The Three Fates: Lachesis


Yea, they’re getting creepier. With the first Fate, Clotho, I wanted her to look reasonably normal. Ok, maybe the lashes aren’t normal, but compared to this one she it. Lacheisis is the disposer of lots, she knows how many years you will live and what day you will die on. I can’t imagine that would be a nice thing to know, so I imagined her as more of sad, borderline angry character.

Lachesis: Disposer of Lots

I didn’t want to just have this character holding a ruler, that would be quite boring, so I decided to go for a more morbid approach and have her keep track of people’s years on her actual skin.

I Know Your Time

The Numbers

The idea I had was that for each year a person lived she would cut a small tally into her skin, but when she knows the exact year or day a person will die she tattoos that number onto her skin. Since I’m doing the Greek versions of the fates the numbers in black are using Greek numbers, but depending on the version of the Three Fates you want to do you can use a different system of numbers. You could also make this whole look a lot more sever if you used things like sculpt gel or┬árigid collodion, or just keep it simple with lipstick and a few brown eyeshadows :)

I hope you like the tutorial :)