Video Review: Sirius Sonic (Clarisonic Dupe)

If the is one thing in my entire skin care routine that I absolutely cannot do without it is my Sirius Sonic, or as I like to call it Skinsonic.

I had the skin sonic for exactly a year before it died (and I say in the video why I think it died). I also recently found out that they’ve started selling this in Boots in the UK, which is great because as much as I love this think Sirius are hands down the worst company I have ever had for taking their sweet time for the product to arrive. I’m talking 3-4 months here, a lot worse than the first time I bought it.

In Boots however they are selling it for £65 while if you buy it direct from Sirius it’s only £43.


  • £43 including postage (£65 if you buy it from Boots)
  • 3-4 months to arrive
  • 5 different brush heads
  • Skin is SO much cleaner and clearer
One thing that seems to annoy a lot of people is the fact that it had batteries and not a built in charger, for me personally I prefer it this way. All my batteries are re-chargable anyway and I HATE having to wait for something to charge up so I can use it. I’d much rather just pop in some new batteries and go.

(*)You can get the Sirius Sonic HERE 

Hope you enjoy the video review :)


  1. Vivian says

    I wish I could have watched a video like this ages ago, after your first blog post about it I was so anxious to get the Sirius Skin Sonic that I purchased it within a week. Unfortunately I usually find it easier to do my skin care routine in the shower and it worked for a good while with being kept in the shower, but not nearly a year and I experienced the same rust problem that you did. I definitely agree that it is work the buy though, I’m dying to buy a new one.

  2. Sanne S says

    Yay :) this could be such a good b-day present. But I guess I’ll never buy it for myself, quite pricy. Especially because it wears down so fast.

  3. fjg says

    I enjoyed your review. Well explained. Easy to watch and even for a dinosaur like me, interesting.


  4. Eileen says

    Since you’re into skincare and cruelty-free products, I would like to recommend HumanHeartNature products. They have very good, high quality products. I would buy all of it if I had the budget. I would like to read your review on them too, once you tried them. :) Here’s the link

    • Klaire says

      I bought them from Sirius at the same time. you can buy replacement brush heads from the website :)

  5. Laura Yang says

    This was a great review for the skinsonic, thanks! I actually wish it was out earlier when the skinsonic was a heavy contender in my hunt for a facial brush! I own a nutrisonic myself, which is another great dupe, but it does seem to combine sonic and heavy spinning/vibrating, which can be too rough for my skin. Would you say that the skinsonic is more gentle/relies more on microvibrations? How often can you use the skinsonic without your skin becoming too sensitive?