Review: MUA Undress Me Too Palette

I’ve seen so many bloggers talking about this one I have to admit, it sparked my interest and I bought it. First time in ages I’ve been convinced enough by blog reviews to make a purchase and I was not disapointed!

“Made up of 12 warm and timeless shades, this palette will suit all skin tones and any occasion”

I have tried some of the old MUA palettes in the past and found them very chalky and sheer, they really seem to have improved since then! More pigment, less chalky and nicer packaging.

Every other blog I’ve read seems to be comparing this palette to Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette, since I don’t have it or intend to own it any time soon I can’t make the comparison.


  • £4.00
  • 12 shades
  • Cruelty-free
  • 9  Pearlescent shades 
  • 3 matte shades: Naked, Lavish and Corrupt
Bellow you can see the eyeshadows and the swatches, I only applied them with one swipe and without primer as I feel this shows better the quality of the eyeshadow.

While it looks like the paler colours such as Naked aren’t that pigmented they actually are, unfortunantly it’s such a close colour match to my own skin tone that it got lost in the background a bit. The only shades which were a little lacking were Lavish, Obsessed and Corroupt.

I was so impressed with the quality of these eyeshadows!

Lavish and Obsessed weren’t bad, a little lacking on the pigment side compared to the others but can easily be layered, Corrupt on the other had was entirely useless. It seems to have a thick hard shell over the surface and no mater how I rubbed at it the faint smudge you see above was the only colour I was able to get out of it.

But then agin you all know how much I adore their single eyeshadow in shade 20 (black) which is only £1, so really I don’t have any complaints over this pallet! The perfect affordable pallet for anyone starting out with makeup or anyone who just prefers neutrals.

You can buy this in Superdrug or online

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DIY: Candle Holder

I’m quite pleased I managed to find a way to use the lids of my candle jar. Although I’ve managed to use the majority of my used candle jars I haven’t found a use for all the lids yet since most of the jars are used to hold things like brushes and pencils.

I know seeing the roses might make you think “that’s a bit too complicated for me” but it really is simple! Of course you don’t have to do roses, you could do other flowers if you wanted but today I will be showing how to do roses.

What I used: 

  • Candle Jar Lid 
  • Paper Clay (any clay will do) 
  • Superglue 
  • Black Spray Paint 
  • Gold Ink 

Hope you like the tutorial :) 

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Review: Lush Avobath Bath Bomb

I think out of all the Lush bath bombs I’ve tried this is one of my favorites, I’ve probably already bought around 3 of these, possibly four if you include this one. The main reason I like this one so much is the smell. A citrus and lemongrass smell with avocado and olive oil to moisturise.

“Use this when your skin is thirsty and your mind is blocked”

It’s not the most spectacular of the Lush bath bombs, its not really a bubble bath (if you hold it right under the tap it will bubble slightly) and it has a miniscule amount of faint shimmer (which for me is a good thing). It’s essentially a scented bath softener with slight moisturising properties which smells amazing and calms you right down.

I don’t know if Lush have been making their Lush bath bombs tougher but this one was like trying to break a cannon ball! Took me ages to break it into pieces (I like to use about a fourth in each bath). After you’ve used this in the bath the smell probably stays on your skin for an hour or two which is slightly disappointing, but when you’re actually having the bath it smells so amazing!


  •  £3.20
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Vegan 
  • Handmade
Bellow you can see what the water looks like with just half the bath bomb. Like I said, not the most exciting bath bomb of all time, but if you’re just looking for something which relaxes you and moderately moisturises your skin then I highly suggest you give this one a shot!

My favorite way to use this?  A few candles, some nice music (possibly a drink of hot chocolate on the side) and this…perfect!

You can get this online or at a local lush store.

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And another giveaway! :D I’m trying to do more small giveaways over the next few more months, hopefully once a month (or two) but this is the first one. I tried to pick colours that were a combination of subtle and daring so that who ever wins will have a colour which they like.


  • ONE comment per person
  • Giveaway is international as always
  • Giveaway ends on 8th of March

Question? Can you think of ways I can improve my videos?

Giveaway Haul: More Illamasqua!

It’s quite funny how I never really use any Illamasqua products in my videos but I always seem to be giving away their products in my videos. I was thinking at some point to do ‘separate’ videos where I re-created the illamasqua looks using their products.

I’ve picked a selection of bright and wearable shades so it will have something for who ever wins it 

But the main reason I don’t do it is because I know that the moment I start using expensive products I’ll end up doing it more and more, and I want people to watch my videos and think “I can do that” and not “I can’t afford that”.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t buy some to give away so here is a look at what I got for this Friday’s giveaway.

Enjoy :)

Queen of Hearts

It seemed a bit appropriate to do a Queen of Hearts look soon after St. Valentines day. I was planning on getting this one done for Valentines day but I had a red/swollen eye for the past 3 days (nobody want’s to see that up close in HD, so I had to film and edit everything today which is why this video is a little late. Sorry! :/

I will have a template for the mask soon

I will be doing a video (and have a down-loadable template here one the blog) for the mask at some point. I was thinking of including it in this video but I have one more mask I want to make before I give out the template.

I always seem to end up doing some kind of self critieque in these blog posts. Recently I seem to have taken a bit of a diary-esque approach to some of my blog posts but hey, that’s how you improve so I’m just going to say it. I really don’t like the pictures I took for this look.

Normally I take the pictures and edit them over 2-3 days, gives me time to look at the pictures, think of the theme I want to go for, the style I want to experiment with exc. but since I only had today I ended up going for, quite frankly, borring pictures. Not chuffed with the pictures :/

Hope you like the video :)

TAD: Queen of Hearts

(*TAD= The Art Diaries)

Quite pleased that lately I’ve managed to really make a dent into looks I’ve had listed down to do for ages, I’ve been planning on doing a queen of heart makeup look for well over a year now, and I’ve had this prop sketch in my work book for about 5 months.

The sad thing is I must have spent about 20 minutes searching for my original sketch, I have about 4 different sketchbook (each one on a different topic, for example You Tube looks/prop design then the others are each for seperate personal projects) but like a genius I haven’t marked any of them and they’re all the same sized black notebook.

“It’s just so much more relaxing to photograph it through the various stages and blog about it instead”

I was thinking of filming the whole process but to be honest I really hate filming anything that isn’t going to be a tutorial, when I work I don’t like having the stress of thinking about camera angles, lighting and wether or not my work is in focus.

First thing I did is traced the features of the original sketch that I liked onto water colour card before cutting out the card shape and changing the fatures I didn’t like. I left out drawing what the hands were going to look like till they were the last things I had to paint just because I really didn’t like the original way I had drawn them and didn’t have a clear image in my head till that point.

What I used:

I started off with the water colour pencils, coloured in the corners of the card in the colours I wanted before blending it out with a wet paint brush.

I ended up hardly using the colouring pencils (except for that egg blue you can see on the right side of the card) I absolutely love working with watercolours and it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to use them so I went a bit mental with them.

Annoyingly though I only noticed that I drew the Red Queen’s hand the wrong way around once I’d finished painting her hand.

One of my favorite ways to work is to clip my water colour paints at the end of my clip board and just curl up in a chair with a film on in the corner. I can’t work in silence, it’s one of those things that drive me mad! I have to had either music playing in the background (if some of you remember my old makeup videos that’s why I always wore headphones) or a film I’ve already watched on.

Overall I was really pleased with the red queen (the dagger one) but really unhappy with the white queen. I think I re-painted her face about 3 times before I finally got it looking roughly how I wanted it to look.

 The funny thing though is that in the original sketch it was the other way around. No problem drawing the white queen but the red queen gave me no end of hassle.

Should be using this either in the pictures of my Queen of Hearts look or the intro, or both :)

Butterfly Lashes

If any of you remember my old Paper Butterfly tutorial this probably looks quite familiar. Same thing for the Butterfly makeup tutorial, I got SO many questions about the little butterfly lash I had on my lower lid so todays video is sort of a 3 in one video.

“Obviously please be careful with the craft knife, and don’t do this if you’re underage”

Oh and I should mention too that I finally set up an Instagram account! :D Yes this one is the real me, the KlairedelysArt account is a fake.

And just a little warning, I’ve become obsessed with it so if you follow me you may or may not get inundated with pictures of props and up coming tutorial sneak peaks :)

Butterfly Queen

So much colour! :D I’ve had a sketch of this in my sketchpad for well over a year now, so happy to have it off the paper and on film. There will be quite a few tutorials cloging your subscriptions over the next few days because I still need to upload the hairstyle tutorial and how I made the lashes.

“This collaboration was all about Queens, Queens of flowers, birds, aliens, sea, fire and the underworld”

Absolutely over the moon to be collaborating with the amazing Anna Aurthur, Vintage or Tacky, iwanted2c1videoPinkstylistMidnightVampage and BeautifulYouTV. After this tutorial you should have a huge amount of great tutorials to watch :D

Hope you like the video :)

DIY: Disco Brush Jar

I know it’s titled a brush holder but in the end I decided to use it for my colouring pencils. Like most of my tutorials this is really easy to make! All you need is an old candle jar (or a glass you’re not too bothered about) and a few old CD’s you don’t mind breaking up.

What I used:

  • Candle Jar
  • Scissors
  • Old CD’s
  • Glue Gun
  • Filler
Although I mention it in the video I’m just going to stress it again: wear goggles when you are cutting up the CD’s! They ping off everywhere and they’re sharp! Oh and you might want to give the floor a hoover after doing this, there are so many sharp little bit’s that get stuck in the carpet waiting to give your feet some cheap acupuncture. 

 Hope you like the tutorial :)