The First of my T-Shirt Series


I’ve been planning to do these for for the last three years, and today I’ve finally made the first design live. The idea I had (at least for this series) is to draw a series of animals that perfectly represent a mood. The first one I wanted to start with, a koala, is essentially my spirit animal. I am not a morning person, and the koala seemed like the perfect animal to represent that.

I started off with the first four designs by drawing them on some tracing paper. All the rough doodling and experiments with the shading I do on the tracing paper and then transfer the final design onto a drawing card after. If you haven’t seen it already I’ve done a video on my second channel here all about how to transfer drawings.

Working on the Design


After the outline of the koala had been transferred onto the paper  I did some underlying shading before I started to draw the fur. I didn’t want to add the shading after drawing the fur or it would have blurred all the tiny marks that took ages to do.

In total from start to finish it took me around six hours from start to finish to draw

The first layer of fur I drew with a mechanical pencil, the second with a thin tip black pen pen and lastly I used a white gel pen close to the ears and a few white hairs on the fur.


I’m not sure what design I’ll be doing next for this t-shirt series. Each batch will be limited edition, so I’m a little stuck between making the bulldog or the kitten next. Any preferences?

If you liked the t-shirt you can get it here


  1. Sylvia says

    Your t-shirt is SO cute! I really need this, as I am not a morning person at all! As for the next design you do, I really like them both, but I’d probably go with the cat. The face it’s making is just so adorable! :)

  2. Jeanette Yang says

    I love shirts like this. I think that you should do the bulldog next. I would like to suggest doing the animals elephant and turtle too and maybe an octopus though that probably would be hard.