Review: Sleek Makeup Lip 4

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I’m not really the best person to review lip paletts given that usually I’m not a fan of them. There’s always that one colour you end up using before the others, and that one colour that you just don’t like, and it’s not exactly like you can buy individual re-fills.

Sleek really seem to have a thing for quads and trios lately

That being said, I’m going to try to keep my preferences to the side and review these as best I can, in their defence they really did pick some beautiful colours! Those reds especially!

A bit of an odd thing to comment on, but I’m really glad they decided to go with the full mirror. I hate it when compacts like this have this teeny-weeny mirror that could fit on your fingernail (an exageration I know but you get my point).


  • £8.99
  • 5.4g 
  • Cruelty-free
  • Stain a little
  • Some are slightly drying
I found all of the shades, though very pigmented, to be a little drying and they do stain. Each shade also has a slightly different texture. Most of them are creamy, but some  are drier than others and then there are two shades (the fushia bellow and the beige colour in the Havanna palette) which are extremely gloopy, almost lipgloss textures.

Lipstick quad in Showgirl

I had a little bit of a heart attack when I was swatching the havana pallet. I’d already swatched the dark red colour, and assuming that the beige colour would be the same consistency I almost drowned my finger in it.

It’s funny because this palette looks like it has very brown colours in real life, but when you actually swatch it and have it under any kind of bright lights you realise two of the shades have very red undertones.

Lipstick quad in Havana

The next palette (Siren) is a selection of a bright red, coral, beige-orange and a bright orange (which for some reason looks light a bright red in the picture bellow). The orange shade is a much drier texture than the rest of the colours in the pallet, the bright red colour being very creamy in comparision.

Lipstick quad in  Siren

As much as I am not fond of lipstick palettes I have to admit these are very pigmented, and I’m sure some people are the polar oposite to me and love lipstick palettes. The packaging is sturdy, and as I’ve already mentioned, I love the fact they have a full sized mirror.

Though one thing than I’m not too happy about, is it just me or are Sleek been raising their prices quite considerably over the last year and a half?

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  1. Astrid says

    I tend to always look at palettes, and want them, but like you I think some colours are always prettier than others. As much as I love looking at palettes it just annoys me incredibly to have half empty ones laying around taking space. Love your reviews anyway.

  2. says

    I’m not a big fan of these type of palettes either. At least for lipstick, I prefer to spend a bit more and choose the exact colour I want, instead of buying 4 and end up only using one.
    I really loved this review!

  3. Neo says

    The beige colour in the Havana palet look just like the cream in kinder bueno *o* ( I’m hungry now :( )