My Favourite Things no. 1

Monthly favourites

My first favourites video…little bit nervous about this one, I’ve avoided videos like this for years just because I found them very difficult to film. Lately though I’ve become more drawn to informal videos and I like how easy it’s becoming to just sit down in front of a camera and film without getting nervous.

I don’t think I’ll do these monthly, more like as and when

Like I mention in the video these are not going to be about makeup, I buy hardly any makeup and for me art books, jewellery and perfumes are more likely to pop up in these videos. Also apologies for the sniffing in this video, I filmed this a few weeks ago right before I got sick.

Hope you like the video :)

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  1. June says

    Thanks for sharing your favourites^^ It’s great to see what kind of stuff you like. And I just love books like that so much, but sadly they are not available where I’m from….

  2. says

    i really do hope you do a review and/or comparison on the markers you found!
    i’ve been contemplating buying copic or prismacolor markers, but i don’t know if i want to spend that much money. :(

  3. Karoline says

    Klaire, the reason I loved this video so much was just how excited you got the whole time! It was really cute and made me want to break out my old drawing supplies again ^w^

  4. Ashley says

    I loved this video and would very much enjoy it if you continued to make them in the future! Watching someone be excited about things they love and sharing that excitement is wonderful!
    I am looking forward to reading your review of the bar shampoo; I’ve been wanting to switch over to solid shampoo for a while now. I’ve read/watched your reviews of the Lush ones and look forward to hearing about this new one! :D

  5. says

    Fantastic video! I adored your artwork in the background, and the art books are amazing. I agree that the best ones sometimes have the oddest pictures in them.
    I’m a writer myself, so I completely understand your affinity for notebooks and I agree that they need to be interesting to look at too. Why put creativity onto pages hidden behind a bland cover? It’d be like storing diamonds in a carboard box.
    The rings were very pretty also! I’m always getting distracted by shiny things, so I think that was my favorite part. Basically, I loved the whole video and hope you make more like it.

  6. says

    This is amazing! I love how enthousiastic you are about the art books, it makes me want to buy some of those!
    Oh and I love your notebook covers, where did you buy those?

  7. Gabrielle DiMaio says

    I love this kind of video with you!!! I would honestly love to see more of these. I love favorites videos anyways, but yours is different from the others which I really enjoy. :)

  8. Courtenay says

    I’d love to see more of your favorites. It gets my own imagination blooming. :)

  9. Doubt says

    I loved this, it’s always interesting seeing the things you like, and I find it a lot more relatable to me than other beauty gurus showing beauty product after beauty product, please continue!:)

    Also, I love how your hair looks here, you look stunning:) After you shaved your hair I really missed your long hair but it’s grown out so nicely and suits you so much now:)

  10. Iris says

    Hey Klaire!
    I really loved the video, and I’ve got some amazing ideas for drawing now :)
    I was just wondering in which shop you got your notebooks? They look lovely and I’d like some myself because they always come in handy.
    Thank you!

  11. Clara says

    I also have The Art of How To Train Your Dragon! It’s an amazing book!
    Also have The Art of Brave and Tangled

    The collection is amazing!