Walking Dead Walker Tutorial


Don’t I look pretty? I’m thinking this look would be perfect for first date makeup, on a more serious note, I was so excited when NOW TV asked me to make a zombie tutorial to celebrate the new season of The Walking Dead. This video is pretty simple compared to most zombies on the Walking Dead. They’ve been dead for a much longer time and and wouldn’t look as “fresh” as this look.

The idea I had for this look is that someone threatened Michonne and ended up dead (and a zombie) 

I have a much more elaborate (and accurate) tutorial up in the next few days as soon as the prosthetics arrive which will help make me look a lot more emaciated, but if you don’t want something too complicated (and expensive) this one is perfect for you.

I hope you like it! :D

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  1. Gabrielle DiMaio says

    As a HUGE fan of TWD, and as a huge fan of your videos, this tutorial is perfection. This look is already so cool and amazing but if I had to say one thing to change next time, it would be to make the skin look even more dead. However, you also might have just done it the way you did keeping your viewers in mind so either way, it’s perfect! :D

  2. Diana says

    Those special effects like the Maggot Infection and Ripped Nails would go perfectly with this look!