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I get quite a few questions from my subscribers asking what I like to do in my spare time. Apart from the fact that I rarely have any spare time because I actually cannot function unless I’m doing something. Any time that isn’t spent on my blog, You Tube channels or music is spent writing.

Apart from art and music, one thing I have done and enjoyed for years is writing stories

My favourite thing to do when I was little (and now) is write stories and imagine and draw the weird and wonderful words those characters would inhabit. This character is one of those characters (her name is Skye) and recently I just had to draw this image which has slowly been evolving in my head the past year.


Pro Marker and Polychromos

My last big art purchase was a huge set of Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils. Like most of my art supplies I did a good hunt around the internet to find the cheapest option, even then  it took me about 6 months of saving till I finally got it.

The led of these pencils are soft and blendable which makes things like drawing skin an absolute dream!

I wish I’d found these pencils years ago! I’d already done a few test runs with these pencils, but this was the first drawing I’d worked on where (overall) I was really happy with the results.

Muji Caligraphy Pen

First thing I always do is draw out the face on tracing paper till I’m happy with how it looks. If I need to I’ll draw it twice on two different tracing sheets till I’m 100% sure that it’s the face I want to draw.

Once I have the basic sketch I trace it onto the card or paper I’ll be drawing on 

I’m not terribly fond of using just one medium for anything, and today I was experimenting with mixing pro-markers, polychromos and black and white ink pens. I’d done a few early tests with using pro markers as a base skin colour but the paper didn’t work too well with it so I switched to using a much smoother paper and it worked like a charm!

Don't Smudge

In total I think this drawing took about 6-7 hours since I was experimenting with a few new techniques and I really, really didn’t want to mess up. I’d experimented with a drawing a few weeks earlier where I drew the hair using just a fine tipped pen.

Though it didn’t work too well on the paper I used at the time, I wanted to try it again with this one but with my Muji pen outlining it first. It’s a very time consuming way of doing the hair but I wanted to experiment with it a bit more since I loved the life it put into the overall drawing.

Test Runs

Close Up

Though next time I might try a similar thing to what I did with the skin and apply a base colour using Pro Markers and then go over it with the fine tip pen before finally drawing the highlights with a white ink pen.

I use the white ink pen around the lips (blended with my finger) scar, eyes and hair

While I’m very happy with the skin for this one the hair I definitely need to work on. It looks too greyish when it’s meant to be a jet black colour so next time I’m probably going to use a dark grey or possibly red-ish grey pro marker first before drawing the hairs and highlights with ink pens.


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  1. Constance says

    The eyes seem to be a bit swollen. Was that on purpose? The broken skin/scar looks really good! I like it. (:

  2. MeganW says

    Hi Klair
    love your work :D
    You can drop me an email anytime to say hello or talk about art.

    love fantasy, Nature all that Jazz :)

    Really appreciate what you do sweet.

  3. Sandra says

    I really love this drawing, especially the hair! Although I would say that the ear looks a bit flat compared to the rest of the face! Hope you don’t think I mean anything bad about it though!

  4. Selma says

    Wow, I love that you explain the technique and materials you use:D The skin looks amazing!

  5. Elly says

    Hey Klaire!

    I totally love your work! You inspire me.
    I also wanted to start a blog and it would be great if you could take a look at it one day. I just opened it a few days ago so there isn’t very much on it jet, but I’m working on it. It’s ellyarts.wordpress.com

    Please never stop doing what you do cause you are amazing!

    Greets from Austra :)