Giveaway: Ben Nye Blush Palette

When I was at IMATS picking things out things for future giveaways I knew for certain I wanted to get a brush set and two pallets to giveaway, one for blushes and one for eyeshadows.

Ben Nye (along with many other theatrical makeup brands) is a seriously underrated brand.

Expensive yes, but good quality, long lasting and quite frankly, worth it. I did my best with all the products to try and go for products that would work for you whether you’re a professional or not, and I think I have the perfect set of prizes! :D


  • ONE comment per person
  • Giveaway is international as always
  • Giveaway ends on 5th of August
  • If selected winner does not reply after 1 week of being emailed a new winner will be selected


If you can please donate just £1 (or $1, €1) to the Dyslexia charity I’m trying to raise £5,000 for. So far we’re half way there but if everyone donates just £1/$1/€1 then the remaining money would be raised overnight!

You can donate here.

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Review: Kringle Breakable Wax Potpourri

Disclaimer: Items provided for review. 

When I first was sent these my first reaction was “what… is… this?’. How on earth do you use scented pott’s of wax? Of course to some of you who are used the wax potpourri you’re probably laughing at me but I’d honestly never seen anything like this before.

So instead of water and essential oils you just pop these in the burner 

I absolutely love these! Not only are they so much stronger than regular scented candles they also last so much longer. The best part is experimenting with the smells.

One of my favorite things to do with essential oils is to mix them to create my own custom scents, so with these I just mix a few of the waxes (like the cherry and splash).

I found that after a week of burning one of the blocks (1 of the 4 chunks) the smell had faded a little and wasn’t as strong, but at that point I just started mixing a few of the other waxes.

I’ve been trying these out for about 1-2 months, been burning some every day and I’ve only finished the watercolours wax since it was my favorite.


  • £2.15 each
  • Very long lasting
  • Arrived within 3 days 
  • Very strong, not the kind of smell that “dies” soon. 
Cherry has quite an unusual smell. While it does smell of cherries it’s got a slightly spicy twinge to it that I can’t quite place. Watercolours…the only way I can describe this one is spring in colour. Warm cotton was amazing, made me think of clean sheets in a hotel room on the first day of your holiday. 

If you want a cooling smell Splash is the idea scent, on the oposite end of the scale if you want a warm cuddly smell Spiced Apple is the ideal scent, though that was my least favorite of all the waxes since for me it makes me feel quite lethargic.

The wolf wax ( Gentlemens breakable wax potpourri no.13) even though it’s intended for men was one I was one I loved! Think man’s aftershave with a touch of floral. Don’t care if it’s meant for men that’s the kind of scent I would wear as a perfume!

You can get these here

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My Dyslexia Story

I don’t really mention my dyslexia for quite a few reasons, the main reason being that in general there is sill an “ you’re stupid” connotation attached to it, which quite frankly makes my blood boil. (I’ve even heard Dyslexia described (to my face) as an excuse for laziness.

And because, in my my experience, the minute you try and explain the reason you find some things difficult, far too many people start treating you like your unintelligent.

But today I want to try and talk about my dyslexia and explain why shaving my head is so important to me, and hopefully this story will help other dyslexics out there.

Most of my problems with dyslexia started when I went to school. Previously, being homeschooled, while there were things I had trouble with like any normal kid, I never had a mental block and learning was something I absolutely loved! One of my personal points of pride was reading the whole of the Lord of the Rings by the time I was 9.

But once I went to school thing like maths and spelling became extremely hard. To the point I would get migraines just by looking at numbers. Although I didn’t realise it (neither did my parents or my teachers) I was heavily dyslexic (which meant that my way of learning was with pictures and not words). It does NOT mean you are stupid, retarded or “mentally disabled” as I’ve heard so many people describe it.

Things got so bad over the years that I would have a panic attack every time I had to do maths, any kind of test/exam. Also, just the idea of socialising or talking to people would make my knees start shaking. My brain felt like I had a clamp on it permanetly.

No matter how many hours I forced myself to read, and attempt to re-read and understand what I had to learn, my brain just refused to absorbe it.  I was extremely socially awkward (I HATED looking people in the eye). If some of you go back through my old You Tube videos you can still see me struggling with so much as looking at the camera lens, and it’s still something I find slightly difficult at times.

I couldn’t do any form of Maths at all, my spelling was horrific, though reading was something I was always very good at mainly because it was something my parents always encouraged and they had taught me to read using books with pictures besides them which explained the words. I was introverted, prone to panic attacks, always seemed to be in a daze and often had to spend several minutes to be able to process a simple question or say something. Pretty much everything from when I was 9 years old (when I started school) to when I had the Davies course when I was 16 is a complete blur.

I have a few fragmented images from those years but nothing “clear” and mostly I just remember feeling alone and confused. It’s like a huge chunk of my life wasn’t there to see.

It was only when I was around 16 that a family friend recognised my Dyslexia and asked how I was coping with it. Needless to say when I realised that I was dyslexic I pretty much broke down into tears since I finally had a reason as to why things which came so easily to other people were so difficult for me. I wasn’t stupid and I wasn’t a freak.

The family friend was a trained Davies facilitator (which is someone who is trained to be able to correct the confusion which is caused by being forced into a way of learning which is not normal for Dyslexics). She offered to correct my Dyslexia and I can’t even begin to accurately describe the difference it made to my life.

I had gotten so used to having a permanent headache/migraine from the stress and constant confusion that I though it was normal.

On the second day of the course that pain suddenly disappeared, I felt like I had just realised that I’d been in an mental prison my whole life and someone had just helped me walk out the front door, moving a clamp from my head in the process.

The following days were incredible and terrifying. For a few days things which had been easy and an “escape” from the confusion, such as writing and painting, I just wasn’t able to do. I’d pull out a paper and realise that I couldn’t “see” what I wanted to draw. Needless to say it scared the life out of me! Those skills were my ‘escape’, and the prospect of not being able to use them was like someone had taken my only piece of armour and left me exposed to the world.  Then a few days after that, I picked up a paper again and I could draw but so much better! Things which previously I had found so confusing seemed to ‘click’.

A few years later I met Ronald Davies, the man who had started the course which changed my life and I just broke down and started crying while trying to say thank you which was hugely embarrassing but I just couldn’t help it (didn’t help that he nearly started crying too).

Did this course solve all my problems? Haha…I wish!

As I’m sure you have all seen either in my videos or blog, there are still basic spelling mistakes that I make, I still can’t do maths. Handeling money and expenses? Yes, I’m great with that because I can visualise the actual money. But put down a simple equasion in front of me you’d have better luck with trying to teach me fluent Greek in an hour. It took me a good 3 years to be able to overcome my fear of people, talk and force myself to look people in the eyes when speaking to them.

Sometimes my dyslexia get’s ‘triggered’ and aspects of it such as the depression, confusion and disorientation comes back. My biggest trigger is anyone elses blood because I associate it  with a lack of control and helplessness. It can send me in a spiral where for a few days (or weeks) I find myself unable to focus on one things, utterly depressed, letters seem to ‘flip’ when I read them and just metal shut down. But now because of the course I’ve learned ‘tricks’ which help me regain control, which previously I didn’t have and with each year I get better and better at managing the drawbacks.

Since I’m sure someone is going to question why I had such a strange reaction to blood yet love special effects makeup I might was well explain it: I love special effects because I know it’s not real. It’s fake, nobody is dying or in pain, I am in control and it can’t affect and disrupt my life. It gives me control.

The Davies course didn’t solve all my problems, but it gave me a clean mental slate to start on, instead of the tanged web of confusion I had before. Hopefully, now that I’m trying to raise money for this charity, I can help other people finally get out of this mental hell.

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I’m going BALD!?

Phew….can’t believe I’m finally writing this! I’ve been thinking and planning to do this for over a year and I’m happy and terrified that I’m finally it!

First things first…why am I doing this?

I am doing this because it will be able to help 2 charities which mean a lot to me, and hopefully change the lives of a few people for the better in the process. But the main reason I’m doing this is because I’m heavily dyslexic and was very lucky to have a family friend who was a Davies instructor do the course with me when I was 16-17 for free, and it changed my life. I want more people to have this opportunity.

I want this post to be about the charities I’m hoping to help with this challange and not me, so I’ve written a sepperate post HERE detailing my experiences with dyslexia, and hopefully explain a little why I am so passionate about this. 

I’m hoping to help 2 charities with this donation

With the money raised:

This will be going to help cover the costs of Davies facilitators who will be helping families who would otherwise be unable to afford the course. I was very lucky to have a family friend who recognised my dyslexia and offered to help me for free. I’ve tried to find words to explain how much of a difference that made in my life in my separate post, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to clearly express how much it changed my life, and allowed me to achieve the things I had always dreamed of doing. Now I hope to help other Dyslexics through this charity and make the same difference it did in mine to theirs.

My my hair:

I will be donating the ‘usable’ plait legnth part of my hair to Wigs for Kids. Most of you will recognise this charity from when I cut my hair 3 years ago, for those of you who are not aware of this Charity, they provide wigs to children suffering from Cancer and Alopecia free of charge.

So here’s the plan. Within the next two weeks I would like to dare you all:

The dare is simple, if we raise £5000 I will shave my head

The donations will be taken through IndiGogo here. It’s so easy to use, I’ve used it to donate to other causes in the past and is honestly takes less than a minute (yes, it uses Paypal!)

But if you can’t (or don’t want to) then please share this blog post or the video, Re-tweet it, tweet it, tumblr facebook, anything. Trust me it all helps.

So, see you in two weeks where, hopefully, we will have raised the money, and I will have considerably less hair. 

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£25 Challenge: Look no. 5 | Party Purple

The last few looks have been pretty tame, so my aim for the next videos in this series is to slowly start working my way into the heavier and more colourful looks.

 25 looks (foundation included) all from a set of makeup costing no more than £25 

I know this look is pretty tame compared to most of my looks but I want this series is to be useful to someone just starting makeup, a collection of looks where there would be a variety of looks for different occasions.

Of course there’s no reason why you have to use the purple. you could use the blue, pink, burgundy. Any colour which took your fancy or you prefer. Speaking of which, what colour mixes (from the palette I’m using) would you like me to use in the next tutorials?

Hope you like the tutorial :)

Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

Like with all my looks where I try and plan them out, I plan one thing and end up doing something completely different. For this one I had originally planned to have a snake skin effect all over the eye, but when I tried it out I didn’t like it and just decided to improvise.

I still decided to use the snake skin effect on the lips though

Though with the other seven deadly sins I more or less ignored any time of traditional colour sceme, with this one I just had to use green since you really can’t leave that out for this sin. The reason I went for claws on the nails is I really wanted to try and make the character look like she was grabbing, clawing at things she wanted.

I had originally considered going for a shorter wig and not a long haired wig with a fringe since that had a tendency to make you look more child-like and innocent. But then again that’s what made it quite fun, to make the character look initially innocent, and then slowly make the malice and envy creep in.

If you liked the earrings you can get them here

Oh and if you’re wondering how I did the picture above it’s really simple. You just take two different pictures with your hands in different poses, but keep your face in exactly the same position and then blend them together in an editing program.

Hope you like the tutorial :) 

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IMATS: Giveaway Haul

One of the big reasons I go to IMATS each year, apart from getting to see the amazing makeup exhebitions, new special effects product, and to get far too many false lashes is to get giveaway prizes. Love the variety of products that I get that otherwise would be a little more difficult to obtain.

This year I put together 8 different sets of giveaway prizes

The plan is to have one giveaway a month, the first set I giveaway will probably be the Ben Nye blush pallet, (which I cannot enphesise how much of an amazing product it is!) and then followed by a special effects set, a brush set, eye makeup set exc.

Here is a quick video showing all the upcoming giveaways prizes :)