Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

You know what I love about black and white photography? It makes your skin look flawless! This look is going to be the most ‘borring’ out of all my seven deadly sins looks, but I didn’t feel something heavy was really appropriate for this character.

I wanted to slightly tie this look in with vanity 

My concept for this look was trying to look perfect. When I think of ‘perfect’ makeup I think old Holliwood, Maralin Monroe/Marlene Dietrich, so I wanted to take elements of that and put it in the makeup, but mainly in the photography.

Little bit of a side note but I can’t wait to do some more Graphic Eyeliner looks so I can go crazy with completely black and white photography. Though I did include some purple in this look, (the colour traditionally associate with Pride) I’m not going to be too pedantic about including the traditional colours in this series.

Why an apple? 

Yea the apple is a reference to the forbidden fruit from the garden of Eden, and is often used as a symbol of pride and something you want badly, but is not terribly good for you. I suppose I could have used a Mac Donalds happy meal too then, but an apple is a little easier to explain.

I had taken a few shots with mirrors, which would have been perfect to show that vanity/pride theme, that’s the annoying thing sometimes about taking pictures, some days the image you have in your head just doesn’t translate well through the camera.

Hope you like the tutorial :)

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Seven Deadly Sins: Greed

When I was thinking of how to portray greed the first words that poped into my head was politicial and banker, hence the white shirt, blazer and hat.

With this look I really wanted to take more of a theatrical approach to the makeup

For the actual makeup I wanted to incorperate the traditional animal asossiation (toad) with more obvious things like gold, diamonds (rhinestones) pearls exc.

The lips is probably the part that a lot of people are going to think “why?”. But you know that expression “paying through the nose”? Which on a side note apparently comes from tax collectors who would slit your nose if you didn’t pay (lovely I know).

Paying through the nose? Or bleeding gold, oil and rhinestones?

I had find a way to show that without involving blood (I’m saving that for Wrath) and this is what I came up with.

Once I’ve finished this series I’m thinking of doing the exact same series except for masquerade masks on my second channel. Would be quite a fun project to do and would be great to have masks that could go along with these looks.

Hope you like the tutorial :)

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Review: Sigma ‘Control’ vs. Sugarpill ‘Bulletproof’

You all know how much I love my Sugarpill Blulletproof eyeshadow. I think I’ve used that eyeshadow in all of my last 20 tutorials (apart from the £25 challenge) and as far as I’m concearned Sugarpill have some of the best quality eyeshadows I’ve ever tried, and are one of the few bands I consider to be worth every penny.

When I bought the Sigma Flare Palette to review I also picked up one of their new single eyeshadows in Control to do a comparison to Sugarpill’s Bulletproof.

When I first saw the Sigma packaging I thought it looked very similar to the Sugarpill packaging, which I admit, was half the reason I wanted to compare the two. Though as you can see from the pictures, it’s not identical.


  • Both brands Cruelty Free
  • Sugarpill £8.95
  • Sigma $11 + £7.16
  • Sugarpill’s Bulletproof has a larger pan
When I reviewed the Flare palette I found the eyeshadows to be be quite good, not Sugarpill quality but certainly not bad, so I expected the same results from the single eyeshadows.

At least with this eyeshadow I can quite confidently say that the results impressed me. If I classed Sugarpill as a six I would class this as a five. The pigmentation is impressive, though I do prefer the texture of Sugarpill a lot more. Control has a much ‘harder’ texture while Bulletproof is a more velvety texture, you literally have to tap your brush on the surface of the eyeshadow and BOOM…colour.

If you prefer a ‘harder’ textured eyeshadow you’ll prefer Sigma’s Control

Currently Sigma don’t seem to have their single eye shadows selling in the UK, which isn’t great as you’ll almost definitely get hit by import tax, though hopefully CocktailCosmetics will be selling them soon.

(Applied with ONE stroke, Sigma on the left. Sugarpill on the right) 

Out of the two I still prefer Sugarpill, I personally prefer to have serious pigmentation over something slightly more build able, but I don’t think you will be disappointed if you try out the Sigma version. Good pigmentation, study packaging and a good range of colours.

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£25 Challenge | Look 4 | Summer Sunset

I know a lot of you are looking forward to the next Seven Deadly Sins look, but I’m going to be alternating these two series so that neither of them get too overexposed. So one week SDS and the next £25 Challenge.

This week I wanted to do something bright and summery before I move onto doing a few Arabic Makeup looks, which I can’t wait to do!

Hope you like the tutorial :) 

Klaire’s Wardrobe: Aldi Eau de Toilettes

Now I’ve finally finished my Body Shop Eau de Toilettes, and before I go ahead an invest in a good perfume, (I’m thinking of getting one of the Nina Ricci perfumes), I wanted to get a few new eau de toilettes.

I love a good perfume, but sometimes you just want something more subtle.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Body Shop Eau de Toilettes but now I’ve used them for a while I’ve realised that the smell doesn’t really last much longer than 4 hours, and to be honest, while I have my favorite kinds of smells, I like to experiment with perfumes/eau de toilettes and switch it up once I’ve finished my latest bottel.

I saw these at Aldi and thought I’d give them a try

These are really so good! I’m actually shocked at how good they are. They’re only £3.99 and, dare I say it, they’re better than The Body Shop perfumes! I prefer the New York one over the Paris EDT. Paris is a little on the floral side, I like floral but zesty floral, and the New York one is perfect.

Paris makes me feel a little more laid back and easy going, but New York has more of a go-go-go smell and makes me feel enerjetic which is exactly how I like smells to make me feel. Apparently they also have one called London, so I might try that one out too at some point…

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Seven Deadly Sins: Lust

So glad to finally be filming these after weeks of making props and planning! I will be starting this series off with Lust, and for each tutorial I thought I’d put a little definition at the beginning of each tutorial, so it’s clear the character I’m trying to convey.

This weeks tutorial is Lust 

The funny thing is that half the makeup I used was very appropriately named for this. Illamasqua’s ‘Throb” nail varnish, or the ‘Scandalous’ blush from Sleek.

And before I get people asking where I bought the lace ears, I already have a tutorial for them here. The rest of the outfit was pretty simple, lace bolero, feather boa, a black wig and then the longest fake nails you can get your hands on and paint them a bright red.


The concept for this is probably the simplest out of all the looks I’m going to do. Red is a colour that is associated with Lust quite a lot so it really was a no-brainer to use a lot of that colour. For all of these looks I’m going to have a different colour glow in the background, each colour representing a different sin. So red for Lust, gold/yellow for Greed exc.

Oh and before I forget…I’ve put all the full sized images of these up on my Deviant Art. A few people have been asking me to make my pictures available as prints, so for those of you who are interested I have made prints available for them on my Deviant Art :)

Hope you like the tutorial :)

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Review: Sleek Makeup Lip 4

Disclaimer: Items provided for review

I’m not really the best person to review lip paletts given that usually I’m not a fan of them. There’s always that one colour you end up using before the others, and that one colour that you just don’t like, and it’s not exactly like you can buy individual re-fills.

Sleek really seem to have a thing for quads and trios lately

That being said, I’m going to try to keep my preferences to the side and review these as best I can, in their defence they really did pick some beautiful colours! Those reds especially!

A bit of an odd thing to comment on, but I’m really glad they decided to go with the full mirror. I hate it when compacts like this have this teeny-weeny mirror that could fit on your fingernail (an exageration I know but you get my point).


  • £8.99
  • 5.4g 
  • Cruelty-free
  • Stain a little
  • Some are slightly drying
I found all of the shades, though very pigmented, to be a little drying and they do stain. Each shade also has a slightly different texture. Most of them are creamy, but some  are drier than others and then there are two shades (the fushia bellow and the beige colour in the Havanna palette) which are extremely gloopy, almost lipgloss textures.

Lipstick quad in Showgirl

I had a little bit of a heart attack when I was swatching the havana pallet. I’d already swatched the dark red colour, and assuming that the beige colour would be the same consistency I almost drowned my finger in it.

It’s funny because this palette looks like it has very brown colours in real life, but when you actually swatch it and have it under any kind of bright lights you realise two of the shades have very red undertones.

Lipstick quad in Havana

The next palette (Siren) is a selection of a bright red, coral, beige-orange and a bright orange (which for some reason looks light a bright red in the picture bellow). The orange shade is a much drier texture than the rest of the colours in the pallet, the bright red colour being very creamy in comparision.

Lipstick quad in  Siren

As much as I am not fond of lipstick palettes I have to admit these are very pigmented, and I’m sure some people are the polar oposite to me and love lipstick palettes. The packaging is sturdy, and as I’ve already mentioned, I love the fact they have a full sized mirror.

Though one thing than I’m not too happy about, is it just me or are Sleek been raising their prices quite considerably over the last year and a half?

You can get these there

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DIY: Lace Bunny Ears

Since I’ll be uploading the first of my Seven Deadly Sins tutorials on Friday on KlairedeLysArt (finally!) this week on KlairedeLysdotcom I will be showing you how I made the bunny ears for this tutorial. It’s actually so easy!

What you’ll need: 

  • Wire
  • Pliers
  • Lace
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Black Feathers
  • Headband

Hope you like the tutorial :)  

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Skin Care Favorites: Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

I’ve got two sets of skin care products: the ones I use everyday and the products that I use when my skin is playing up, this products being for the latter. For everyday Enzymion is my moisturiser, but when ever I get sick or stressed my skin dries up like a prune and that’s where this cream is a God send.

The basic gist of it is it turns dry, dehydrated skin into plump, glowy skin in a matter of minutes. So you can see why it’s a favorite of models and makeup artists. For me this isn’t a product that I can use as a permanent moisturiser because it’s so rich! When my skin is super dry it’s perfect, but if I use everyday my face looks like I’ve dumped it in olive oil.

I love this cream for putting moisture back into my skin fast!

When your skin is feeling really dry and ou put this on at first it can feel quite annoying like it’s just a layer of heavy cream sitting on your skin, but give it a few minutes and your skin just drinks up. I don’t really know how to describe the smell of this one, it smells….creamy?

I bought this one at IMATS a year and a half ago but you can get this cream on ebay or gurumakeupemporium, my favorite being ebay of course haha! I don’t think very oil skin types will like this one, more for dry and combinations skins. This is also a great foundation primer for your skin, especially if makeup has a tendency to dry out your skin. 


  • Cruelty-free
  • Made in France
  • Contains Mineral Oil
  • Great for FAST moisturisation (is that a word?)

Mineral oil is an interesting one because I’ve never had any problems with it, it seems to vary from person to person. For some people it breaks them out like crazy, and then for other people, like myself, my skin seems to love it. If your not sure then maybe get a tester? The last thing you want to do it splurge on this only to find your skin hates it.

As you can see I’ve gotten quite a bit of use out of it, and while it’s not the cheapest product it will last a white and does a fantastic job! One thing though is if you haven’t exfoliated in a while this wont be as effective. Also you don’t need much at all. A 2p sized blob will easily cover your face without a problem, and if you don’t want something as intense one of my favorite trick is to spray my face with Breath of Fresh Air and THEN apply the cream.

That way you need a lot less cream (probably a 1p size) and can have a bit of fun massaging it into your skin.

You can find it here

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Klaire’s Wardrobe: OOTD | Casual Cable Knit

My first OOTD…I know shocker! Haha. Today I wanted to show you one of my favorite casual outfits for when I just can’t be bothered with anything tight fitting and just want something comfortable, but doesn’t make me feel sloppy.

I got the jumper on e-bay a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it! Normally I avoid whites in my wardrobe,  being the absolute disaster that I am I’m worried I’ll spill ink or paint over it accidentally, but this time I made an exception.

What I wore:

Black Jeans, Cable Knit Oversized Jumper,

Lush BagBlack Military BootsHoop earrings,

Aviator Glasses, Masquerade Ring, Wisdom/Courage Rings

My favorite hairstyle is either loose or up in chopsticks, I pretty much never have my hair done in any other variation. Most of the time what I do is buy food chopsticks from e-bay, since you can find some really pretty ones, and cut them down so it doesn’t look like you have wooden antenas sticking out of your head.

Plus food chopsticks tend to be made of wood, while a lot of hair chopsticks are made of plastic which snap so easily! Wooden chopsticks are so much better!

A few years ago I had these shoes almost exactly these, but they kinda broke after I fell down the stairs at Reading station. Which must have looked hilarious since it was rush hour and I landed like a starfish at the bottom of the stairs. I really loved those shoes and I was so happy when I found a new pair on e-bay.

Yes, I know I have tiny hands. My theory is that as soon as I past 10 my hands were like “nah…can’t be bothered growing any more”. It’s taken me years to find gloves that fit me properly.

I get mostly all my rings from e-bay and I recently saw this beautiful masquerade ring and had to get it. It’s so cute! I might even do a makeup tutorial based on it actually, it would be such a pretty look.

Photography by Nicky de Lys

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