2014 New Year Resolutions


2013 was great but for this new year I want to make it even better! As usual I’m going to only set myself five new years resolutions and try and limit myself to only allowing two old resolutions to make their way into this year.

  • No. 1: More travel

I was going to add exercise to this list but you know what? I don’t think I care this year since my diet’s really good now, all (or most of) my health problems are resolved, and I do a tone of walking anyhow. This year I want to focus on great experiences rather than appearances. I don’t know where I want to travel (countries wise), but top of my list for the UK is Giant’s Causeway, Stonehenge and Edinburgh. If I just manage those I’ll be happy!

  • No. 2: Improve videos

Normally at the end of each year I like to look over my blog and videos and write up a list of things I would like to improve. Since switching iMovie for Final Cut Pro I’ve been able to improve my video editing so much, but there’s always room for improvement. My main aim being to improve both my pictures and colour correcting which is still nowhere near perfect. And to be honest I wouldn’t mind tackling some bigger themes which need more props to be made, backgrounds and special editing.

  • No. 3: Make something 

Two things I want to make and sell this year, if I do either of them I’ll be happy (preferably both).

  1. Illustrate a children’s book I wrote about a little albino robin called Ruby. I know it’s outside my demographic and so not the kind of thing my subscribers/readers would be interested in. But for me, apart from being a very educational and interesting experience I mainly want to make it as a present for a very kind lady who helped me with my art A-Levels. I figured it would be a better way to say thank you an a card.                                                                      …..
  2. Make a series of themed t-shirts. I’m not sure what theme I want, maybe the seasons, the elements or the zodiacs, I just know this year I really want to make something beautiful which people will love to read or wear. Something I can be proud of and involves art.

And since I’m writing about this what theme would you like to see if I did t-shirts?

  • No. 4: More concerts 

After seeing Phantom of the Opera a few weeks ago I really want to see more. Cirque du Soleil and Halestorm being top of my list. I was so inspired after seeing Phantom that I just have to see more.

  •  No. 5: Fenix Album and music videos

All the songs are written, now we just need to pick our favourites, record them and make the music videos. I won’t lie, I’m increadibly nervous and excited about this since I’ll be doing the video editing too (I think I have a problem with turning down challenges). I’m especially hoping that we get to do the music videos how we would like, especially my favourite song called Siren.

To be honest this who year is going to be insane! Easily twice the amount of work I had since last year, so I’m going to have to plan everything extremely well or things like my second channel and blog are going to suffer. But I’m determined to do it, and I’m really excited (and a little terrified) about it all too.

So those my 2014 resolutions! What are yours? 


  1. says

    I’m right there with you on wanting to travel more. As a mother I am excited to see how the books turns out. Make sure when your getting ready to put it out for sale that make it available for u.s. purchase. My goals included started a blog (which I did), get into better shape, make professional advancements and do more with my kids. Good luck! I honestly love everything you do!

    • Klaire says

      When (it is not an option to quit this one) I make the book I’ll be selling it through Amazon so it would be available to anyone who wanted to buy it :)

      I’ve already sketched out the story board and I’ve planned out the days I’ll be working on it so hopefully in a month or two I’ll have something to share with all of you :)

  2. Kayleigh says

    I would love to see Greek god designs on t shirts, I think you could make some stunning illustrations and I would definitely wear something so epic! I love the zodiac idea too!

    • misha says

      i can see where you’re going with that but i would probably like greek vilians like medusa ,hades ,or a minotoaur or something

  3. Tahnyee says

    For the t-shirts i think you should do a combination of the seasons and the elements. Like fire for fall and water or air for winter. Because fall is like a cleansing and fire is a rebirth. Or something. I’m not very good at art but i have good ideas that can never get translated onto paper. Lol. Hope these ideas can be constructive. Tahnyee. :)

  4. Mairah says

    My 2014 resolution are
    1) Improve my Drawings/painting
    2) Go on a healthy lifestyle
    3) Try to not always go on internet
    4) Buy more books.
    5) Improve my maths

  5. Chandler Drake says

    I would LOVE an official klairedelys T-shirt! I would really like some zodiac themed ones or maybe even a T-shirt with some of your make up looks on it I would defiantly wear any shirt with a beautiful image of you as sloth or something like that, imagine all of the comments you would get on it! And it would be a great opportunity to introduce others to your channel and work! :) and this year I really want to improve my drawing style and try to branch out from just painting :)

  6. Kuri says

    It would be fun if you combined your t-shirts with your themed makeup looks, then we wouldn’t have to make our costumes if we don’t have time/skills for that (eg. For Conquest you could make a glorious fiery shirt). Good luck achieving your resolutions and a happy 2014!

  7. says

    Yay! More music! Totally love the idea of your book! I bel rive that many of your subscribers will fancy a well written and illustrated educational children book. It makes me think of b. potter and Benjamin rabbit in a way :)
    Great New Years resolutions!

  8. Lavi says

    If you decide to make t shirts pretty pretty pretty please do a mythical creature collection with griffins or dragons or unicorns or fairies etc that would be amazing! You have such a creative mind with your fairies and dragons I would love love love to see more mythical creatures! :-)

  9. Beth says

    You’ve really inspired me to make resolutions this year and actually stick to them. I want to drink more water, eat more healthily, walk at least once every other day, spend time on my revision and studies and most importantly – spend less time on the internet!

    I hope you’re resolutions go well and you have a good year :)

  10. Emilie says

    I would just love to see zodiacs on t-shirts like you mentioned. That would just be really cool to see what you came up with for those, and just a random suggestion would be to do make-up tutorials for zodiacs as well. Is you did that it would just make my day :)

    • Gabrielle DiMaio says

      Great idea with the makeup tutorials for zodiac signs! I’d be extremely interested to see what Klaire comes up with for Sagittarius (because that’s what I am). :)

  11. Lalita Thaloengsakdanuvongs says

    All the best for the new year! Really looking forward to see more works from you, escpecially the book idea. You could do a kickstarter campaign to raise funds and spread the word/marketing it (just an idea).

  12. SoumeyaOfTheForest says

    I’m cheering for you ! you can do all of it you are the best Klaire !!
    May God allow you to have a sensational 2014 year inchallah !

  13. Gabrielle DiMaio says

    I love the two ideas you have for what you want to make and sell this year! Honestly, the children’s book DOES sound really awesome and I’d be completely interested in reading it. And I’m a bookworm AND I normally only read YA, but it’s you, so I’d be willing to make an exception. As for the T-shirts, if you did themes based off of your videos, I’d totally rock that shirt AND promote it for you on Twitter! Best of luck! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year, especially that album and those music videos!

  14. janneke says

    That’s a nice list. For the T-shirts, maybe seasons, or greek/Rome god designs like someone said in the commends.
    Or you can choose some art-styles. Like baroque, Renaissance, Minimalism, classicism and so on.

  15. Beatriz says

    For this year I plan to read at leats one book per week, despite uni books, travel to Argentina and do something good for other people every day.

  16. brandy joiner says

    I’ve seen Halestorm twice. They are fantastic! Lzzy Hale has a set of pipes on her that will blow you away in real life..I mean their CDs are awesome and she sounds that way for real! I love Cirque du Soleil. I saw Ka in Vegas a few years ago. It was mind blowing. I also suggest TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra) and Apocalyptica. So fantastic!

    I would love to see some themed shirts, your artwork is as lovely as your makeup tutorials. Are you familiar with Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman series of graphic novels? If not, check them out. I would love to see your interpretation of that in either art, shirts, or makeup.

    I will wrap this up with a wish for blessings to you, Miss Klaire, in all of your endeavors this year. You inspire all of your fans :)

  17. Tori says

    I really interested in reading your children’s book. It sound really interesting and different than most children books to me. :) I wish much good luck to you!
    I would like to see Chinese zodiac or a mixture of elements and seasons themed t-shirts. Or maybe t-shirts based on your previous makeup tutorials?