DIY: Gems and Swirls Jar


This one is so simple I very nearly didn’t upload it. Most of you have probably already guessed what it is made of (no prizes for guessing correctly) but since so many of you wanted a tutorial when I posted a look at it on my Instagram I decided to do it anyway.

Bear it mind there are a million and one different things you can do with this method

The pattern I did was ridiculously simple. But you could make it follow a van Gogh starry night pattern if you wanted to make it look a little more interesting. New week I’ll be posting a new video instead of my normal every-two-weeks schedule to make up for how easy this one was.

I hope you like the tutorial :) 

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  1. Doubt says

    What’s simple to you, doesn’t even cross most of our minds, keep sharing with us the amazing creations you come up with:) Also, do you still do live streams?

  2. says

    Hey Klaire!

    I love all the things you make, and you really inspire me (just a few days ago I used a gluegun to decorate a nice glass bottle that I am now using as a vase)

    I don’t know if you take requests, but I would love it if you did a DIY Hogwarts house series! I really want to do something Slytherin related for my room, but I can’t come up with anything – I am not blessed with the same amount of creativity as you :) I think the HP fandom is still going strong, so maybe I’m not the only one who would love that! Anyway, even if that’s not your thing, I still love your blog! I hope you’ll keep it up for a very long time :)

  3. says

    I love the design! My brushes are in a rolling stones mug and though I love the mug I kind of want something more original and better than the rolling stones mug (plus, I actually want to use the mug haha). So, this is the perfect idea to use! Thank you for the inspiration hehe :) Have a nice day! x :)

  4. says

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