£25 Challenge Products | Collective Review

I think in total it took me around 2 months to get all these products together, I really wanted to make sure I got good makeup/ brushes that were affordable and good quality and I think that overall I succeeded. A lot of you have been asking for a review of all the products I used so without further ado here is a break down of the pros and cons of all the products I used.

Skin 79 BB Cream | £5.09

I don’t really need to give much of an introduction to this product. For those of you who watch my videos you know how much I adore the Skin 79 BB creams and this one is just a travel sized (and so, cheaper) version of the larger tube I usually use.

Makeup Brush set | £4.53

This one was hard to find! And in the end I’d ordered around 5 different makeup brush sets from e-bay to try and find one which was the best quality and this one won. The bristles don’t shed and are firm, though on the negative side 2 of the brush heads have come loose (though it was easy enough to glue them back) and it doesn’t include a fluffy blending brush which does make it a bit more work for smokey eyes.

False Lashes| £2.43

For a false lashes fanatic like myself these are just a bargain find! 10 sets of lashes which you can use around 20 times each (I’ve already used this same set in at least 3 videos) and they look amazing! One negative is the lash band is transparent, which can show up a little, but provided you blacken the lash band with eyeliner or eyeshadow first it’s not a problem.

Royal Lash Glue (**) | £2.15

I can’t remember when last I DIDN’t use this so I don’t have much to say really. One annoying thing about this product though is the price fluctuates between 80p and £2.25, so if you want to save a few extra pounds try and catch this one when it’s at 80p.

e.l.f Primer | £1.50

My favorite primer from e.l.f is their mineral primer but the budget meant I couldn’t include it. However this one is perfectly usable and the price is nothing to scoff at. What I do like about this primer is that is does help conceal redness (and in my case eyelid veins) as well as priming they eye though it can be a little drying .

MUA Lip Gloss (in Too Much Fun) | £1

What can I say? It’s a lipgloss, it’s £1 and it smells of sweets. They do have other colours but in the end I chose this one since it would be perfect for more subtle looks and heavier looks over lipstick.

Eyeshadow Palette | £3.99 

Appart from the brushes this one was probably the hardest to find. I wanted to use a pallet that had a good sellection of wearable and bright shades so this one was really perfect. There are a few drawbacks to this pallet though. They apply better with fingers or a sponge tip appliator otherwise they can be a bit faint and muted, as far as pigmentation goes I would class these as a 3 out of five. So smack bang in the middle in terms of quality. Perfectly useable but don’t expect Sleek or Sugarpill pigment quality.

MUA Black Eyeliner | £1

I’m using two of these in this series, the black and the white eyeliner. Appart from the Barry M liners these are one of my favorites, not hard, not too soft and really good pigmentation, not to mention they have a selection of some quite unusual eyeliner colours (orange).

MUA Lipstick (shade 13) | £1

Like the Skin 79 BB creams this one doesn’t really need an introduction. Fantastic range of colours, incredibly pigmented and creamy and on par with the Sleek true colour lipsticks.

MUA Black Single Eyeshadow | £1

This one is my favorite eyeshadow for filling in my brows but it’s also an amazing eyeshadow. I really need to re-review these on my blog again, the last blog post I did on these was one of my first blog posts (and subsequently terribly written and photographed) and didn’t really show how amazing these eyeshadows from MUA are.


Hope this review helped and if you haven’t seen it already here is my latest video using these products :)

Review: Lush BB Seaweed

I’m so used to typing ‘cream’ after BB that I nearly typed the title wrong several times. Thankfully I’ve never seen a BB cream like this! My sister Nicky de Lys was absolutely lovely and got this for me the other day which was just perfect has my skin really needed some TLC from being sick.

“For softening, cooling and reducing redness”

I have tried this mask before (I think it was some time last year) and as some of you have heard/read me mention Cosmetic Warrior is my favorite lush face mask but this one come in close second.

It’s funny cause this mask has my favorite and least favorite ingredients, honey (my favorite) and rose (well, rose petals). Normally anything with rose in it will make my skin go bright red and itch like crazy,  but oddly enough it’s not the case with this mask, my personal theory on that is because it’s using rose petals and not rose water.

“A mask made with men in mind, but without excluding women”

Even though it’s a clay mask I love that this mask doesn’t dry your skin out. Clay masks are great for pulling the rubbish out of your skin but I hate how some of them pull out the last bit of remaining moisture in your skin too. Not the case with this mask.

The Packaging:

For cream products like Enzymion and Dream Cream (Enzymion more than any other) I can’t stand these kinds of pots. The cream ends up in the screw thread of the lid and it’s a nightmare to get out, not to mention messy. With the face masks since they’re so thick you don’t really have that problem fortunately so I don’t mind the pot packaging.

One thing I would like to see Lush do is sell these in smaller pots aswell

I’ve gone through quite a few of the Lush face masks and on at least two occasions I forgot about them and opened them a few weeks past their expiery date to find a dried up tablet left (they have a shelf life of approximately a month). Also I think it would be a introduction for people who maybe are just trying the face masks and don’t want to drop £5-6 on the current sized pot.

The chunks of seaweed will annoy some people, personally I would prefer it it they were ground up into thiner chunks but overall it doesn’t bother me too much. Because this (well most Lush face masks) are quite thick I like to spray my face with Breath of Fresh Air (or just plain water) and then apply the mask.


  • £5.95
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • 4 week life span
  • Preservative-free
  • Mildly exfoliating
  • Needs to be kept in the fridge
I find that way it’s easier to apply, you end up using less of it and it feels quite lovely to massage it into your skin too. Without doing that this mask can be really thick and difficult to apply, especially when it’s nearing the end of it’s best-before-end date.

Like all Lush products the smell of this (a herbal with a slight floral sea water smell) you will either love or hate. I love how soft this mask leaves my skin (especially if you massage it in). For me personally it does a little for redness, nothing that will blow your mind but it does help. I also find it quite brightening.

Although it’s apparently for all skin types clay based masks can be a bit rough on dry skin so if you have dry skin bear in mind this may not agree with your skin.

You can get this online or at your local Lush

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£25 Makeup Challenge: Look 2

Since last weeks look for this challenge was so simple I thought it would be nice to try something a little more colourful. Even though I didn’t mean to this look ended up matching my new glasses which I found quite funny. Obviously my brain was still obsessing over them a little bit.

In this challenge my goal is to try and create 25 looks with ONE set which cost £25

Now that I’m two looks in I think the majority of the looks I do with this series are going to be smokey eyes and “simple with a pop of colour” looks, which is good I suppose since that’s what you would be looking for in a £25 makeup set. So looks like I’ll have to keep the “arty/crazy” looks to other videos.

Also for those of you who are wondering what this would look like on your eye colour hopefully the pictures above will help with that, and let me know what kind of looks you want to see in this challenge? Heavy, wearable with a pop of colour or just simple looks?

Hope you like the video :)

DIY: Canopic Jar

I’ve always wanted to own one of these! When I was little my three big obsessions were American Indian, Chinese and Egyptian culture. I read every book I could get on Egyptian mythology and am still utterly obsessed with the art of it so I though it would show you how to make a canopic jar (except this one is to keep cotton pads and not organs).

What I used:

For the sculpting tools there are two different sets I use. One which is actually meant for cake decorating and another which is a stainless steel set meant for sculpting. Mind you if you don’t have (or don’t want to get) any of those tools a spoon will also work quite well.

Hope you like the tutorial! :D