Anti-Sexy Post Apocalyptic Makeup

Breathing In The Broken World

Through The Dust

At last, one of my favourite kinds of looks! Messy and with a story behind it. I’ve been promising I’d do this look ever since I did my steam punk post-appocalyptic look, so now I’m desperately thinking what look I want to do next in my anti-sexy min series? Possibly zombie hunter?

If you want a slightly more glamorous post-apocalyptic look I have a tutorial for that here

If you have any suggestions for what look I could do next, feel free to add any ideas to the pile. My main criteria is a look or theme that tends to get sexed up like crazy, when realistically you would look far, far from sexy. Any suggestions?

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  1. Marina says

    I loved this look with all my heart, and I’m curious as to what would be the story behind it? Did you have specific scenario in mind?

  2. Pia says

    I think this looks so cool! Like what I imagine when i då post-apocalyptic roleplaying and stuff.
    I think it would be fun to see an anti-sexy mermaid, perhaps in todays waters with oil spills and plastic. Or an unsexy warrior from ancient times! Or in the lines with the oil spill, a post apocalyptic mutant.

  3. Vee says

    you could do a vampire. I know you’ve already done a vampire look, but that one was a little more ‘sexy’ soooo o……idk it would be cool to see your take on a creepy/anti-sexy vampire