DIY Beauty: Porridge Face Scrub

Egg Oats

Ok porridge is probably not the best name for this scrub, but it was a tie between that and calling it an omelette face scrub, and quite frankly porridge just sounds less strange. One thing I will stress for this tutorial is really make sure the egg shells are ground extremely well!

The egg shells should be ground until it feels like finely ground sand

Do not cut corners when it comes to grinding the eggshells, they’re fantastic for exfoliation but it you don’t grind them up enough they can have a similar effect on your skin as apricot kernels, scratchy and too rough (at least for me they were).

Hope you like the video!:D 

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  1. Gabrielle DiMaio says

    I love all your face scrubs/face masks/skin care videos! Where do you get all these cool ideas??? :D

  2. Kiara Abad says

    Hello Klaire :D could you give us some more recipes we could share with vegan friends? :)
    Thank you for the video, lovely as always!

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