DIY: Snow Queen Crown

Much like my Snow Queen Masquerade mask this crown is just as easy to make. Next year I’d like to make a second one, this time one which looks a bit more like an evil snow queen but for this year I wanted something which looked softer and more organic.

What I used:

  • Wire
  • Glue Gun
  • Twigs
  • PVA Glue
  • Sugar
  • Hairspray

Hope you like the tutorial :)

Snow Queen

Snow queen is one of those characters I’ve had on my list for aaaaages! I think I’ve been meaning to do it for over 3 years now so I’m so pleased to finally strike it off my list.

For any of you who have been following me here on my blog or second channel I’m sure you’ll recognise the Ice Queen mask, I will be doing a tutorial for the crown I wore in this one to, but that will be Tuesdays tutorial for the second channel.

I did originally film the hair tutorial for this look but I really didn’t like it, badly filmed and just not up to the standard I like my videos to be, but there is a beautiful hairstyle from LilithMoon which is pretty similar.

Hope you like the tutorial :)

The Art Diaries: The Miner

In keeping with my new years resolution of doing more art work I wanted to chuck myself into an area outside my comfort zone and play with some oil paints. Long story short, I HATE oil paints. When I work I tend to just work on it for hours on end till it’s finished, I don’t like leaving something and them coming back to it later because by that point I can already see the faults and want to burn it.

Typically my favorite mediums are watercolour, acrylic, inks, pencil and charcoal. Oils, along with pastels, are just not my cup of tea. Not to mention the fact I’ve only really worked with them about 3-4 times. Need to practice more.

But I had to wait for my computer to get returned today, (it’s finally fixed!) and had already used up all the space on my SD cards filming an Ice Queen Crown for tomorrow, so I decided to do some painting while I waited.

First thing I did it take a picture of myself to get the pose right, (the oh-so-sexy overall included) and get the light behind me right so I would have an idea how it would fall on the overall.

I’m already having “ugh I hate it moments” but I’m going to do my best to finish this one, even if I mess it up which I probably will.

For the moment I’ve just done the background and her overalls, I’m a little bit terrified about working on her skin. With pencils or acrylic it wouldn’t be a problem, but for me typically with oils this is where the whole thing falls appart.

I have no idea why it’s showing up as red, the actual painting is using yellows and browns but yea….thanks for that camera. Lets see if this one turns out ok or ends up being painted over and re-used. Either way, at least I’ll have practiced some more and gotten more use out of my poor abandoned oil paints.

DIY Brush Holder: Collage

This is probably my least favorite of the DIY Brush Holder series I’m doing, mainly because I prefer more ornate looking stuff, but it’s such an easy technique with so many possible variations that you can do that I think you’ll like it.

What I used:

  • Magazine Clippings
  • Clear Nail Varnish
  • Empty Candle Jars

Hope you like the tutorial :)

Girl on Fire

I’ve had a drawing of this look in my sketchbook for over a year now, originally I was going to make it a lot less structured, more like flicks of colour swirling around the eye. But then I decided I wanted it have a bit of a tattoo vibe to it and went for this version instead.

Little bit of a side note, but when I read The Hunger Games this is kind of how I imagined Katniss’s makeup to look at the parade.

Of course there’s no reason to copy exactly what I do in this tutorial. Want something a little bit more sparkly? Use red, yellow and orange glitter liners instead of eyeshadows (this would look AWESOME for a concert!)

Or maybe even have it more like a tattoo and have it as strong black lines with one or two red rhinestones at the end of the flames?

Hope you like the tutorial :)

Random Doodles: Fairy Dancers

If some of you read my New Years resolutions blog post a few weeks ago you’ll remember one of them was to do more art. So far I’ve managed to really stick to my resolutions and todays video is just showing the whole process since you all seem to like watching my speed painting/drawing videos.

What I used:

  • Watercolour paper (I was originally going to paint with with watercolours) 
  • Lead Mechanical Pencil 
  • Pro Markers 
  • Ink 

 P.S. I’m sorry the thumbnail isn’t a nicer picture. My big computer died on me today and all my work was on that, including the pictures so…yea now to pray the hard drive doesn’t get wiped after it get’s fixed :/

Hope you like the video :)

Recent Empties

Really this should be titled a every-six-months empties because I really don’t go through products fast enough for it to be monthly. Quite a few of these are gong to be re-purchases, especially the Body Shot Pomegranate and Raspberry room spray (which personally I use as a body spray).

Lush: Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water 

Originally the whole “toner” term put me off this products. But I ended up buying this on a whim and it’s become a must have in my skin care routine. In the mornings I don’t like to wash my face. Since I live in the south of England the water is very heavy hear and it leaves my skin so dry! Instead in the morning I just spray a little of this on a cotton ball and clean my face with that instead. Leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean!

The Body Shop Love exc. 

Love this one one but don’t think I’ll be re-purchasing it. The smell only lasts for about 4-5 hours and I still haven’t found a perfume which I absolutely adore. The search for “my” perfume continues!

 Matalan Jar Candle

I bough 3 of these a few months ago and so far I have finished 2 of them. A bit like my perfumes I like to experiment, these were nice (I do wish they had been a bit more fragranced) but I really like to try new things so these probably wont be a re-purchase. Not to mention the shape makes it a bit of a pain in the neck to DIY. 

Barry M Clear Nail Varnish 

I think this is the 3rd bottle I’ve gone through this year. I have tried clear nail varnishes from other brands but honestly, I keep going back to this one (or rather this brand). It last ages and when you put it over a nail varnish which chips easily it makes it last so much longer.

The Body Shop Pomegranate and Rasberry room and linen spritz

Adore this one! Pretty much anything pomegranate I am an absolute sucker for. I also have the home fragrence oil of this one and so far I have finished three bottles, it’s just one of those smells that no matter how stressed I can, calm me right down and put things back into perspective. One downside of this one though is the smell doesn’t last long, I used it as a body spray most of the time and after 3 hours you have to spray it again, so not too great on the long lashing side. But I can’t help it, adore the smell!

So those are my current empties…maybe this time next year I’ll have another post for you haha :D

Owl Nails

It had to be done! They’re so cute! The basic pattern of these nails I would like to use for a whole animal series, especially birds! I got the idea for this after seeing a fox bag (**) on amazon and I’m determined to do a whole series. Especially of cute animals!

Oh and I think I’m going to start having a system where my blog followers get to see my videos almost a day earlier, so yes, you guys are my VIP’s ;)

Hope you like the video :)

D.I.Y Face Mask: Skin Saver

Currently this face mask is my absolute favorite for when my skin has absolutely had it and needs some serious life pumped back into it fast.

What do the ingredients do?

Green Clay

This little power powder is fantastic for drawing….no drawing sounds too gentle….forcefully pulling the rubbish out of your skin, improving the circulation, tones and strenghthens your skin. Some people can apply this directly to the skin but just a little warning, it will leave your skin red for the next 20-30 minutes if you just apply a green clay mixture on your skin.


You would be amazed at how much oil is in this nut and I love this one for putting the moisture back in my skin. Obviously DO NOT use this in the recipe if you are alergic to nuts.


Most people eat this without realising how increadible it is for the skin! It is anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, has mild cleansing properties and it is fantastic for acne, eczema, rosacea and rashes. You know those days where your skin is just red, inflamed and blotchy? Try an oat and honey face mask…lifesaver!


I just Salicylic acid (BHA, beta hydroxy acid) which is great for getting down into the skin and un-cloging pores and chemically removing the dead skin cells. One thing I do have to say is don’t overuse this, overuse makes your skin so sensitive.

Lavender Oil

This is one of the few oils that can be directly applied on the skin and it really is a beauty for skin care. It is antiseptic, relaxing and like oats it is fantastic for acne, eczema, rosacea and rashes.

Mineral Water

Not enterly neccessary, water strait from the tap is FULL of bacteria which will make the mask go off faster. If you are just making one batch tap water if fine, but if you’re making some to use over the next week or two use Mineral water or it will only last a week.

Why type of skin would you recommend this for?

I use this mask for when my skin is feeling congested and irritated, like you have something sitting under your skin which is just itching to get out. Anyone with oily and normal skin can use this but if you have very dry skin I would recommend that you only use a fourth of the green clay I used. Green clay in the amounts I used I think would be too rough for something with dry to very dry skin.

I hope you like the video :)

Bunting Makeup

I really should have done this one around the time of the Queens Diamond Jubilee, but I only got the idea for this after the Jubilee so I wasn’t able to do it in time :(

Going out for a party? Instead of red and blue use glitter liners instead?

Lately I’m having a bit of an obsession with cut-crease, or rather no-makeup-on-the-lid type makeup. There are days when I just can’t be bothered with applying makeup all over my eyelid and looks like this just feel less heavy.

Now that I think of it this look might also be quite cool for the 4th of July, I personally would add a few more rhinestones, like in the middle of each flag, but then everyone isn’t a rhinestone nut like me :)

Hope you like the tutorial :)