2013 New Year Resolutions (Recap)

Last year I made a list of just five resolutions that I wanted to acheive over this year. I deliberately kept it to only five goals since since any more than that (at least for me) makes me feel so pressured that you quit one month in and I hate quitting.

Just before I write my 2014 new years resolutions I wanted to go over the one’s I made last year and see how well (or badly) I managed.

  • No.1: 20 minute exercise a day

This one kinda failed, but was also a massive success. Though technically I was aiming at excersice I made more changes to my diet this year and it made such a massive difference to my overall health, especially my heart problems which are pretty much gone now.

  • I found out I’m really allergic to milk. Which was quite hard to cut out at first since I’m a big ovomaltine drinker since I quit tea, but my mum introduced me to coconut milk which, apart from being so much nicer than cows milk, is also amazing for your skin.
  • While I’m on the allergy train another one I found out I’m not good with at all is wheat/gluten. Now THAT was hard to cut out! Pasta…you will be missed.

While I can have wheat in small amounts (chicken katsu for example hehe), something like a full bowl of pasta will have me bloated, groggy and depressed for the rest of the week, not to mention a spotty mess.

But in terms of setting myself 20 minutes per day where I was doing ballet training, pillates, belly dancing or zumba I failed miserably, but hey, diet is the biggie so overall I’m really pleased!

  • No.2: More travel

This one is a bit of a yes and no answer (so half a point?). In terms of makeup jobs and traveling in England I did a lot more of that this year which I was very happy about. And I got to visit Madrid for a week and explore the museums and churches (though for the second year in a row the Royal Palace was closed), so I didn’t get to see that, but overall I’m happy with what I managed. But next year I’m aiming for more.

  • No. 3: Read more

Ok I’m not even going to try and excuse myself on this one. I failed miserably. Other than blogs and art books (which don’t really count) I don’t think I even managed to read one book. I know…I should be ashamed.

  • No. 4: Buy NICE Clothes

YES! SUCESS OF EPIC PROPORTIONS! Though I might have triggered a bit of a serious shopping habit and a pinterest wardrobe habit, for the first time ever I feel very very happy with my (ever expanding) wardrobe. I now have most of the ‘classic’ items which I like mixed with the more gothic, quirky and lacy styles that I like.
  • No. 5: MORE ART!

Though overall I wish I’d worked on more art projects, this year as been quite good for expanding my art muscles. But doing more never hurt ;)

Now to make a New Years resolutions list for 2014! 

Some of these old resolutions will make it to the new list, but I’m doing to do my best to try have have at least 3 of my resolutions being new ones.

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  1. says

    You should try gluten free pasta! When I stopped eating gluten (and sugar) I’ve noticed such a huge difference in my body. I have more energy, I am more focused, my energy levels are the same throughout whole day …
    Wish you a successful year 2014! :)

    • Regn says

      I also wanted to mention gluten free pasta! I don’t have problems with gluten byt I really enjoy eating rice or corn pasta :-)

  2. Anna says

    Nice to know i’m not the only one who “failed” their exercise resolution :)

    If u don’t have time to read, try “The Rivers of London” by Ben Aaronovich, it’s a steampunkish book and absolutly funny and fascinating, plus it’s super easy to read.

    Don’t u have lactose free products in the UK? Here in Germany we have almost everything in an lactose free variation. And u should definitly try out corn wheat (is this the correct translation?), u won’t notice a difference to “normal” wheat :D

  3. Bui Thi Bao Khanh says

    haha, I’ve failed the exercise resolution for so so many years :))
    Anyway, I’ve found that I’ve become better year by year, in some way. That cheers me up :D

  4. Duina says

    (: it’s not a bad conclusion!
    I can’t help it but get so excited to know you’ve been here, in Madrid! Sounds quite silly get excited but yeah, I do. A lot… Did u enjoy? =) hope you found interesting things to do and visit… If you get the chance to come back, go to Alcalá de Henares, probably a good place for art and history…Cervantes born there and you can tell it in many places. Though it’s here, in Madrid city where you can find his old house and many other things.

    And this year is amost enjoyed and done, so let’s prepare another one.
    thanks for all your art contributions to my year! has been a pleasure to watch your tutorials, DIY, etc.

    have a lovely time and happy new year!

  5. Saara says

    Hi Klaire!
    Could it be possible for you to make a blogpost about how you’ve sorted out your wardrobe? I’ve been struggling woth my clothes and style lately, and it would be nice to know a bit more about which methods you used in your wardrobe cleanup. Thanks! :)

  6. Katie Hall says

    I became lactose intolerant at 13 and gluten intolerant at 16. I feel your pain and know how hard it is to say goodbye to foods you always enjoyed. I personally like brown rice pasta but I cook it less than instructed to make it more aldente than mushy.

  7. says

    I also went gluten and dairy free later this year because I had a terrible rash on my face – I can totally relate!! And investing in nicer clothes that I love and will wear over and over rather than cheap clothes was a goal of mine too :)

  8. Laura says

    Classic resolutions that come from a nice person. Seems like we have the same on our list xD
    Ad for the exercise, OH MY! You have no idea of how much I failed there too! xD I follow blogilates on YouTube, and for the first month all went smooth, but after the first period of evaluations and exams in college.. BUM! I exchanged exercise with my bed. HAHAHA
    Now what I’m doing is that I’m training badminton, and, Oh dear! You can bet it’s a tough exercise! And I can’t really skip the training because otherwise my trainer will make me pay the next class LOL xD

    As for you clothing resolution, I hope you can get what you want! you have a glorious taste for clothing, so I’m looking forward to your acquisitions ^^
    More art, travel, yes yes yes, I agree with all of your list xD

    As for me, another resolution that I have is to make a positive change in people surrounding me. This year was kind of weird for me, I noticed many things that I still can’t understand, how people can behave so maliciously or with so much hatred in them; so one of my resolutions is to help (I still don’t know why, though) the people that’s near me; since I can’t change the world, I should start with something small, shouldn’t I? xD
    Have a very nice and blessed year, Klaire!
    (Sorry for the rant, BTW).

  9. Tia says

    When all else fails and nothing else goes right, I have one solution for you: Pray. Let God show you the way. Anyway, have a great New Year! Love you. Love, Tia :)