Klaire’s Wardrobe: Travel Jewellery Case

Since this post is going to be part of a quite large series on my blog I though should explain it a little. Anyone who read my New Years Resolutions (which I’m actually doing really well with this year!) know’s I’m trying to get out of the habit of NOT wearing sloppy clothes, and start building a wardrobe which is good quality, looks nice and makes me feel amazing.

I wanted something small, practial, sturdy and good quality to protect my jewlery when I go on holiday

It doesn’t seem like the most obvious thing to start on for building up my wardrobe, but I am hoping to go on holiday this year, and this time I would like the few pieces I do take with me to be protected and not have great big chips knocked off them.

I ended up going for something quite small because, even though every year I think I’ll wear more jewllery, I never do. When I’m on holiday I like to bring the bere minimum so this little case was just perfect! Really solid little thing and I can’t wait to use it!

I bought this here

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  1. Caroline says

    Wow, that’s a really cute jewellery case! And it’s so small and practical too – I could really use one of those :o
    This series sounds like it’s going to be cool, so I’m looking forward to it :)

  2. LauraO says

    This is so cute, I would love to have one…too bad right now is not possible :'( maybe later… you really do great findings on Ebay

  3. Annaëlle says

    is it normal that when i go on the adress where you bought it, there is a message like “access blocked”?

  4. Neo says


    It’s blocked in some countries like France, due to legal rectriction… :(
    Klaire, where did you find your little wings ? They are so cute !