Vlog: City and Guilds Makeup Interviews

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 00.45.29

I think I’ve more or less figured out how I want to do my makeup vlogs now. A few months ago I did a vlog showing the behind the scenes of the Phildel music video I worked on and since then I’ve been trying to thing of a way I can film them better. I experimented a little with this collaboration I did with City and Guild, and think I’m more or less going to stick to this formula.

If you want to see the full video I did with City and Guild you can see it here 

Todays vlog is a little different to usual since it was to interview the makeup artist at Inglot (Cambridge) and and the students at the collage. This was my first time actually interviewing someone so I was a little nervous!

I hope you like the vlog :) 

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  1. Tia says

    Hello Klaire! Awesome vlog! Loved the video and I too get nervous and it’s okay to feel nervous. That’s normal. It happens to everyone. Here’s a little bit of advice: If you feel nervous,just breathe and you’ll be okay. Just say to yourself “I can do this.” You did a great job with this video. Good luck with your other upcoming projects and more makeup tutorials! I am looking forward to seeing more of your videos! Much love from the USA,Tia :)

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