DIY: Basic Masquerade Mask

Since this weeks video is such a technically ‘simple’ tutorial I though I would also show you the easiest way in the world to decorate your mask at the same time.

 If you just want something simple and quick to make this is the perfect mask

Obviously you have to start out with a plain mask (DIY video bellow). After that take any clear nail varnish, any brand will do, and cover the whole mask in it.

This part is very important because if you don’t have a clear nail varnish, or rather any kind of nail varnish under it, the crackle polish won’t crack.

You could paint the mask black and use a gold or white crackle varnish?

For this mask I used the Barry M crackle paint, I haven’t used that nail varnish for months because it got insanely gloopy barely a month after I had bought it so this was the perfect way to use it up.

I will be using this masquerade mask technique for a lot of future tutorials. So though it might seem like a bit of a borring thing to cover, I’d rather cover the basics in one video and have people reference that rather than show the whole process in each video.

Also, even though I’ve only shown how to make a typical mask you can just as easily make a full-face mask too using the exact same method I’ve shown you in the video bellow.

I will be doing a few different variations on how to make a basic masquerade mask, but for the moment here is the simplest version.

Hope you like the tutorial! :D 

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Review: Tropic Organic Elixir Oil

Disclaimer: Items provided for review.

Anything made in the UK, especially beauty products, is practically an endagered species so when Tropic Skincare wrote to me asking if I wanted to review this product I very enthusiastically said yes, and…I’ll admit it. The bottle design was also a huge factor for me. I mean look at it! It’s so beautiful!

“The ‘hero ingredient’ is Moringa Oil, derived from the ‘Miracle Tree’. Boasting 1,700 antioxidants and enriched with natural Vitamin C”

When I opened the bottle, even though I have a horrific sense of smell, the smell reminded me so much of the smell of oil paints. Definitely not the best smell for a facial oil. Since it contains Pomegranate oil (one of my favorite smells) I was hoping it would smell like that, but it wasn’t the case.

They recommend to use this just before you sleep, which is the only time you could use it really owing to the smell. The oil is also surprisingly thick, for some reason I expected the oil to be runnier, but it turned out to be a good thing as the cap doesn’t have a rubber band between the glass bottle and the metal lid so it does leak a little unless it’s kept upright.


  • £30.00
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Make in the UK

The lid is so small it’t not really possible for it to pour out easily and the oil is quite unusual, feels like a ‘dry’ oil if that makes any sense. If you store it upright the slightly leaky lid is not a problem, but when it arrived obviously it was lying down flat and when I took it out of the packet I could feel oil around the edge of the cap.

The claim of this oil is to “improve skin elasticity, giving noticeably smoother, more supple and youthful skin in just 4 weeks”. Given I’m only 21 the youthful thing wasn’t really going to show up on me, but I did try it out over 4 weeks to really test it’s claims and see if it made a difference.

 Ingredients: Kiwi Seed Oil, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Natural Vitamin E and Moringa Oil.

To be perfectly honest I didn’t really notice a difference with this oil other than being moisturising.  It didn’t really do anything remarkably different (or at least nothing that I could notice for my skin) and though I have a dreadful sense of smell the oil paint smell of this is one that I really cannot stand.

Would I recommend this product? No not really. I didn’t find it really made any significant difference to my skin, the expensive price and slightly faulty lid (though admitedly a beautifully designed bottle) would not make me purchase this. It’s a decent mosturiser if you like oils like myself, but frankly I didn’t find it to be worth the money.

For the website here

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DIY: Tea Lights Tray

I was going to make this into a DIY tutorial for Klairedelysdotcom but the actual idea and process of this is so simple it made a lot more sense to just have it as a blog post.

Best way to hide scratches? Make more of them!

When I first bought this tray from a little shop called Terries a few days ago, I hadn’t noticed the little scratches it had all over it. When I got home I suddenly noticed and was quite annoyed as you can imagine. I figured the best way to hide the scratches was to make more of them.

When I was doing my A-Levels years ago I got the chance to study a little bit of Morrocan and Islamic art, which oddly enough I ended up quite liking, despite it being quite mathematical.

I’ve been planing on getting a Moroccan Lamp for my bathroom for a while, so I thought it would be perfect to make a tea light tray which would match. I started out by googling a few designs and then, when I found one I liked, changing it to my tastes.

I started out by outlining the tea lights tray on a scrap piece of paper and then drawing the design on it. Once I was sure I liked the pattern I cut out a few of the shapes in the center with a craft knife and traced it out.

I suppose another way to do this would be to use tracing paper and trace the design strait onto the tray which, would be faster, but it didn’t occur to me at the time.

It took me about an hour to draw and copy the design onto the tray, but the reall killer is actually scratching the design onto the tray. I think that part took me about 2 hours.

You will need: Paper, lead pencil, craft knife, steel tool. 

I used a tool from a stainless steel wax carving(**) set I have , yes I know, I hardly ever use my tools for their original purpose, but that’s the fun of it!

Just trying to thing of what you could use it you don’t have that carving set…it might sound a bit weird but you could use a spoon? Or even a flat head screwdriver. thought bear in mind that you might end up blunting them (so don’t use your dad’s favorite screwdriver. He won’t be chuffed).

In total it took me about 3 hours long, which was perfect to watch The Hobbit at the same time, (with a hot chocolate too of course).

Also one thing to point out, if you end up going this don’t be surprised if all the muscles in your hand hurt the next day. It was much harder that I thought to scratch through to the metal underneath and by the end of it your hand can feel quite cramped.

Overall I was quite happy with how this one turned out

If I was to do it again I would scratch in the designs a lot slower. My hand slipped quite a few times because I was going too fast and I scratched out more than I meant to, but I think overall I’m really happy with how this one turned out, and at least now I don’t have to worry about the bathroom getting burnt down accidentally.

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Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath Nails

I was hoping by this point to have at least one of my Seven Deadly Sins looks up. But thanks to an incredibly slow postal service several props still haven’t arrived, which is incredibly annoying given I ordered all the props weeks in advance.

 Wrath: love of justice perverted to revenge and spite

My idea for these was to portray something cold and spiteful, so the salt to imitate ice and the clay to make the scorpian’s stinger.

And of course because I’m a rhinestone nut I just had to put a red rhinestone underneath to make it a little more interesting.

I had originally hoped to make the nails actually look like a scorpian’s tail, but about 3 melted nails later I realised I couldn’t do it, so I went for this idea instead.

Hope you like the video :) 

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