The Elements: Air

The Elements- Air

If you’ve seen Avatar: The Last Airbender – the animated series, not the film – then you might get excited and think that this series is based on it. I’m afraid it’s not, it’s just the old-fashioned air, water, fire and earth elements. It’s an other series that has been on my list for ages, and I finally started it today!

I wanted to start off with the lighter looks first and gradually work my way up to the heaviest look of the series, earth. So today’s focus was blending, wispy lashes and light, airy, colours. As for the lashes, I’ll have a tutorial for them on Friday, but if you’ve already seen my How to Make Dramatic Lashes video, then you’ll probably have a rough idea already of how it’s going to go.

Air The Element

Oh, I haven’t done a video on it yet, but I’ve finally gotten around to doing two things. First selling my designs here, and secondly, creating fabric designs. You’ve probably seen the birds and bugs I was painting on Instagram over the past week, well, this is what they were for! I’m currently planning the next quad of paintings, I’m not sure if to do moths or small sea animals. Which one do you think I should paint next?

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