My Favourites / Christmas Gifts Suggestions


It’s been a while since I last did a favourites video, but with Christmas fast approaching – and as someone who loves to do all their gift shopping early – I thought today I would mix my favourites with some shopping suggestions. Today is a little bit of everything, art, makeup, books, DIY. Some of it high end, some high street, hopefully, there will be a little something for everyone in this, or at least a few suggestions which will give you some ideas if you’re a little bit stuck. Oh, and quick disclaimer, any of the links to Amazon are affiliate links. If that’s not something you’re comfortable with then just take a note of the item you’re interested in and type it into google or amazon without going through my link.

Special Effects Makeup

Ben Nye Master Bruise wheelBen Nye Severe Exposure Wheel • Flash palette dupes: Primary Colours – Neutrals • Rigid Collodion • Fake Sweat and TearsBlood Powder


Klairs BB Cream • Beyond Highlighter • MUA highlighters • Milani Rose Blush • Eyebrow PaletteUrban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics


Era Organics Relief Cream • Neils Yard HydratingFrankinsense CreamAndalou Face Cream


Pentalagoons Equinox Bloom Nina Richi – L’extase


Kindle Case (dupe listed) • 500 Words You Should Know


Faber and Castel Pen SetPen Case • Kuretake Watercolour Brush Pens


EmbersJewelery Rings: Plain Gold Textured RingDiamond Ring (discontinued) • Dark Green Gold RingWhite Topaz Gold Ring • Gold Drop Earrings

Annoyingly some of the items have been discontinued since I bought them, so what I’ve tried to do is find similar items where possible. I hope you like my suggestions and I’ll have a new video for you soon :)

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  1. micheska says

    Hello, I just have a question about the BB cream, is it just one shade for every skin colour? Because I can´t find on their webside any shade options. Also, is there a webside for the “Beyond” highlingher? I don´t know, if the one I found is the right one as the highlighter is not in the product cataloque. Many thanks :)