DIY: Dragon Jar

Ever since I saw the Hobbit I’ve wanted to do something with Smaug’s amazing eye at the end. It was just too cool not to have on something and I’d been planing on doing a Dragon jar for a while so it was the perfect thing to put of the top.

What I used:

  • Das Terracotta Clay
  • Old Candle Jar
  • Super Glue
  • PVA Glue
  • Red Ink
  • Brown Ink
  • Gold Ink
  • Fan Art Brush


There are two ways to deal with the clay shrinking. You can either do it the way I did it which is quite time consuming, or you can glue just the edges (you MUST do that part) and once it’s dry make a thick mixture of PVA glue and the colours I used in the video and cover the lid and jar generously with it (the consistency should be quite thick).

This will sink into the cracks and appart from hiding the cracks will also hold everything together. If you do this step instead you will have to apply 4-6 coats.

I hope you like the tutorial :) 


  1. Noonshade says

    Oooo anything dragon-related is just AWESOME in my opinion. I hope you’re fully recovered from being sick. =)

  2. says

    This looks absolutely fantastic! When I saw the eyeball in the picture, I first thought it was transparent like a real eye, but it is just the shine of the nailpolish and a really nice paint job. I like it!

  3. Sarah says

    If you skip the scales and just paint fire and a tower, you will have the eye of Sauron. I MUST HAVE THE EYE OF SAURON IN MY ROOM, FOR GONDOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kiki says

    it’s like the eye is going to wink anytime!! scary!! this will be good for Halloween props!!
    wanna try this, but I dunno where to find the clay…..

  5. jana says

    hi klaire!

    I’ve been watching your videos for a very long time and you amaze me every time. You inspire me to keep practicing my drawing and doing art projects. i was wondering if you could find the time to watch my art videos.

    i would really be an honor to have you watching something i made.

    have a nice day!

  6. Cristina says

    I couldn’t wait for your Hobbit inspired DIY tutorial and it looks great. Unfortunately, I don’t have most of the ingredients and i don’t know if I’d buy them just for this.

    Have you ever considered making an Etsy shop and selling some of your handmade creations or your paintings?

    • Klaire says

      People have suggested that before but I don’t think I could make more than one of these. I’d get so bored! Once I’ve made something I have to change/improve it :)

  7. Loulou says

    I can’t wait to make this! Anyone wondering where to buy the clay and ink you can get them in easons art section sometimes! If your in n.ireland like me think there’s a big WHSmiths or easons in Belfast with an art section part you can get everything! I’m near ballymena so there’s a possibility there might or not be the exact things in the easons there. Hope that helps anyone! =)

  8. Laura says

    I love the dragon jar! I also really enjoyed your “Dragon” series, lol, and yes, I know it has been awhile since then, but I still watch that series because of how much I enjoy the dragons! Do you think you could do a Saphira dragon or inspired by the world of Eragon looks? Please and thank you so much, Klaire!

  9. Leni says

    Hey Klaire! I took u’r dragon-ideas for one of my easter eggs this year. Looks amazing. Took a picture but didn’t find any place to share it here… :( Whatever, thanks for ur inspiration!!!

  10. brittany says

    hey Klaire,
    I was wondering if you could post where you got this candle jar from or some places to look for something like it? I love the shape of the jar with the dragon design but I cant seem to find that kind of jar. Also, i live in the US (maybe that’s my problem…?) Please help if you can & stay brilliant :)

  11. I'maHobbit says

    I LOVED the film, i’ve seen it twice and Can’t wait till it comes out on DVD-8th of April-also can’t wait till the next part of the film. really enjoyed your dragon jar and plan to do a similar thing with a cardboard book box I got from hobby craft.