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Earrings and Ring

My favourite colour tends to shift with the seasons. In the summer I favour fuschia, in autumn purples and in winter I fall in love with red all over again. Apart from wanting some red jewellery these were also perfect for a fairy look I had planned.

Since I was going to wear a berry crown this was the perfect excuse to buy the ring and earrings to match

I’d also had a cocktail ring on my 100′ items list, and I wanted something which looked old and fantasy-ish. Since I bought them separately they’re slightly different shades of red, not that I really mind, but if you’re looking to get exactly the same shade then Siam is closer in colour than Padparadscha which is what I got.

Ring | Earrings 

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    I love the ring! Though I have to say, being arab, I’m used to seeing men (old dads) wear that style. Though instead, its usually a silver ring with a black stone. I think its suppose mean that this person is wealthy or something XD However its fading off. New generations mostly dislike it. Probably because it reminds us of the old uncles and that’s not attractive wahahahaha XD