The Art Diaries: The Miner

In keeping with my new years resolution of doing more art work I wanted to chuck myself into an area outside my comfort zone and play with some oil paints. Long story short, I HATE oil paints. When I work I tend to just work on it for hours on end till it’s finished, I don’t like leaving something and them coming back to it later because by that point I can already see the faults and want to burn it.

Typically my favorite mediums are watercolour, acrylic, inks, pencil and charcoal. Oils, along with pastels, are just not my cup of tea. Not to mention the fact I’ve only really worked with them about 3-4 times. Need to practice more.

But I had to wait for my computer to get returned today, (it’s finally fixed!) and had already used up all the space on my SD cards filming an Ice Queen Crown for tomorrow, so I decided to do some painting while I waited.

First thing I did it take a picture of myself to get the pose right, (the oh-so-sexy overall included) and get the light behind me right so I would have an idea how it would fall on the overall.

I’m already having “ugh I hate it moments” but I’m going to do my best to finish this one, even if I mess it up which I probably will.

For the moment I’ve just done the background and her overalls, I’m a little bit terrified about working on her skin. With pencils or acrylic it wouldn’t be a problem, but for me typically with oils this is where the whole thing falls appart.

I have no idea why it’s showing up as red, the actual painting is using yellows and browns but yea….thanks for that camera. Lets see if this one turns out ok or ends up being painted over and re-used. Either way, at least I’ll have practiced some more and gotten more use out of my poor abandoned oil paints.


  1. Mayumi Art says

    Not Bad Klaire, I like the idea of the background but I think that her left hand is not proportional with the rest of her body, maybe because of the viewpoint that you choose,but don’t worry,take it easy and keep practising ^__^

  2. Emma says

    you are a fantastic artist. can you do a video where you tell us where you get your supplies from for your art:)? Also, I was wondering if you could do an art idea using ravens (as in the birds) ? Love you and your videos!

  3. c.c. says

    Gah, I’m terrible with oil paints as well so i know the feeling.

    although i’m a total amateur so that probably has something to do with it. :D

  4. says

    I really like it so far, can’t wait to see the finish results. I’m kind of new to the painting thing, and my mum has always been a big fan of oil painting but I can totally get what you mean when you say that you have to wait for it to dry and then when you come back you can see all the mistakes, I might end up switching to acrylics. Anyway, I think that you’re really talented in the art department, I guess we just need to keep practising. And remember that doing mistakes is what will help you learn, so it’s actually a good thing to do tons ;) ! Have a great day x

  5. Clarisse says

    And I love love LOVE oil paints!
    But desperately HATE acrylics.
    I prefer to take a lot of time for painting and hate to hurry. Since I also prefer to draw “wet on wet”, work on all parts at the same time and acrylics are always dry when I come back to a certain area, oils are clearly MY medium .<
    Oh, and because they are usually of a thicker consistency you can add beautiful structures with brush strokes or palette knifes.
    I even talked my arts teacher into letting me use my own oil paints instead of the acrylics we have in school. Working with those just drove me crazy.
    Btw am I the only one whose mind instantly screamed "Coal Miner…District 12…Katniss!!!" while looking at your picture?