Giveaway: Ben Nye Blush Palette

When I was at IMATS picking things out things for future giveaways I knew for certain I wanted to get a brush set and two pallets to giveaway, one for blushes and one for eyeshadows. Ben Nye (along with many other theatrical makeup brands) is a seriously underrated brand. Expensive yes, but good quality, long…

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Review: Kringle Breakable Wax Potpourri

Disclaimer: Items provided for review.  When I first was sent these my first reaction was “what… is… this?’. How on earth do you use scented pott’s of wax? Of course to some of you who are used the wax potpourri you’re probably laughing at me but I’d honestly never seen anything like this before. So…

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My Dyslexia Story

I don’t really mention my dyslexia for quite a few reasons, the main reason being that in general there is sill an “ you’re stupid” connotation attached to it, which quite frankly makes my blood boil. (I’ve even heard Dyslexia described (to my face) as an excuse for laziness. And because, in my my experience, the…

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I’m going BALD!?

Phew….can’t believe I’m finally writing this! I’ve been thinking and planning to do this for over a year and I’m happy and terrified that I’m finally it! First things first…why am I doing this? I am doing this because it will be able to help 2 charities which mean a lot to me, and hopefully change…

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£25 Challenge: Look no. 5 | Party Purple

The last few looks have been pretty tame, so my aim for the next videos in this series is to slowly start working my way into the heavier and more colourful looks.  25 looks (foundation included) all from a set of makeup costing no more than £25  I know this look is pretty tame compared…

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Seven Deadly Sins: Envy

Like with all my looks where I try and plan them out, I plan one thing and end up doing something completely different. For this one I had originally planned to have a snake skin effect all over the eye, but when I tried it out I didn’t like it and just decided to improvise….

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IMATS: Giveaway Haul

One of the big reasons I go to IMATS each year, apart from getting to see the amazing makeup exhebitions, new special effects product, and to get far too many false lashes is to get giveaway prizes. Love the variety of products that I get that otherwise would be a little more difficult to obtain….

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