Real Life Disney: Rapunzel

Rapunzel Real Life Disney

I’ve started the villains, obviously I’m doing the heroines, but I HAVE to do the men soon! Flynn Rider…I want to rock that beard! (And then possibly go out like that and seriously confuse my friends!)

Next on my list is Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert and a half-frozen Anna

Taking the pictures for this look were actually really easy to do! I have a lot of spare transparent Quality Street wrappers in my DIY/Bits-and-bobs draw, I took a red and a yellow wrapper and tied it over the end of the torch with an elastic band.

Flower Gleam And Glow

Why Does Her Hair Glow

Then it was just a case of clipping my hair onto a nearby tripod and holding the torch undernieth it. That is also the point where a plug-in remote control is very handy!

The makeup is very simple, so it also works really nicely as a first/date makeup look

All these Real Life Disney looks are annoyingly simple, and I know you guys are used to looks more along the lines of my Blind Seer look. But…halloween is almost here! So the madness can begin!

I Have Magic Hair That Glows When I Sing

So that’s it! It’s also a perfect first date makeup too, it doesn’t just have to be for cosplay. I won’t say what I’m working for my Halloween tutorial, just trust that they will be dark and disgusting! But who do you want to see next? Frozen Anna (and by that I mean half frozen) or Flynn Rider?

I hope you like the tutorial! :D

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  1. Astrid says

    Great video as always! I would prefer to see Flynn Rider next, since Anna is so similar to Elsa and Rapunzel and I find that very boring (I actually think you are doing a better job than disney on that part)

  2. says

    Oh such a lovely tutorial!! I just love the makeup itself, it’s so simple but really beautiful. c:
    And I’d love to see Frozen Anna first – just because I’m super curious about how you’ll do it!

  3. Tassie says

    It is less complex than most of your stuff but it’s nice to mix it up a bit, too! And the tips about how to use the beige liner are genius. I recently grabbed a peachy-beige one like that from Cargo (at Debenhams) and you’ve given me loads of ideas on how to get the best use of it.

  4. Diana says

    This look is really beautiful, I love how you used a torch for lighting up the hair, very clever! And I’d love to see you do a Flynn Rider look, very interested in your interpretation and how you’ll do the beard.

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