IMATS: Giveaway Haul

One of the big reasons I go to IMATS each year, apart from getting to see the amazing makeup exhebitions, new special effects product, and to get far too many false lashes is to get giveaway prizes. Love the variety of products that I get that otherwise would be a little more difficult to obtain.

This year I put together 8 different sets of giveaway prizes

The plan is to have one giveaway a month, the first set I giveaway will probably be the Ben Nye blush pallet, (which I cannot enphesise how much of an amazing product it is!) and then followed by a special effects set, a brush set, eye makeup set exc.

Here is a quick video showing all the upcoming giveaways prizes :) 

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  1. Imke says:

    Love it !! <3

  2. katiee says:

    really looking forward to all of the giveaways, thankyou so much! the one im most hoping for is the special effects one x

  3. Huien says:

    Love how you’re so thoughtful when it comes to little details when it comes to picking the prizes :) It says a lot about you and I mean it in a good way!

  4. baudolinka says:

    Wow! All the sets are really great but I just love the special effects one and the sugarpill set. It would be great to have it for halloween! Changing the subject, as time passes by so quickly and July is approaching, I can’t wait to see your special project :D

  5. femketje says:

    awesome products, can’t wait for the giveaways!

  6. Cassandra Norberg says:

    Sounds awesome thanks for puting together these giveaways:D

  7. Krystal says:

    wow cant wait :D

  8. Jill says:

    Love your videos! I have been a bit obsessed with them for almost a couple years now. I think you are so adorable and sweet. You really do put a lot of thought into your giveaways.

  9. Mel says:

    I love the special fx one! im just starting out and I have one video on my youtube channel of a zombie thing.

  10. Jin says:

    Wow! You keep getting more and more awesome.

  11. YunaOosaki says:

    This is truly amazing :O I can’t believe you’re giving away so much!!! :D

  12. Loren Robinson says:

    Love how you’re so thoughtful and considerate!

  13. laurizete says:

    amo os trabalhos desta garota linda!!!!!!!!!!!parabens por tantos talentos

  14. Katherine says:

    Set No. 4 and the “special effects kit”, I LVOE THEM!!! <3 Thanks, Klaire, you're one of my most favorite makeup artists. ;)

  15. Htaw says:

    Really looking forward to winning something, us fans are so grateful for your amazingness :)

  16. Catherine says:

    Thank you Klaire!!!
    Maybe I will win one!

  17. luz says:

    Precious gifts, thank you very much!!!!

  18. Marci says:

    Fantastic! Can’t wait! :)

  19. Natalia says:

    Those are so cool!!!!!!!
    You always get awesome things for your giveaways!

  20. Thais P says:

    You are so generous! All this things are amazing and you did an amazing job picking them.

  21. Nox Veneno says:

    Your giveaways are simply the best out there, they’re so well put together and you make them so personal. I’ve got my eye on that special effects kit…


  22. Abby DeBoer says:

    Looks awesome!

  23. Hicran says:

    Wow, Amazing giveaway Klaire, like always :),, i just love your accent and ofcourse your video’s, i can’t wait for the giveaways :) lots of hugs and kisses from the netherlands

  24. Harriet says:

    I would life the chance to win something!! Thank you so much! You really go above and beyond!!! xx

  25. Jessica Betzer says:

    Those bright SugarPill eyeshadows look awesome!

  26. Alexandria says:

    everything is so pretty :D

  27. Lisa says:

    Fantastic! The cosmetics you use create such awesome looks all the time.

  28. Lauren Abeita says:

    You are inspiring! and thoughtful! :)

  29. Nicole says:

    You have out done yourself my dear!! These are some amazing giveaways!! I will keep my eye out for these and I can’t wait for the giveaways to start!!

  30. Tori says:

    Thank you for all the giveaways, it’s so thoughtful of you to make them. I think your an amazing artist and I’ve been wanting to try out so many of your tutorials but I don’t own any makeup :( It sucks!!! I’m hoping I can win set no. 5, 6, or 8. I would be happy to get any of the sets though. Thanks again for all the giveaways! Your truly amazing!!! <3

  31. Eva K. says:

    You’re so generous Klaire.

  32. Rachael says:

    Woah that’s pretty amazing :)

  33. Kiara says:

    Just wanted to ask if the giveaways are open worldwide!? pleeeeease :3

    1. Julia says:

      I think they’re always open worldwide, she always says she hates not including people just because they don’t live in the same country as she does so I’d be surprised if it wasn’t worldwide ;3

  34. Karen Healy says:

    Such a generous give away! I’ve become allergic to most liquid makeup products (annoyingly) but I’d love any of these. Great thinking and very creative x

  35. Lea says:

    How do you enter the giveaway? If you said it and I missed it, I’m sorry.

  36. Fleur says:

    Awesome! You’re so generous :)

  37. debbie says:

    really excited!!!

  38. Noonshade says:

    Oooo, I’ll definitely be entering for all of these but I’m dying for that Sugarpill palette!

  39. Lucca says:

    Really looking forward to the upcoming giveaways, because you really take in deep thought about every last detail and what people might like. I know it’ll be very unlikely that I’ll ever win, but may there be hope :)
    P. S. Love your videos, you’ve really got talent :)

  40. karen púrisja sigurðardóttir says:

    Love it. Love your videos <3

  41. Mary says:

    You are amazing as always <3

  42. Serena says:

    Wow, amazing! I hope I win the brush set because I really need some good brushes. The special effects one is amazing too, and so does the eyeshadow set… Actually, every single set sounds amazing because of the thought you’ve put behind each one! They’re just as amazing as you!

    On a different note, is there a particular date you’re releasing the special project now that it is July? I mean, I think I know what it is (thank you Instagram ;) and hints) but I really want to hear you talk about it. Have you set a date? (So I can wait impatiently for that day to come?)

  43. guen says:

    love love the sugarpill and sleeek stuffs. hope to have one of those here in South Korea :) Anyways, so so looking forward for the next seven deadly sins video plus your big project..God bless Klaire!

  44. amelia sweet says:

    Ooooh gosh, i never win giveaways but whoever does win will be a very lucky person indeed! you are so very lovely :)

  45. Andrea says:

    you are so nice :) you do tons of giveaways :) always to inspire the uninspired to do something creative or to give those who have a block utensils to create such great things and that’s really great :)

  46. Awesome picks… I’ve had my eye on a few of these already!
    The Sugarpill one WILL be mine one day! :L

  47. Mara says:

    I’m so excited! I’m sooooo hoping to win that last eye kit with the liners and shadows…I’m REALLY into the eye makeup right now…crazy colors mixed with neutrals and all that jazz, and those lashes are GORGEOUS! :)

  48. Carolina says:

    i loved all the sets!! cant wait to see what we have to do to win them! i’m so looking foward to the special effects one :)
    btw, you are amazing! love your videos!!

  49. Kiki says:

    Wow!! AWESOME!! I love how you think of each sets, that people will like or not like, it’s so touching.
    I love all the set! great choice, Klaire!

  50. Christine Anderson says:

    I love this stuffff

  51. Noelia Vallez says:


  52. Una says:

    Even though i never win, these giveaways are so worth the wait for :)

  53. Janneke says:

    Wow, that is some cool stuff! I think it’s amazing you put so much effort in every single giveaway :)

  54. Lucija says:

    I’m lookin forward to participate in your giveaways. They are always awsome! <3

  55. Agnes Chiu says:

    wow this is an awesome giveaway! youre so generous (:

  56. Skyler says:

    i have tried so hard to do make up in the past, and it wasn’t until watching your tutorials that i finally grasped how to make it look better. thank you!

    1. Klaire says:

      I’m so pleased to hear that! :D

  57. Alexandra Myers says:

    My goodness! So many different products! Set no. 8 looks amazing though haha

  58. Gabi says:

    All these sets are awesome!! looking forward to the giveaway;) Thank you so much xx

  59. LP says:

    Oooh! such amazing products!

  60. Yi Jie says:

    I can’t wait for this giveaways!!! They look amazing!

  61. Maik Thalmann says:

    Really cool of you to give all this amazing stuff away!

  62. Shanice Q. says:

    Can’t wait! :D Love love love your videos

  63. Chloe says:

    Absolutely incredible. Your so generous no wonder why you have so many followers. xx

  64. Oda says:

    Aw..You are too nice Klaire! The last one..just..WOW

  65. Veda Sutedjo says:

    All your giveaways are so amazing!!! It seems so surreal to be able to get it just by looking at it! Thanks so much for all the amazing videos so far! Definitely looking forward to more!!!

  66. simonetta says:

    amazing items :D you r so generous! <3

  67. intan syafinaz says:

    I really adore you. You are such an amazing person. i am one of your biggest fan from malaysia. I like your face with or without makeup . You make me feel so inspired every time i finished watch your video. Lots of love from Malaysia :-)

  68. Eline says:

    So nice of you that you give away so much stuff!

  69. Tom Robertson says:

    I love your channel so much! Literally my favourite YouTube cosmetic guru!

  70. Agnieszka says:

    WOW <3
    You spoil us :)

  71. Larissa says:

    I love, love, LOVE set nr. 8 Since it’s very hard to get those products in Holland.
    I really hope you also ship to the Netherlands, because it would be awesome owning something YOU bought (you have a very good taste ;p).

    I also can’t wait to see your new projects. You always put a lot of time in them, so they’re bound to be perfect.

  72. Emily Ding says:

    Hi! I just really wanted to say. I really like the no.8 set with the latex and blood etc. it’s just so hard to find in regular stores! But since I’m new to this, i don’t know what we do to get it.. Please reply. Thank you , Emily

  73. Nicole says:

    I love them all
    you are way too nice klaire muah

  74. Zosia says:

    This is awesome!

  75. Selbe says:

    Those all look amazing! I really really like set #5!!

  76. Pamela says:

    Wow! Awesome sets! :)

  77. Laura Losada says:

    Thank you so much! Greets from Spain :)

  78. Juliet says:

    Those are really wonderful sets! Wishing for those with the eye shadow palette. :D

  79. Maria Emma says:

    love this giveaway

  80. Cindy says:

    they all look great! Good luck everyone :)

  81. nicole fleischmann says:

    you work is so cool can’t wait to see what you big project going to be. have a great summer.

  82. Jelena says:

    love all the products,i would be happy to try them out

  83. ana says:

    omg love it!!!

  84. Emma Garton says:

    So Exciting!

  85. Malea25 says:

    Hi, very nice palette, large and multifunctional products. I can not wait for the giveaways!^^

  86. lala says:

    REally love your vids and it will be so luckuy to me if i can recieve one set of your giveaway…. cant wait …

  87. Jennifer says:

    Awesome products, thanks for the giveaways

  88. Thanks for the giveaway :D

  89. Taylor Cypcar says:

    Love it all

  90. Alice Challinor says:

    Im so excited i love your giveaways they are really nice xxxxxxxxx

  91. Alba says:

    Looks awesome!! ^^

  92. Suzanne says:

    Really lovely giveaways! You’re very generous :D

  93. Christina says:

    Thank you for the giveaways and I hope IMATS was awesome! :)

  94. Ashley medina says:

    Wow that amazing!! You are so nice to do all of this for us. Thanks and I can’t wait for the next upcoming videos!!!

  95. Katie Byrne says:

    klaire thanks so much for all these givaways you are soo generous. such a good idea to give away special fx stuff too. id love to start doing some but the products are so expensive so its hard to get started

  96. Leta says:

    Oh, excited for the giveaways! How do Yu sign up tho?

  97. Gabriela says:

    You always have the best giveaways! <3

  98. Rocio says:

    oooh the special effects one it’s amazing!!!

  99. WOOOAH! So many things, you truly are Fantastic! :3 thank you, obrigada! *

  100. Chiana says:

    Wow, you are so kind to do this for you viewers!!
    And its not like you just toss thing together, you seem to put so much thought into everything you do. You really are such a beautiful person. :)

  101. Janay says:

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! So neat!

  102. Danielle says:

    I love that sugarpill pallet, can’t wait!

  103. Zeynep says:

    looks great! :D

  104. Courtney says:

    OMG I love these!

  105. Mindy M says:

    Thankyou for ur giveaway! <3

  106. chrysie says:

    really looking forward to seeing who the winner is! love your videos! <3

  107. Winnie says:

    I really love this giveaway! ^_^

  108. Laura says:

    This is… this is… this is sooo amazing!! This can only come from such a kind a lovely person as you!

  109. I love the fact that you’re so generous at giving givesways. It’s special. I hope I can win this! Enter me!

  110. Marwa says:

    this is amazing .. thank you ! :)

  111. Michty Maxx says:

    These all look amazing! You’ve really done well making different sets with so many different preferences. Al the different blushes, special effects and I love sugarpill shadows, I have them all myself and whomever wins that will be so happy.

  112. MarciaAnn says:

    What an amazing haul you’ve pictured here. So psyched at entering your give away and those in the future. Totally know the winners will be lucky individuals indeed.

  113. Raíssa França says:

    I so want any of them!

  114. Darlene says:

    :) everything’s hearty… we love you

  115. Valkyre Caine says:

    You really have good taste! I love all of your videos and I hope your project is coming along great.

  116. Emily says:

    Thanks for having a giveaway. :)

  117. Michelle says:

    Love it!! <3 definitely looking forward to more vids :)

  118. UndeadRainbow says:

    Love! ♥♥♥ :3

  119. shiho says:

    All I love it!
    I am looking forward to giving away!

  120. Vanessa says:

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway :D

  121. Kathryn Santivasci says:

    All of these prizes are amazing! Thank you so much <3

  122. Arleth Rabago says:

    Thank you for being thoughtful and taking others into consideration. You have an enormous heart. :)

  123. BL says:

    Can I say that you’re really truly awesome?

  124. Jessica says:

    I am so excited! I can’t wait, I normally try most of the products you review on your blog. I have really sensitive skin and can’t use most things on my face, but I don’t have an allergic reaction to most of the products.

  125. Lynn says:

    I hope to win one of your giveaways! I made the ice-queen masquerade mask recently for our high school graduation party with masquerade theme and I won prom-queen for being the only one who had a unique mask!!! Thank you for all your time helping out thousands of girls out there, that includes me. Looking forward to more of your videos! :)

  126. alice.nguyn says:

    wow, there are soooooo many cool prizes.

  127. Ana says:

    I love all sets!!
    When will the first giveaway be?

  128. Shan says:

    Amazing giveaway!! You’re so thoughtful Klaire! <3

  129. Mina says:

    Thank YouTube so much Klaire for thinking about us! You are really amazing ! Kisses from France :)

  130. Nola says:

    You are one of the most amazing people on youtube! This so generous of you; thanks Klaire!

  131. Hannah says:

    You are sooo nice and your videos are amazing. I am excited for your future videos :)

  132. Brittany says:

    Oh man I’m so excited! I would love to win any of these! So thoughtful of you :)

  133. LiZette says:

    How would I enter? Sry I have never used any thing like this

  134. Karla Alonso says:

    Thank you Klaire =D for been that generous and think of every detail, more that share your talent with us, you also give this to us to have the tools to do it, you are an inspiration to us, greetings from Canada.

  135. Medina Adam says:

    Your giveaways are always so awesome! I’d love to win the sugarpill eyeshadow palette since I’ve seen reviews as to how good they are. Thanks Klaire.

  136. Jan says:

    Everything is so beautiful:D

  137. Roxanne says:

    Yes please. I love it!

  138. Jan says:


  139. Hava says:

    Giveaways are so great! Maybe one day I will win one :)

  140. Alexandra says:

    Hope you enjoyed IMATS. Great giveaway. ^_^

  141. Liane says:

    Thank you for the giveaways, haven’t tried Ben Nye but I’ve only heard good things about them

  142. Emily Chuang says:

    It’d be so cool to win this :D

  143. Jenny R says:

    You’re beautifully generous claire :)

  144. Bonita Chan says:

    the prizes look awesome! you are so thoughtful of your viewers and i really enjoy watching your videos a lot :)

  145. Julia Milliken says:

    I’m so excited!

  146. janneke says:

    Love it! I would really like it to win one of these sets!

  147. Athina says:

    Love the give away thank you for the giveaways :o The sets are all great and well set up I look forward to your other tutorials/videos :)

  148. Anastasia says:

    I’d like to win the brush giveaway…

  149. Shanel says:

    wow, all these are amazing! I’m sure that who ever wins any of these are going to be so excited. :D plus, you give a lot to your subscribers, which is super sweet. You’re amazing, and we love you! :)

  150. nesandsusa says:

    Thanks so much. I see you from Spain

  151. Alyssa says:

    Soooo excited for this!

  152. Hannah says:

    this giveaway is amazing! omg x

  153. Kjersten says:


  154. Miriam says:

    These giveaways are so nice! Keep doing what you do klaire :)

  155. Ivy Kan says:

    I love it so much!<3 Hopefully, I can get the set no. 8. Can't wait!!!!

  156. Noelia López says:

    I really really love your tutorials!!! ;)

  157. ollie says:

    the eyeliners in the last set look GORGEOUS!
    ugh i hate being broke

  158. Farah Nabila says:

    Hey Klaire.. I admire your makeup art and creativity. It inspires me so much that now i begin to learn to be a makeup artist. Be sure to keep doing what you’re doing, i can’t wait to see your next post =) Thanks again.

  159. Taffey says:

    I’ve never been compelled to follow anyone’s blogpost prior to now. Your posts and videos are quite engaging. I look forward to reading/viewing them all. Your give-aways are lovely and show your generous and giving heart. Blessings!

  160. Morgaine says:

    You’re so kind for doing all these giveaways. The eye makeup set is especially charming, since I love MUA :) Even if I don’t win anything, thank you for posting these, it’s so amazingly nice of you :3

  161. Jayzell says:

    woow…i love the last set <3<3<3 so cooool…=))) im looking forward on your next vid i hope its a diy..=))

  162. Julia says:

    This giveaway seems brilliant! All these products you put into it seem amazing.

  163. Trenity S says:


  164. nou says:

    i would really love set 5 and or 1,3,7,8.

  165. Dil says:

    Yay thank you!!

  166. Jenivie says:

    I’m hoping your project is a series of short films. You do such great theatrical makeups and DIY props, they need to be in short films. I’m excited to see what the project is!!

    1. Jenivie says:

      oops my comment was meant for a previous giveaway lol I can’t delete it, but I’m excited about this one lol

  167. Medina says:

    Love your videos, thank you for the giveaways !

  168. Monika says:

    You’re like the kindest and nicest girl I know :D You’re to good for the world :) And your giveaways are alway so great and thoughtful!
    I would love to win one of the prizes :D

  169. Stephanie says:

    Love it XD!

  170. Ty Zeiter says:

    If you are subscribed to you on youtube are you automatically included in the give away?

  171. Helsy says:

    enter meee :)

  172. Ale says:

    really love your work

  173. Terincee says: <—- Hello Klaire!This was the first video that I watched and I was so surprised … the music was amazing , the picture quality was really good ,the pasion in your eyes (behind the contacts :D) … I don't have words to describe it but you are AWESOME.It doesn't matter who wold be the winner , I admire you !!! And even if i don’t win, congratulations to the winner :)

  174. ielse neleman says:

    Nice give away :D

  175. Molly says:

    I think that its a nice think in general that you are amazing at make up and its nice that you give things away

  176. Annie D says:

    Man, that Sugarpill pro palette is a must have in anyone’s kit.

    You’re so lucky, you managed to get one! Jealous!

  177. Angelique says:

    I cant wait love it

  178. sandra says:


  179. Nicole says:

    Hi. I love your work and find your tutorials amazing. Keep up the great work.

    Thank you for your inspiration….

  180. Ericka Intalan says:

    I love everything… I hope to win one of these.. I love you klaire.. :)

  181. Christina says:

    The prizes are awesome, thanks Klaire! :)

  182. Tanya Garvin says:

    Would love to have the sugarpill or sleek your videos!! Thanks!

  183. Rosalinda says:

    You are a vary nice person.

  184. Rosalinda says:

    love this

  185. Susana says:

    Really looking forward to all of the giveaways, thankyou so much!

  186. Marwa says:

    awesome ! :)

  187. Rachel says:

    Wow! That sugarpill pro palette looks amazing, you have done everything so well. Keep being awesome!

  188. December T says:

    Hello Klaire WOWWY WOW WOW you have chosen some fantastic giveaway items! I very much enjoy watching all your videos. You have a beautiful talent and thank you for sharing it!!

  189. Sharon Carveth says:

    What an excellent idea,so thoughtful of you. Thank you for all your inspiration.

  190. Aline Lisboa says:

    Omg i really love set 6 and 8! <3

  191. Hope L. Boyd says:

    OMG I love set 6!!

  192. Lizzie says:


  193. Shelby says:

    I absolutley love the eyes set!

  194. Yağmur says:

    Hi, thanks for the giveaway :)

    how can we enter this giveaway :)

    Thanks from Turkey

  195. Maeghan Goss says:

    I can’t wait! All of these giveaways are such good products!

  196. meridith says:

    you are so detailed with your descriptions!! I love all of the stuff and cant wait till the giveaways!

  197. Taylor Fear says:

    I want!!! i need!!! i luv!!!

  198. Maddilynn Pearson says:

    :) These are all so amazing! I love the sugarpill eyeshadows.

  199. Mary says:

    Good luck to everyone ,wonderful videos btw they are amazing .

  200. Nerea says:

    Only one world…Amacing!

  201. Thanks so much for this giveaway! Really lovely!

  202. Nicole Turner says:

    Your story is so inspiring (: it touches close to my heart because my sister has dyslexia . I’m sorry I can’t donate :( but I think you should giveaway set number 3 next time . Thanks for being so generous (:

  203. christine jumpy says:

    i want them all but i would want the brush set or the sugarpill palette the most.

  204. Bella says:

    Ether set 6 or 8 But I love them all so I guess it doesn’t matter in what order it go’s

  205. Mariana says:

    Omg! I love your prices, really you are awesome:) maybe in your other giveaway you should gie another time the same prices!:) *-*

  206. Mariana says:

    Omg! I love your prices, they really are awesome:) i appreciate what you are doing for us! Maybe in your other giveaway you just should give the same prices on this giveaway:D so excited

  207. ambibunni says:

    I absolutely love Set No. 8!! That would be amazing to win!

  208. Darlene says:

    everything’s sweet… would love to have any of the set.

  209. Darlene says:

    everything’s so sweet….

  210. Tanya Garvin says:

    Sugar to try it..can’t afford most of the haul you have but would love to win any of those. Love your videos and hope to post some of my own with your looks! Hugs and good luck with all your adventures.

  211. Rona says:

    wow amazing giveaway! <3 the special effect one looks awesome

  212. Kirsty Griffin says:

    Awesome giveaway as usual. You always include such amazing makeup.