Real Life Disney: Old Evil Queen

Evil Witch 3

There are at least two old witches I’m going to have to do for this series, this old witch from Snow White and old Mother Gothel which I’ll be doing in a much more realistic way. It gave me a chance to do two very different looks, one more theatrial and one more on the Special Effects side using special effects tools. This way I’m hoping that people can choose which one they want to do depending on their skills and tools.

I already made the tutorial for the nose on my second channel here 

This look is ridiculously simple in terms of the tools you can use (apart from the nose prosthetic where you really should use grease paint to cover it). All you need is brown eyeshadow, a lighter concealer, a few good brushes, a white wig and some white mascara. Oh, and one small thing which I forgot to mention in the tutorial. If you hand make the nose prosthetic try and trim down the sides of the nostrils right down to the edge before you apply it or the edges can be a little bit of a nightmare to hide.

I hope you like the video :)


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    This is truly amazing. I admire anyone who has the patience not only to learn sfx makeup, but then make tutorials for all of us. I don’t even want to think of how much time you put into getting this look together and then the time it took to edit the video. Great work!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

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    Such a great work Klaire, I am always like a kid in a candyshop when your videos arrive, and this did absolutely not disappoint (They never do either;)) ! But I do have a request, can you pleeeease do a tutorial about your editing photo and videos, photagraphy, lighting, backgrounds/props that sort of stuff? You create the most beautiful pictures and videos, so I would love it if you’ve shared some wisdom :)

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