D.I.Y Face Mask: Skin Saver

Currently this face mask is my absolute favorite for when my skin has absolutely had it and needs some serious life pumped back into it fast.

What do the ingredients do?

Green Clay

This little power powder is fantastic for drawing….no drawing sounds too gentle….forcefully pulling the rubbish out of your skin, improving the circulation, tones and strenghthens your skin. Some people can apply this directly to the skin but just a little warning, it will leave your skin red for the next 20-30 minutes if you just apply a green clay mixture on your skin.


You would be amazed at how much oil is in this nut and I love this one for putting the moisture back in my skin. Obviously DO NOT use this in the recipe if you are alergic to nuts.


Most people eat this without realising how increadible it is for the skin! It is anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, has mild cleansing properties and it is fantastic for acne, eczema, rosacea and rashes. You know those days where your skin is just red, inflamed and blotchy? Try an oat and honey face mask…lifesaver!


I just Salicylic acid (BHA, beta hydroxy acid) which is great for getting down into the skin and un-cloging pores and chemically removing the dead skin cells. One thing I do have to say is don’t overuse this, overuse makes your skin so sensitive.

Lavender Oil

This is one of the few oils that can be directly applied on the skin and it really is a beauty for skin care. It is antiseptic, relaxing and like oats it is fantastic for acne, eczema, rosacea and rashes.

Mineral Water

Not enterly neccessary, water strait from the tap is FULL of bacteria which will make the mask go off faster. If you are just making one batch tap water if fine, but if you’re making some to use over the next week or two use Mineral water or it will only last a week.

Why type of skin would you recommend this for?

I use this mask for when my skin is feeling congested and irritated, like you have something sitting under your skin which is just itching to get out. Anyone with oily and normal skin can use this but if you have very dry skin I would recommend that you only use a fourth of the green clay I used. Green clay in the amounts I used I think would be too rough for something with dry to very dry skin.

I hope you like the video :)


    • Klaire says

      If you dont have green clay just skip that ingredient, the rest of the ingredients will still work wonders for your skin :)

  1. Angelica says

    I have been using honey and oats for a while now and love how my skin feels afterward. I was planning on picking up some clay and rosehip oil to add to the mix. I always forget how good lavender is for skin, I might just have to pick some of that up too.

  2. Vivian says

    Awesome DIY, I really can’t wait to try it out. I’ve recently come to live in Australia for a few months until my fiance’s visa is approved and it’s full blown summer here and my skin has become excessively oily. It gets oily during the summer in the US but it’s just ridiculous these days, do you have any suggestions on how to reduce the excess oilyness?

  3. Roaa says

    Oo I’m thinking beauty sleepover :D
    Thanks for the D.I.Y, Klaire!
    p.s: why don’t you make super short video to let people know about the shorty award? most of us don’t bother reading the description box :)

  4. H says

    I love your DIY videos, brilliant!
    I was just wondering if I could use Tylenol instead of Aspirin? Also I really like almond oil, could I use almonds instead of walnuts?

    • Klaire says

      I have no idea what Tylenol is so I can’t recommend it but yes, you could use almond oil instead of walnuts :)

  5. says

    :D id like to recommend olive oil i would use it for my hair and face x’3 and sometime for my eyelashes… but mostly my face it make my skin soft and it feels amazing ^- ^

  6. Catherine says

    What exactly is green clay, is it literally just clay? Also, where can I buy some? I live in the states and have never heard of it before. Can I buy it online?

  7. almog-mogli.ap says

    It was great, I’m very fond of your DIY films.
    You give me a lot of inspiration.
    And I admit that I prefer to make my own cosmetics.
    Currently I use face cream and eye cream that I make myself at home, from essential oils and natural aloe vera gel.
    I would love to help you learn how to do it too if you want.

  8. says

    I love it! I think I will try this one very soon, it sounds like a good mask! Is it an idea to replace the green clay with yellow clay? I once was in a welness centre and you could get clay masks there too, but they recommended the green clay for your body only and yellow clay for your face (and even your hair!). Anyways, thanks for this nice DIY :)

  9. Sanne S says

    Maybe it’s an idea to store the ground oats, clay, walnuts and aspirin as a dry substance and to add the liquids right before application? That way you almost can’t go wrong with storing it :)

  10. says

    hello good nigth, a question in your video mmm mention the tin but I do not see what you add to the mask, do you need the tin into the mask and when you have to mix? sorry if you mention but i dont speak english and barely understand thanks for your attention… :S sorry for my englinsh :S :D

  11. Nicola says

    I tried this this past week. Market was out of walnuts so that was the only missing ingredient, but the skin felt gorgeous! Thanks for the tip!

  12. faizee akram says

    hi klaire……i can’t see any video plz send me rice mask full recipe…..plz n in your next post add full procedure in written also