!

  81. says

    Set no. 4: Makeup is Art and Art and Makeup I would absolutely adore. All these books are stunning but that’s the set I feel like I could get the most inspiration/use out of.

  82. Katlin says

    I would like to learn special effects makeup! I would love to receive number two!

    Ps. I loved your zodiac series!

  83. Stephanie says

    Such a cool giveaway! I’ve always wanted a makeup book! I think set number 3 would be neat because I’m really interested in the history of makeup and why and how different looks were the way they were. It’d also be cool to really learn each time period and make an accurate recreation of the look! :)

  84. Rachal says

    I would like set 3, please! I love history, so they would be fascinating. Thank you for the giveaway. 💕

  85. Sam says

    I would love set number 3! The history of fashion and cosmetics is so fascinating! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway :)

  86. Niamh Crowley says

    Set number 3 <3 history and makeup are two of my favourite things. Honestly though I would be chuffed with any of the sets they all look gorgeous.

  87. Lizzette C says

    How exciting! I would actually love to get any of those books. But my top pick is Set #4, since I’m a fan of being creative and making “abstract” like make-up, while Set #2 is a close second. Thanks for the giveaway, Klaire!

  88. Kirsten Palmer says

    I’d love to win set number three! I adore historical makeup and costuming, and want to be as accurate as possible!

  89. Olivia C Anderson says

    Love makeup books. I bought Lisa’s book and it makes my heart happy anytime I read it.
    Out of these sets though if I was lucky enough set 1 would be lovely. Difficult choice though cause they all sound interesting

  90. Emily L. says

    I’m trying to step up my makeup game so I think I’d benefit from #1 best. Thanks for the suggessted reading!

  91. Alexandria S. says

    I would love set number 3 it goes hand in hand with my coursework next semester of the history of tattoos 🙂

  92. Kirsten says

    I for sure would love any of them especially the set 2 book on SFX makeup as with what I do for a job it would come as a major help!

  93. Emily DeLucia says

    I would love either the 2nd or 3rd set! I suppose my top pic is proooobably the 3rd. I have a friend who would love to receive one of those as a gift :)

  94. Emily S. says

    Set #3 is best suited to all the different types of looks and creations I make. I love love love the history of makeup! Thank so much for doing such an awesome giveaway!

  95. Alex says

    I would love set 2 I’ve been in love with special effects makeup for the longest time and I’ve loved your channel and I’d be amazed to have anything by you

  96. Lucy Greenfield says

    Your videos and work have helped me improve the quality of my makeup and art for personal projects, theatre, and cosplay! Thank you, and thanks for doing another giveaway! I would love to learn from set #2.

  97. Aimee says

    How generous! Thank you for having this give away. I would like to throw my hat in for Set no. 1: Rae Morris Express makeup and Ultimate Makeup, please! Always keep creating.

  98. Shannon says

    I would love set #4!! I’m a recent makeup artist and I think they would really help me. Thank you for this giveaway and an amazing channel. <3 <3

  99. Alethea Esther says

    You are so generous Klaire! I hope I can be as skilled as u dear. I wish I could get the set number 4, it’s so unique and would mean so much to me. Love you xoxo.

  100. William Morales-Guerra says

    This is very generous of you, I would like to receive Set no. 2: A Guide to Special Effects Makeup. At first I thought make-up was just to enchance a person physical appearance, and I didn’t see it as another form of art. Now I am learning new ways to make my self look like a mythical creature for halloween.

  101. Wylee-Kay says

    I would love to win set #3, also hello Klaipeda, I’m 17 and from the US I’ve been watching your videos for years, from when you had your old channel that’s now Klairedelysart, you’re so inspiring, and haven’t let your success go to your head so thank you for staying grounded for simple girls like me, love your devoted fan Wylee.

  102. Ana says

    Such great books!!..its such a though choice tho.. right now im in fashion desing and im so intersted into learning historical things but i think i may have to stick with the last one! The artistic cause the images are so amazing

  103. Jaime Leigh says

    I am so bad at makeup and I really think that set #1 or #3 could help me actually know what I am doing!

  104. Abby Clark says

    Would love to learn from #3. I love makeup so much and would love to learn more before headed to college :)

  105. Jordan says

    Set no. 2: A Guide to Special Effects Makeup please!! Love your work and am a big can, thanks for the opportunity to participate!!

  106. Hannah B says

    I would love the 1st set!! (Although any of them would be amaaaaazing.) Thank you for doing this, Klaire!

  107. Bree says

    I would love set #3. I like learning about the history of makeup, I find it so interesting. Thank you for the giveaway, I love your videos!

  108. McKenzy Gauert says

    Makeup is an art form that allows everyone to express themselves differently, that’s why I’m interested in the 4th set. Makeup has aided me with creative expression and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for this opportunity!

  109. Marianna Costa says

    I follow your channel for good 5 years now and I always gasp on your talent. Thank you for sharing it!!
    It would be awesome to win the #1 set.

    Hello from Brazil!

  110. Sarah says

    I would love to have one of these sets! I plan on doing makeup as a career in the future so they’ll really help. I’d like any set but I really like set 2!

  111. Tia Mann says

    Oh gosh, I would love love love set no. 2!! I’ve dabbled in special effects makeup before but I’ve never actually owned a makeup book, it would be great to add to the rest of my book collection!

  112. Ana says

    Id love set number 2, I have been watching your videos for a really long time and I have to congratulate you on your artistry, hopefully this book will help me get closer to that

  113. Emma says

    Hi Klaire, will love to have Set no. 1: Rae Morris Express makeup and Ultimate Makeup please.. Thank you for the giveaway :)

  114. Diana Serrano says

    I would love to have set #4. Set #2 sounds so interesting and it’s calling my name, but Set #4 seems more useful to me and what I’m studying. They all look so interesting though.

  115. Fatin says

    Hi Claire,

    I would really love to have Set #3 please as I would love to know more of ancient makeup histories.

    And can’t wait to see more of your Elements series <3

  116. Anna says

    I would love Set no 3 (historical makeup, as I think it would be helpful for my love of history and theater) but I would love to receive any of them!

  117. Emily Frey says

    This is such a cool idea for a giveaway!
    I’d love to receive set#3! History is my absolute passion and those books sound amazing!

  118. Chelsea clark says

    Would love to win any of the sets. I love makeup and would love to learn more than what I learned in Cosmetology school. This is an amazing giveaway!

  119. Samantha Sexton says

    I would love Set no. 3!! I love all things vintage and diving into the history of makeup as we know it today would be fascinating! Plus adding books to my personal library is always fun 😉

  120. Lucia Breccia says

    Hi Klaire :) I’m just starting my kit to become a MUA, and studying from the internet, I prefer to spend the money on good makeup products instead of going to an academy. I would love to have the nº1 or 4º set. Big hugs from Argentina!

  121. Tamarah says

    this is amazing! I would die for set #3. the history of makeup is absolutely fascinating . You are so generous and talented. God bless 🙌💖

  122. Jackie Schnablegger says

    I would really love the Alex Box one when you give that away. I’ve been looking for that book FOREVER and can’t find it but out of the sets your giving away now, id love set #2. :D

  123. Kieran says

    i would absolutely adore set 2 or 4!

    elegantly creepy is absolutely my style of drag makeup as well as like sasha velour, violet chachki high fashion burlesque kind of fashion

    thank u so much for this, it’s absolutely a lovely idea!

  124. Mary says

    Such a great and thoughtful giveaway!
    I’m going in to costume construction next year and set 3 would be a great help to add the final touch to the historical costumes I make. I wouldn’t say no to set 4 either, art and artistic make up are both close to my heart.

  125. Alyssa ashlyn says

    I would love set 1 because then I could do more makeup looks on my mum and I. Thank you Klaire for this lovely giveaway!

  126. Patty Gamez says

    I fell in love with special effects makeup after I saw your video on a ripped nail sfx makeup. I have tried some sfx makeup looks a few times and somewhat worked. Set number 2 sounds really interesting! Thank you!

  127. Linh says

    Hi Klaire
    I really like the set #4
    Btw I have just followed your makeup tutorials recently, absolutely love them <3

  128. Júlia Gomes says

    I just recently discovered your channel and I really like it! I don’t expect to win anything but I’d like to have set no. 1. You’re gorgeous. Greetings from Brazil!

  129. Kimberly says

    I’ve been wanting to get into more special effects makeup so #2 but #4 would be great too! Such a toughy!

  130. Delaney Van Wey says

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway! I’m a history nerd so I’d love to get my hands on set #3!! Thanks for this <3

    PS I've been meaning to pick up Lisa's book, it's good to know you like it!

  131. Tyson says

    so I’m just starting off at makeup and I dont have enough money to buy my own makeup but my parents won’t buy it for me either so I would LOVE the makeup book

  132. Carleen says

    Thank you for all the work you do. I am constantly delighted to find a new video by you. My favorites are all the series that you do, like the emotions, the mythology ones, and the zodiac signs. I’ve learned a lot from you, and I think that you posting your videos are the real giveaway. Please continue updating so that we all can continue to learn.

  133. Kayla says

    Hi Klaire! Ive been into make up for about 10 years now and would love to dive into the world of special effects so I would love Set 2

  134. Florencia says

    I’m a make up lover and I’m studying to become a professional make up artist , I would love to win a book that help me with my future career​ , I love your videos mostly the ones in where you paint emotions or feelings like anxiety, I have anxiety issues and make up help me take my mind off when I feel like a panic attack is coming…. Xoxo love u so much you are an inspiration

  135. Kristen says

    I choose set no.2 , it would be so awesome to finally get a book on something different in the makeup world. Ive always wanted to try special effects but you get so much info all at once that you dont know where to begin. This is the perfect chance. Once again i choose set no.2 thank you.

  136. William says

    Hi Klaire! Goodness this seems like a massive giveaway. I was really interested by the book in group no.2 as I am going into illustrationand fashion next year in college, it’d be useful for reference and inspiration.
    Thank you for your time, William

  137. Denisse says

    I will love set no.2 please the special effects make up is something i would love to want to know about thank you very much for this give away

  138. Diana says

    Hi I would love set #2. Also, your videos are awesome and you seem like the sweetest person ever (:

  139. yesenia rodriguez says

    I would love to read set number 2 but if its taken then set number 3, history of makeup would be awesome.

  140. Rhiannon Rolls says

    I love to watch your videos. I have always wondered how you gained inspiration for your themed tutorials and now I know. Set #3 promises to be very interesting, I would love to receive it!

  141. Kerrington H says

    For me as a cosmetologist I would love set four since I’m always looking for new inspiration for out of the box makeup looks I can wear out and about.

  142. Selin Çolak says

    I’d love to have the fourth set! I feel like it would be really useful for this person who adores fancy makeup :)

  143. Dakota Fleur says

    Hello! Giving it a chance :’) Set #4 would be the one I’d prefer. Everyone have a nice day.

  144. Hycchie M. says

    Your giveaways are always so great omg hahah….for me, I would totally love the 1st set of books, the Rae Morris ones, im starting to get more into make up and those seem to be very helpful with simple make up tips.

  145. Cam says

    Set 3 would be brilliant, Klaire. Obsessed with history, and obsessed with makeup. :D
    Luck and love to you, with whatever it is you may need.

  146. Bebe s. Love says

    I would love to learn more about set #3. I just want to thank you for being so generous and sharing all this knowledge!

  147. Alexandra says

    Set 4 (for a lover of crazy things) Speak of your book when it first came out I thought, I have no idea what it’s about but anything by Klaire has to be unbelievably amazing! Inspired me to start writing and helped me realize what writing ment to me. Live your work and everything you do!

  148. Sarah says

    I would really love set number 3, I normally don’t use a lot of makeup but I’m in love with your youtube channel and I’m also a total history nerd :)

  149. Dustin Lee says

    This is such a great idea! I would LOVE to win set 1, 3, or 4! Even if I don’t win I will probably buy some of these books! Great selections!

  150. Jaimee says

    Could I please get Set no. 2. I’m really into special effects makeup and that looks really cool. Thanks :)

  151. Priyanka kulkarni says

    Set No 1 please. I would absolutely die if I get my hands on makeup books. I have never seen a makeup book in my life and that one looks like a dream! Thank you :)

  152. Elle says

    Hi! I would honestly love to receive any set, but set 2 really stood out, as I’m an avid cosplayer! I love your youtube videos – and you were actually one of my original inspirations for starting cosplay, as my first cosplay ever was Thranduil and your tutorials were so helpful – and have continued to inspire and assist me ever since :)

  153. Atsoca, Liness says

    Set no. 3!!!! I’d love to pull inspiration for makeup and fashion looks from before and re-vamp them up a little bit!

  154. Kelsey Amber Gray says

    I’m currently going to Vancouver Film School for makeup for film and television, and a makeup book would be SO helpful for my studies!! Any of them would be amazing to have, but I think either 2 or 4 would be the most helpful. Thanks so much for doing this, it’s really sweet of you!

  155. Jasmin Ortiz says

    I would love set #4! Makeup has changed my life and those in it for the better. It made me happier. This is so thoughtful thank u for thinking of this.

  156. Rhea Hope says

    Set No.2 ive been wanting to get into sfx for ages now and this book looks so beautiful. Good luck everyone :D

  157. Isabelm says

    That’s really difficult they are all very nice… but set No 3 would be the most useful for me 😊

  158. Lisa says

    Ahhhh I can’t pick!! Im between set 2 and 4. HMMMMM Set 4 it is. Although all the books are amazing! Thank you so much for the giveaway. Have been watching you for a long while now. XOXO

  159. Georgia says

    I would LOVE Set #3!! I am obsessed with learning about historical fashion and would love the makeup books!

  160. Bubbles says

    Hi, I’d really be interested in set number 2 (all of them a great btw)
    Thank you so much for great videos!!

  161. Diana Laura says

    Set #1 would be perfect 😍 You’re such a lovely girl, and brave for giving away books, so thanks for the opportunity you’ve given us! And by the way, bless you (the sneeze) 💕

  162. Sara palin says

    Hi klairedelys it’s so very generous of you to give away these books .they are a wealth of information on the subject of makeup. I’m starting school in September this year to become an estatician and I would be most interested in book set one! ! ! However if iam picked the last set also sounds very interesting and useful. But would be grateful for anyone of them! ! ! ! Thanks for your consideration

  163. Andrew says

    Set #2 is right up my alley – mixing elegance and horror are right up my alley and I LOVE incorporating SFX into my makeups!

  164. Jade Ervin says

    This is amazing! I love to read and makeup is my favorite subject 😊 I would love to have any of these but I would definetly choose set 4 first. My second choice would be set 3!:) thank you for this giveaway! You are so generous!

  165. Kellie says

    Hi Klaire,
    I think this is a great idea! (Sorry for my bad english) Your videos inspire me and I like the set #2, because I make this kind of makeup. I wish to learn more english for understand your book you wrote want I can have one :D
    Shine like a star!
    Kellie :)

  166. Ngân Đỗ says

    I’d love to have set no. 3: Fashions in Makeup and Compacts and Cosmetics
    Thank you for amazing give away! Love you Klaire <3 <3

  167. Alice says

    Set no. 4 looks absolutely fascinating! I would love to own something of the sort as inspiration!

  168. Jeremy St. says

    I really love what you do and I am really interested in set number one. Thank you for this opportunity ♥♥

  169. FRANCESCA says

    I’m so in love with set number 3, it’s something I’ve always been interested to, makeup in history! Thank you for this chance :*

  170. Deeha says

    All the best of luck with your life detox. I would love to become an owner of set 1, thank you so much for your amazing giveaways :)

  171. Matt says

    Those last two books looked absolutely stunning!! I’d love to receive set 4 … but I guess if u need a second selection set 2 looked so good! especially the picture in the upper left hand corner of the cover, beyond brilliant!

  172. says

    I would be winderful to receive set number 2 since I’m just starting out with special effects! Thank you for the chance X

  173. Renata says

    I love seeing fashion and makeup change throughout the years set #3 would really make my life complete!!

  174. Izabella says

    Set no 3 :) Not only it would be great to own a book about makeup, but it would be from you! :) Greetings from Budapest.

  175. Dorina says

    I would be really really happy to win set#1 or set#4. Thank you for the amazing contents, and this giveaway! ❤

  176. Jacqueline says

    I would love number 2 or number 1, I’m not a body artist, but I love doing portraits and my sister loves doing make-up (she’s self taught).

  177. Julia ovalle says

    I would love set 2! I have been watching you forever and watching your skills get better great work!

  178. Hardy says

    I would be really happy to win Set No. 2: A Guide to Special Effects Makeup! :)
    Greetings from Germany :)

  179. says

    I would love to win Set 1 🤗🤗🤗 Here in the Philippines that books are not available..😣 Hoping 🙏🙏 Thank.u for being generous.. More Power..🤗🤗🤗

  180. Susannah says

    I would love to win set #3. I’m very interested in history, fashion and beauty and I’m always looking to do more research.

  181. Carmen says

    Set #4 please Because I’m an artist and I love makeup. :D That is why I got into your videos a long time ago.

  182. Liz Andréa says

    I like the first set, but the third one looks awesome too. I don’t know; If I win I’d like to receive one of them.
    Thank you for this chance.

  183. says

    you have a blog called My Favorites when i saw the book you’ve shown it really interesting and wanted to buy all of those you have. I’m from the Philippines some of that book you have dont have it yet here or some are pre-order online. The bookshop here is not complete so i will just pre order and then wait .

    The Set no. 2: A Guide to Special Effects Makeup is im dying to have.

    love you
    Chady Pantaleon

  184. Djendjika Rac says

    My best friend is really passionate about makeup and would like to make a career out of it. I would like to surprise her with set#1. :)

  185. Mar says

    I love books and art/makeup this sounds divine! I think 4 sounds most appealing, even though I do love special effects and vintage styles. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  186. Victoria says

    I would love set no. 3! I already own and love Lisa Eldridge´s Facepaint and have seen her videos with the author of the mirrors and compacts book. Since I am striving to recreate historical makeup (and costumes) myself – I use an old powder compact my grandmother gave me for example and I made my own cake mascara-, these books would be of great use to me!

  187. Tamsyn Balogh-Caristo says

    I would really set no. 4, even though I love historical fashion and make up, I would like to give this set to my sister for her birthday. Thank you so much for the giveaway. You’re video and blog are amazing and I hope to read your book soon.

  188. Jordan! :^) says

    I just want to say I think it’s so sweet of you that you are doing this. I love the fact that you’re the kind of person who loves to give back to their community, like I really admire your work and what you do. For me special effects and makeup in general is something I’ve wanted to explore so to have this opportunity is amazing!!
    I think it’d be amazing if I won set #2 or #4 but the final decision is down to you! Thank you!!

  189. Amanda says

    I’d really love to win set #4, books in it looked so gorgeous! Well, all of the books did but I think that would be the best choice for me. ^^ Thanks for such a great giveaway, Klaire, and especially thank you for such a good list of books to buy in the future. :3 Last but definitely not least, thank you for being such an inspiration!

  190. Céline says

    Hi Klaire! Thanks for doing this giveaway :)
    You’re the loveliest person that I follow on the internet <3
    I would love to get set n°1 (Rae Morris) please!

  191. Ilse says

    Such a difficult choice just to pick one set! However my love for special effects comes first so Set no. 2 would be my choice.

  192. Beatrice Bongiovanni says

    Hi! I’d love set n°1. By the way, you are such a nice person :) . Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  193. Mira Tabassam says

    Omg you are so precious 😍 I am so in love with all of your videos and I am interested in the set number 2

  194. Marija says

    I’d really love set nr.1. By the way i dont think i comment this often enough on your videos but you are so talented and your videos are honestly really fun to watch, so thank you for doing what you’re doing <3

  195. Fern Dodd says

    I would love to win set number 1 or if that’s already gone, set number 3. You are an insanely amazing person and artist and have inspired me to become a makeup artist and study it at college.

  196. Erica says

    This is such a generous giveaway! It’s such a difficult choice since they all look amazing but I love looking at the history of makeup so I would have to go for set #3 :)

  197. Katie Eliot says

    What a wonderful prize! I would love to win either set 2 or 4.
    Thank you so much for the great giveaway ❤️

  198. Gabriele Pelėdziūte says

    Hi. I not very good ad makeup but you inspare to try :) I would love to have a makeup books in my home. I would like set number 1

  199. Despina says

    This giveaway is awesome! The creepier things always got my attention more, so “A Guide to Special Effects Makeup” would be my preference! Thank you Klaire!! :)

  200. says

    set 4: Makeup is Art and Art and Makeup
    because well, makeup is art and art is my soul. I love everything about art (tattoos, makeup and so on) and because… idk i love art

  201. Madiy Warner says

    Honestly I’d like any of the sets so if, by unlikely chance I happen to win, you can choose for me☺️

  202. Noémie says

    I’d love to receive set no. 3. I’m a history geek so it could be useful !
    Thank you for this big giveaway!

  203. Valentina says

    I would find the ‘Makeup is art’ & ‘Art and Makeup’ books amazing to have.
    Thank you for doing this Klaire! You’re amazing as always!

  204. Me: Marie De Roos says

    All of the books are so glorious. I’m a huge book fanatic, especially when it comes to art so books about makeup are definitely my cup of tea, they look so pretty. I would be happy with any set really but if I had to choose one it would be the first set! Thank you so much for this opportunity and good luck everyone ✨

  205. says

    As a makeup student graduating this june, I’d be happy to win any set.
    But, I’d love to win set #4

    Thank you so much for your videos. You’re one of the reasons I got into makeup in the first place :)

  206. Rosa says

    I’d love to win set 1. I know my chances are small but as a 16 year old I don’t have a lot of money for books like this. Whoever wins will be very happy!♡♡

  207. Tanja says

    Oh, all these books look so brilliant… :) But if I had a choice, I would choose Set 4. Or Set 2 as a second choice, both sets look so inspiring!
    Thank you for this giveaway!

  208. Vivien says

    Hi! I would love to have Set no. 4, but if I couldn’t have that, I would be happy with Set no. 1 too. :)

  209. Kaltrina Limani says

    Hi.. i love the way you create the makeup looks even those who scare me a bit but they are just amazing. I would like to have set no.4 if possible.
    XOXO take care <3

  210. Jane says

    All these books look amazing, but I think the first set would be most useful to me as I am a beginner when it comes to makeup. Thanks for doing this giveaway :)

  211. Naomi O'Connor says

    Hello! I’ve been watching your videos for forever and I love you so much! I’d love either set 2 or 4 at the moment I can’t dicide, thanks so much for this opportunity 💗

  212. Gloria says

    Those are all really beautiful books and I would really like to learn more about makeup.
    I would be so lucky to win. If I do I would like set nr. 1 but if those are taken set nr.4 or 3. And last 2.
    Even if not, Thank you so much Klaire you are an inspiration to us all.
    Thank you for this giveaway.

  213. Mislav says

    I would love to have Set number 1 :) It looks sooo beautiful! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! You’re an inspiration!

  214. Esmée says

    Set no. 4: Makeup is Art and Art and Makeup, I’m currently a hairdresser student but want to become a make-up artist. I applied for the make-up school but was not accepted because of my age (15 at the time). I really would love to win these books so I can get inspired and show the make-up school school that they were wrong for letting me go!

  215. Nefeli says

    Regardless of the giveaway and knowing that the chances of winning any of the books are zero, I would like to express my love for your art (like all of us), and for the placidity you are radiate in your videos. Keep going and your audience from Greece supports you and sends you his love!
    Φιλάκια! (Kisses in Greek)

    P.S. The sets that interest me are 2 or 4.

  216. Inês says

    I would absolutely love set number 3! Besides inspiring makeup looks to try out I think it would be so useful for art projects and character development! 😊

  217. Tuva says

    So nice of you to do a giveaway! I love all the sets, but set one or four are probably my favourites c:

  218. Hristo Ivanov says

    I love you, I love books, I love giveaways – perfect combo! I love art too, so I choose set number #4!

  219. Nina P says

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! I love books, the real ones, that you can hold in your hands and smell lol :D I also love art, makeup and history…so I would be grateful for set no. 3 or 4! Can’t make up my mind :D

  220. Amber Dawson says

    This is such a nice thing for you to be doing ^.^ I’d love set number 3, history is a rather fond love of mine :3

  221. Kira Hill says

    Thank you for giving these books away Klaire, for my studies on Wig & Makeup in TV Film and Theatre, I think that Set 2 would be a incredible read!

  222. Charlea says

    Set #4 stole my heart! I took a good look at all of them on Amazon and I think I’d definitely get the most use out of those two books. I like to do very colourful makeup in my daily life and could always use some inspiration. 😍

  223. Secil says

    I know , i have got no chance but ı would love to receive set number 3. By the way you are so brilliant and inspiring.

  224. Heather says

    I would love to read set no. 2 the guide to special effects make up please.

    You are an amazing artist and this giveaway is such a lovely idea.

  225. alyazia says

    I want to get the Set no. 1 because I want to learn everything about the basics and I am a teen that is very talented in makeup.

  226. Libby Hudson says

    Hi Klaipeda I would love to win the 3rd set as I’m doing history GCSE and I’m planning on doing a video presentation on the history of beauty and makeup so these books would help so so so much ! Thank you for holding this competition ! ❤❤❤

  227. Amy says

    I would love set number #1! I also love set number #3 as the history of makeup is something that deeply interests me, however I feel like set number 1 would help me more in terms of allowing me to express myself and have more inspiration to create new looks. Thank you <3

  228. Andrea says

    The books seem beautiful! I think the first set would be the most useful for me so I’d like to win the first set :)

  229. Alina says

    Wow set 1,2 &4 all look amazing! :’) I would love to get #2 the most though. I really enjoy sfx makeup and the book looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your work & this generous giveaway!

  230. Maria says

    That’s so generous of you! I would love the first set as it would be the most relevant to me and the most useful :)

  231. Raiana Laguna says

    All the combos are amazing but i would love love love the set number 3 because is exactly what i’m studying right now. Thank you so much for this giveaway, it’s very kind of you! Saludos from Buenos Aires!!!

  232. Annie says

    Would love love love to have Set No.2, I’m a real SFX beginner and hoping a good book will inspire me to start practicing! Thank you for the giveaway xx

  233. B says

    Set number 3 looks right up my alley! Anything with a more historical angle sounds great :) Thank you! xx

  234. Theresa says

    Set no. 4, I’ve been dying to get my hands on some professional books but I don’t have to money to get some.

  235. Tabi says

    Set no. 1 I’d love to own it. It’s so intersting and beautiful. I always wanted it, this chance is golden to form myself futher O-O

  236. Annabelle says

    Thank you for the opportunity to win those beautiful books, I think I am the most interested in set #1 (though set #3 also looks really interesting, I’m a huge History nerd so that’s not a surprise).

  237. Indijana Zanacic says

    This is a very exciting giveaway because I love book and I love makeup. It’s perfect! It just so happens that I’m also intrigued by makeup worn throughout history, so I would love to win set number 3.

  238. Cry says

    Hey there, geeze it’s been a while since your last giveaway. Anywho, I know I’m probably not going to win this, but why not participate. I would really like the second set (guide to special effects) but to be honest any of them would be great to have. Welp, I know you have loads of comments to get through so I’ll let you go do that. Have a good day and stay awesome.

  239. Myriam Tremblay says

    Hello :) I would love set no. 3
    I study history and I would love learn about historical make-up, it’s so bad that this topic isn’t include in programs !
    Have a nice day :)

  240. Carol says

    I would love to have set 4!! Thank you for giving such amazing books or at least introducing them!

  241. Hera Meirlaen says

    I would like book 2. I like doing character design (faces). And I would love it if I could make those faces in 3D.

  242. Peggy says

    Hey, you are an amazing artist and it would be an honor to have your books. Also, same on the “if you damage a book, you are dead to me.” Set 4, please!!!!

  243. Charlotte Haldane says

    An amazing giveaway – I would love to get set 4 as Im about to finish my degree in Hair and Makeup for Fashion on tuesday, and those books look like great references! x

  244. Melanie Jones says

    Definitely Set no. 2: A Guide to Special Effects Makeup this would be perfect for my Cosplay

  245. Catherine says

    Hi I would to say in same time that I really like your work

    Either set 2 or 3 would make me happy :)


  246. Desislava says

    Hello, I love your videos very much, I look them with great pleasure. I would like to get set # 1

  247. Erin N says

    I would absolutely love to win choice #1, I have been watching your videos for god knows how long but you inspire me in so many ways. I’m finishing off my 3rd and final year of art and going off to uni in Bournemouth to study graphic design and I honestly believe it was all thanks to you. Your videos are so creative and to top it all of your smooth voice makes it even better. I really would love to meet you one day :) x

  248. Badriya Abdullah says

    I would really like set number 4. Everyone’s been telling me for years that I should start wearing makeup but I prefer the wacky and extravagant kind so that would be a surprise to all of them. :D

  249. Annie Blackall says

    Hiya! Thank you so much for your tutorials! I love following them in my spare time! I’d love to try set number one or three please! 😊

  250. Aoife Molloy says

    Such a sweet idea to give these away! I can’t decide between set no.2 and no.4 as they both incorporate the work I’d love to do! Id bd really excited to see you recreate the rhinestone look on your channel.

  251. Constanza says

    Hi Klaire! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway, the books are amazing!! I’d love to get that book on special effects, set #2. Love and good luck on your lifestyle detox~

  252. Anna says

    All the book sets seem fabulous and inspiring. I’d love to read and look at the photos from the set #4 tho… Thank you for making awesome videos, love to watch them!!!

  253. Ashley says

    I would LOVE Set #3
    I absolutely LOVE history and I would be ecstatic to learn about the history of makeup :) 💜

  254. Leanne says

    It’s my birthday maybe the random generator will keep that in mind lol. Set number 4 looks amazing. Thanks for being so generous.

  255. Genevieve says

    Book set three please! By the way, you are my absolute favorite makeup artist. I love the elegance and simplicity of your designs. Much love from America! (Yes, even with the annoying orange as president, we can still send love.)

  256. Jenny says

    Thanks for doing this amazing giveaway! All of the books looks so interesting, but I think I’m most interested in set 2.

  257. isabelle spengler says

    Set no. 3, i’ve always been wanting to learn more about historical make-up :D
    kudos to you for doing this, i think i would never be able to give away may stuff like this ;p

  258. Silvia says

    Hello Klaire, thank you for doing such a giveaway :) As an artist myself I would love to have set 4 :3

  259. Nori says

    Hey klaire! just watched your video on YouTube and I’m very interested in the historical context of makeup. Combining old techniques and recreating a whole new look is been my passion. I would love to have the SET #3

  260. Elena says

    Hello :) thank you for the giveaway, you’re so generous. If I win I’d love to get Set no. 2: A Guide to Special Effects Makeup.

  261. Benedetta says

    I would love to recive set n°4 😊 they will be very useful for my photoshoots. Thank you!!!

  262. Emeline says

    I would love to receive the set n°1. It would be so useful for me as a professional makeup artist. I would have all the inspiration and tips I need to get better. Thank you for the giveaway and keep up with your amazing work. I’m following you since the beginning of your channel and I never have been disappointed. Love from France ❤

  263. Abby says

    These look lovely! Set #3 would be my pick, I have a soft spot for history, historical beauty and fashion in particular

  264. Brittany Miller says

    I would be honored to receive Set no. 2: A Guide to Special Effects Makeup from you. Knowing it was yours would make owning that book so much more special! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  265. Julia says

    Thank you so much for doing this giveaway!^^
    I’d love to win set number two. I’ve always loved this kind of makeup and it would be a great source of inspiration for a photoshoot I’ll be doing.
    Love from Germany :)

  266. Emilia Ofverlind says

    I would love to win set number 2. I have been doing face painting for some time now and I am going to be making special effects makeup for a school musical soon. I would love to learn more about it!
    Love from Denmark

  267. Tess Liebregts says

    Dear Klaire,
    I’d love set #3.

    I love you and your videos very much <3
    (I also can't wait for more music by Malumi and your new book about Astrid.)
    Hope you're doing well.
    Big kisses from the Netherlands,
    xxx Tess

  268. Ines says

    I would love the set 4! I have just finished my MUA pro course but I struggle with going “outside the lines”. Im always really scared it will look bad instead of creative. So I think those books would really inspire me to try different looks and be a little more fearless! At the end of the day its just makeup and I have a lot of fun with it :)

    Thanks <3

  269. Tam says

    I immediately fell in love with set 2! It really fits into my personal interests, which are history and makeup!

  270. Mae says

    Hi! I’m really happy you’re doing this giveaway. I’d love to get set no.3! History is very interesting :D

  271. Luis 🐇 says

    I would absolutely love to get either #1 or #4. I’ve recently lost my entire collection, my mum threw away everything while I was in college, and I think they’d be a lovely place to start new! They’re all so lovely, it was so hard to choose, but yeah. (:

  272. Hanna says

    It’s so nice of you to giveaway all of this wonderful books! I would love to have number 2, thank you!

  273. AliceAnnRose says

    Thank you for that giveaway! I am not much into make-up myself (yet I put on my brows and mascara 5 days out of the week and watch your channel for YEARS now ;) ), but my Sister is a make-up artist, and I think she would enjoy any of the sets!

  274. Linnéa says

    Hi Klaire! The books that seem the most interesting are 3 and 4, but if I have to choose it would be 4. xx Hope it can help me get a bit more creative, like you have helped me!

  275. says

    Hello. I would like set no. 4: Makeup is Art and Art and Makeup. I love all books. Thank you for this fantastic giveaway. I´am from Uruguay. Besos y abrazos

  276. Eduarda Seferin says

    I love your videos and your voice is so relaxing !
    Thank you for doing this giveaway, I would like set no.3

  277. Stiles A. Ramirez says

    I would absolutely love to get set #4!! I would have gone with 3 because I study historical makeup and fashion, but I am dyslexic and I can’t read word heavy books

  278. Asia R. says

    How wonderful of you to do this giveaway! <3 I'd love set 3. Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge is my favorite book about cosmetics, and I'd love to read these. It's hard to find these types of books in stores in my area. Have a great day!

  279. Louise says

    This is really nice of you, and a quite unusual giveaway. I would love to learn more about make up history (set number 3).

  280. Lina says

    Thank you so much for all the beauty and inspiration you share with us. I’d love set four and might ask for them for my birthday if I don’t get lucky. :D cheers!

  281. Celina says

    Set 1 is beautiful and would make a delightful gift for my best friend! Thanks for doing this giveaway ;)

  282. Emilie says

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  283. Randilee Warner says

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  284. Marium says

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    Thanks again,

    Ellen x

    Ps I love all your work and you were actually the first person I ever subscribe to. There is no one else like you on YouTube. You are such an inspiration to me!

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