DIY: Tea Box

Finished Tea Case

I meant to give this to my mum a few weeks ago but in the rush up to Christmas it kept getting forgotten about till this week when I decided I had to just sit down and finally decorate it for her.

First thing I did is draw the letters out on tracing paper before tracing them on the box

I would have liked to do the letters either by carving them with a dremel or a pyrography pen, but I didn’t want to risk messing up, especially since the bamboo on this seemed very splintery. So I just decided to stick to black acrylic and gold ink.

Tea Outline

As usual I used my trusty mechanical pencil to draw out the font. After that I used a plain black acrylic paint to fill them in before going over it with a black gold ink. I would have painted more of a filigree pattern but the brush I would have normally used finally died recently.

For detailed work I actually really like using nail art brushes. They’re cheaper and just the same as ‘normal’ art brushes

Once the black acrylic had dried I use a gold ink to paint patterns on the font. Since the brush I normally use broke I used my thinest nail art brush, which is very good as a paint brush, but not as good as the brush I normally use.

Painting gold

Painting Tea

Tea Font

An that’s the final version! I covered the paint with nail varnish to stop the paint from being damaged, annoyingly I did have a varnish which I’d bought especially for this but it made the gold bleed like nobody’s business so I had to wipe it all off and re-paint the gold pattern on ‘t’ before covering it with clear nail varnish.

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  1. Gaby says

    i just wanna say u did something sweat and i love seeing that someone made it instead of buying it you did something awsome for your mom i hope she loves it

  2. Cony says

    This is so cool, but I still don´t get the diference between the ink and the acrilic, do you use the ink because is easier to work with or it was just what you had to hand? I love your blog and I hope you could understand my english

  3. Laura says

    I’t so lovely! Perfect for me, since I really love tea :)
    And the letters look amazing, by the way. I thought you had them printed when I saw the first picture.