Tutorial Props Haul: Steam Punk Glasses

With a lot of my videos I start planning them months in advance. Just like my planned re-make of my Geisha tutorial, a steam punk look is something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, so I’ve started off with getting these glasses.

I’m going to tweek them a little, maybe add a steam-punked lazer on the side?

As cliché as is it I am going to add a few cogs and bolts to it, I’ve been saving some beautiful little bronze cogs from an old watch I’ve had for years so I could uses them on something like this.

I’m kinda hoping to get more than one steam-punk look out of this. I definately want to do a (female) steam-punk pirate but I also really want to do a nutty proffessor look. Really want an excuse to go all Dr. Emmet Brown in a tutorial.

I got the glasses here

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  1. Tina says

    Sounds so badass! Can’t wait for the tutorial (:. Btw which 7DS video’s are still coming? xx

  2. says

    I am so exited for your tutorial!
    You really inspired me to do seven deadly sins tutorials, I originally have a long list of videos but I after seeing wrath I decided to do seven deadly sins before starting on the rest of my list :)

  3. Rachel says

    could you do a video on the basis of starting to be a youtube makeup artist and how to earn money doing it, I could really do with some basic facts.

  4. barbara says

    Awesome, can’t wait (: my little brother is getting really into steampunk lately, which I like, so I might recreate it for him as a surprise gift :p

  5. LauraO says

    Looking forward to this steam-punk look, the laser is a good idea, but I think it fits better for the nutty professor look :)

  6. Flore says

    Can’t wait to see the steampunk tutorials ! And can you make a steampunk inspired look for a wedding ? Most of your looks are quite dramatic and I really like them, but I’m looking for something for at my wedding that’s not too boring so… Probably you can inspire me :)