Bunting Makeup

I really should have done this one around the time of the Queens Diamond Jubilee, but I only got the idea for this after the Jubilee so I wasn’t able to do it in time :(

Going out for a party? Instead of red and blue use glitter liners instead?

Lately I’m having a bit of an obsession with cut-crease, or rather no-makeup-on-the-lid type makeup. There are days when I just can’t be bothered with applying makeup all over my eyelid and looks like this just feel less heavy.

Now that I think of it this look might also be quite cool for the 4th of July, I personally would add a few more rhinestones, like in the middle of each flag, but then everyone isn’t a rhinestone nut like me :)

Hope you like the tutorial :) 

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  1. Dominika says:

    This is actually amazing, it looks great with blue eyes,aw.
    I really need to find an occasion I can use this look for

  2. WandaLoca... says:

    Wowww This is amazing!!! is crazy and uncommon thats why i love it!!!… You are fantastic Klaire!!…You teach us that with a little, something beautiful can do… thank you, a lot!!! kisses and hugs ^^… (sorry my spelling)

  3. Ally says:

    It’s fab ! I really love your creativity ! <3

  4. Laura says:

    Absolutely loving the cut crease look, they’re some of my favorites of yours. I’d love to see even more variations of them, they’re great high impact , yet minimalistic, looks!

  5. Agata says:

    Beautiful! More simple eye statements, more! :D

  6. Sanne says:

    Love it, Klaire. Just as ever.

  7. Daria says:

    It’s some crazy and unnormally, but I liked this tutorial! :))

  8. Vanessa says:

    Wow! The makeup is great :D how did you change the eye colour? If it is with photoshop, could you tell us which method you used? :D

    1. Klaire says:

      I used photoshop. Working on doing a tutorial showing how to do it soon :)

  9. Anca M. says:

    Simple and wow!!!

  10. Mabel says:

    I know the giveaway is over but still I wanted to let you know that I would like to see more skincare routines/ favourites videos on your second channel! Love you :)x

  11. Astrid says:

    You’re such a great inspiration <3

  12. Tracy says:

    So beautiful.I’ve never seen this kind of making up before.

  13. Tiffany says:

    Beautiful and impressive.Thanks so much for sharing such a great video.