2013 New Year Resolutions

While I’m more of a Christmassy person one thing I really love about the New Year is it gives you a serious incentive to set your-self some life-changing goals. Last year my goal was to  kick all junk food out of my diet permanently, so not a diet, a permanent lifestyle change.

Given than I’m a HUGE chocolate lover you can imagine how hard that was. But I’m happy to say I managed it and I feel so much better because of it! And the weird thing is that now I just don’t NEED that stuff anymore and on the rare occasion that I do have it I end up feeling quite ill. Was hard but so worth it!

So what are my resolutions for this year?

  • No.1: 20 minute exercise a day

When I was little I used to be very active. I did six years of Judo (was soooo close to my green belt!) 3 years of ballet, 2 years of trampolining (the professional trampolines not the round ones) 1 year of Irish Dancing and a ton of swimming. Around when I was 15-16 I started to get several health issues and found I didn’t have the energy or the time to earn the money to pay for the classes so I had to give them up.

This year I am absolutely determined to not let anything get in the way of building my body/heart back up to where it once was. Now that my diet is clean I want my body to feel strong and healthy again.

  • No.2: More travel 

I’m absolutely determined to travel more this year. I don’t care if it’s just to London to tour the British Museum for the millionth time, but I need stop staring at a computer so much and actually go outside and fill my brain with new and exciting things, and I need to bring a camera with me and blog about it. 

  • No. 3: Read more

I LOVE reading! One serious point of pride for me is I read the entire children’s section at our local library but once my A-levels and then Uni started I’ve had less and less time to just curl up on the couch with a hot chocolate and a book. My favorite geners are fantasy (no shocker there) sci-fi with a healthy amount of romance and action. Any suggestions?

  • No. 4: Buy NICE Clothes

Bit of an odd NYR but I have a serious problem with just having pretty much two sets of clothes which I wear on rotation. A big baggy guys shirt, with harem pants or jeans, and I absolutely hate it! On Christmas day I went through my entire wardrobe and found that it all fit in half a draw and half of it was brown or black. 
So my goal this year is to stop being such a miser, and each month to buy one nice outfit. Nothing cheaply made, good quality stuff that will last years which I love and makes me feel great. (and to blog about it)
  • No. 5: MORE ART! 

More actual painting, more making weird and quirk stuff. More tutorials showing how to make them, just more fun quirky stuff in general. This year as well for my tutorials I really want to push myself to do more crazy and out there stuff. I am aiming to do a few “wearable” tutorials, but I want to make tones more “arty” tutorials.
I have one more “resolution” but I have to keep it under wraps for the moment since I want it to be a huge surprise, and I won’t be able to get it to the level of quality I want till Feb-March. I am both excited and slightly terrified about showing it to you guys but then again if you are not scared of doing it then it’s not worth doing.

What are your New Year resolutions this year?


  1. Morven says

    I am giving myself a challenge to do one new thing each month, no matter how small it may seem; ie going to the cinema on my own or getting my ear pierced on my own. I think this might also be linked with me wanting to enjoy my own company too.
    Good luck with your resolutions and have a happy new year!

    • Klaire says

      Good luck on getting your ears pierced! I’ve been meaning to get a second piercing for ages and I keep putting it off.

    • Adrianne says

      I have a challenge like this. I am very much a hermit and i Really get anxious and nervous doing anything by myself. One of my Goals is to do more things by myself.

    • Catherine Bugden says

      That is a good NYR. being able to do things on your own is important, I don’t mind watching a movie by myself at all. It’s kind of better actually. I’m always worried my partner is enjoying the movie.

  2. Amber says

    My resolutions:
    1. Exercise more! Use my membership at the gym!
    2. Eat healthy stuff and skip as much junkfood as possible..
    3. I want to start a youtube vlog.. So I’m going to get myself a camera and start vlogging..

    And ofcourse school etc.
    Happy New Year! <3

  3. belladeeno says

    my goals happen to be the same to 2 of y0urs nyr.i also wanted to exercise n get fit,but n0t that 20min,i’ll do b0dyr0ck which will only 12min. Awes0me eh? :D n i want to read m0re b0oks ,but i’m into r0mance novel . Hehe , i also want to set up a business next year . Hope me and y0u get to accmplish our wishes klaire. xo

  4. Alpaca says

    Since i am going to face the public exam DSE here, my NYR would be to study as hard as i can and get 5**s in Biology and Eng lit, and probably in Chemistry as well (fingers crossed)! PS Klaire are you alright now? Your health issue sounds quite serious…… Wish you good health and a happy new year as well >///<

    • Klaire says

      Good luck with your exams!

      It’s not serious just restricting, but I’m not going to let it get me down. I’ve never been a quitter and I’m not going to start now, I just have to keep pushing myself and I’ll get better :)

  5. Olivia Brown says

    These are some great resolutions. I WISH i could keep the diet one up as much as you did! Haha, But i too will DEFIANTLY be getting more exercise as i am soooo lazy! :D

  6. Sally Marham says

    What great resolutions. All well thought out and totally do-able. How are you with a camera? I know I’d be interested to see photos along with your travel blogs, and it’s a great way for us as your followers to see how you become inspired and turn that into your artwork/make up.

    Personally, I’m continuing with my resolution from last year of being more active and eating more healthily. I achieved a lot last year on both those fronts, so it makes sense to build on this success.

    A reading suggestion would be Kim Harrison’s ‘Hollow’s series. It has witches, vampires, werewolves – but it’s all done in a way that’s pretty believable and also in way that’s really enjoyable to read. So it has the fantasy, the action a bit of romance – give them a go, I hope you like them!

  7. Kristien says

    A great book suggestion: the Enchanted Inc. series, by Shanna Swendson
    I’ve read all 3 of them in Dutch, would love to read them all in English as well ;)

    I don’t really make New Year resolutions myself, because I don’t follow them :p Last year I was going to learn how to cook… I did nothing for it XD
    I started to read more often though ^^ there’s at least one resolution I followed ^^

  8. Alice M says

    I get the exercise thing, I need to do more too. Hope the health thing isn’t too bad, you seem pretty healthy altogether. My mother had/has ME and had trouble with getting enough energy to do stuff but later managed to do tai chi and now yoga, so I know it’s possible to get back into it. Best of luck. :)

    Also, you said wanted some recommendations for books. I’m currently reading a historical fantasy series called “Temeraire” by Naomi Novik, which takes the Napoleonic wars and adds dragons in a really seamless and interesting way. For fantasy mixed with some sci-fi and romance there’s a great book concerning werewolves called “Bareback” by Kit Whitfield. The title is a little strange but the story is good, I promise! She’s also written another book about mermaids called “In Great Waters” which I haven’t managed to read much of yet (my mum stole it) but I imagine that’s good too. :) For the sci-fi side I’d suggest “The Diamond Age” by Neal Stephenson; it has a good mix of a lot of genres and an interesting story and concept. Also, any Margaret Atwood, but for some reason I get the feeling you might have read some/all of her books already? For less sci-fi/fantasy I’d recommend Kazuo Ishiguro, on the grounds that his prose is beautiful and his stories deep.

    Also, it’s not a book for reading so much but have you heard of a book called “Wreck this Journal” by Keri Smith? I think it would appeal to your arty side.

    (Sorry for the super-long comment; I really like talking books and am working on setting up a blog for reviews etc. in the new year.)

  9. Dominika says

    I’m going to try and be more productive, exercise and study everyday and actually doing my homework, I really need to start focusing on school more.. :’)

  10. says

    I’ve done pretty well with my last resolution – keeping email inbox clean! :) This coming year I’m just going to concentrate on working hard on my jewellery. Whilst I would love to travel more, I need to work on making an income…

    I can relate on the clothing matter! I was the same and only recently started venturing more stylish clothing…heh.

    I’m learning from your art tutorials as I’m working on a piece for a gift. Your tutorials help a lot and I look forward to seeing more! :)

  11. Sammie says

    One of my resolutions this year is definitely putting the time in to lose some weight! Year after year, I challenge myself to do it, but give up before March or April. I feel 2013 will be different, though. It’s time for some change!

  12. says

    I have the same problem — I own a good amount of makeup but I hardly have any clothes. I’ve been trying to break the habit but every time I go to the clothing store I never want to buy anything. lol. But I’m going to try to get better at it this year.

    I also want to work hard at learning Adobe Premiere and learn how to work my Canon T3i so I can create better beauty tutorials and make them look like they’re a part of a movie? Prolly doesn’t make sense but that’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

    Otherwise I am content :D

  13. Eric says

    My NYR is to do things 100% this year. I’ve been in so many situations where I don’t put 100% of my effort behind my actions. I’m ready to do everything to the best of my ability.

  14. Sasha says

    My New Years resolution is to get a good paying job here at my new place with my boyfriend and get my tooth fixed, the only upsetting thing about it is, if I don’t take care of it soon its going to very quickly get worse, I don’t know what to do, so to get a job fix my tooth get into voice acting and maybe ballet hopefully or singing

    • Klaire says

      That book has been on my reading list for a while. Need to download it on my iPad so I can read it on the go :)

  15. Anonplz says

    If you like Sci-fi and action, I would reccomend the Ender’s Game series. The first book is a bit childish, but deals with adult problems. I haven’t read past the first, but apparently they get more mature.
    I want to STOP PROCRASTINATING. I also want to learn more about makeup and develop a more steady hand both in makeup and drawing. I also want to eat a bit healthier because I’m reaching that point in my life where I can’t survive off of cookies and chocolate anymore. Not kick it quite like you did, but just eat a little healthier. I’m also starting senior high this fall, and am a bit scared, but I want to be as outgoing as possible without being a freak. I tend to be rather strange when I’m trying to be outgoing, so I’m trying to curb that a bit. I’m also determined to sign up for as many extracurriculars as possible. Drama club, newspaper, maybe some art or possibly even makeup electives? I want to see what they have, but I hope it’ll be good!

  16. Jelena says

    I suggest you read The Hunger Games trilogy or I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. I loved those books and I think they’re just what you described:sci-fi with a healthy amount of romance and action. :) Happy New Year. :)

  17. Rosie says

    1. Exersize everyday and eat as healthy as possible!
    2. Get a job and save as much money as possible to go towards backpaking around europe!
    3. Pass my first year at University!!!

  18. Andrea says

    Hi Klaire,

    I have a short list of books you possibly want to read :D
    – The vampire acadamy series ~ Richelle Mead
    – The Mortal instruments series ~ Cassandra Clare
    – Hex Hall series~ Rachel Hawkins
    – The Secrets of the immortal Nicholas Flamel ~ Michael Scott
    – A Great and Terrible beauty ~ Libba Bray
    – Fallen ~ Lauren Kate
    – Gone ~ Michael Grant

    I think this is enough =D
    All the titels above are in series so there is no individual book here.
    Happy reading ^.^

    • Anonplz says

      I’m reading “The secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel” right now but my kindle broke but then I got a new one so i’m going to continue reading it!

  19. Laura Yang says

    Love your resolutions, wishing you luck in achieving them! I’m amazed you managed to cut out ALL junk food, how do you manage to avoid temptation!? I’m at a point where I generally do not crave it, but I still cave in every time it’s placed around me. Would love to learn more about your food/health journey.

    Also super excited for the surprise, waiting impatiently for the reveal!

    • Klaire says

      For me I found the trick was to not think of junk food as forbidden (that just makes you want it more). When I first started my big rule was NO refined sugar, but on Sunday I was allowed to have normal chocolate and crisps.

      Over time I found that the junk food on Sunday was making me feel really ill on Monday and little by little I stopped associating junk food with feeling good and I just stopped “needing” it :)

  20. Sharne says

    Do whatever the hell I want and not care what other people think, why should I spare them 15 seconds of being around a strange person it’s my life

    • Klaire says

      Good luck on that one! It’s funny how something as important as that can be so hard to achieve

  21. Marina says

    You need suggestions for books? I can help you! (Yuju!!) Have you read the saga named “The mortal instruments” by Cassandra Clare? I love it. And also the “Discwold” novels by Terry Pratchett… and “The Eyre Affair” by Jasper Fforde… Stop me or I will never end! Haha
    And if you want more, you can read my blog… (muahaha)
    Happy Christmas from Spain!(and sorry if my english is not perfect)<3

  22. Natalie says

    i will start doing more charity work. I once did alot of community service, and i kinda just stopped, but i really enjoyed it, so i’m doing it again.
    I also am going to try and be more comfortable with myself. I want to get my ears pierced,and work on getting fit and such. :) Just be new and true.

  23. Kristy says

    I’ve also got a few resolutions, but I’ve made a list way before New year :P

    I intend to practice every day, no matter how tired I am or how much time I have. It just need to be done, or my form will just go lower and lower… You know where it goes in the end :P

    Also, I will get to studiying much harder and muvh more regularly, firstly becouse I know I can acheive great results with small effort, which is sad when I take a look on my grades :P

    And as well, read more. MUCH more. I also love fantasy and SF, but some chick-lit from time to time is also on my reading list, just as comedies (like the one I’m reading now – Bridesmaids).

    Next – more writing. I’m writing a story, but can’t catch time to finish a chapter properly and it usually ends in trash, which is sad :/

    And I think that’s it… No, I said to do more make-up, practice some things (like applaying eyeliner and stuff ^^ ). That would be it :D

    And as for the book… Have you red The Blood and the Chocholate (not sure if that’s the exact transkation… :P )? I’m thrilled with that book, and it got everything you listed – supernatrual beings, unusual romance and plenty of action :D

  24. says

    You have almost the exact same resolutions as I have! I love to read but nowadays it seems like I can’t find anything good! A few reccomendations for you would be
    1)The Princess Bride- William Goldman under the name of s. morgenstern (ignore it all until it says Chapter 1: The Bride and DON’T read Buttercup’s baby) it’s romance (which I would normally hate) but has a lot of action, it’s old and has sword fights, chases, giants, marriages and near-death experiences.
    2)Inkheart-Cornelia Funke, fantasy, written very well, not much of a romance but very good
    and Sherlock- I haven’t tried much of the books but the show (bbc with Benedict Cumbebatch) is fantastic. Sorry this was so long and hope it helped!
    Happy new year!

    • Klaire says

      I’ve read all of Cornelia Funke’s books :) HATE what they did to the film version of Inkheart X(

      • Miaow says

        Hell yes that movie was horrible…
        The book itself is one of my absolute favorites. Plus in the german version it has got the most utterly beautiful first sentence i have ever encounterd!
        “Es fiel Regen in jener Nacht, ein feiner, wispernder Regen.”
        So wonderful! But I liked the first book of the trilogy best.

  25. Catherine Bugden says

    Start youtube videos, lose weight, stay out of bed unless its to sleep, make more money.

  26. rina says

    i’ll be reading more books! and concentrating more on studies while doing art :) thank you for the inspirations!

  27. Julia Anstey says

    I have a few book recommendations for you.
    1. The City and the Stars By Arthur C. Clarke
    A beautiful science fiction novel about breaking the norms of society and finding your own path.
    2. Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
    A dystopian view of the future where everyone is plugged in because the world has gone to pot. It is however an amazing and clever read that touches on Sumerian culture and the future of our own culture.
    3. Accelerando by Charles Stross
    Follows three generations of a family as society hurls towards the technological singularity.

    As you can probably tell i love science fiction and those are my top 3 books i have read in the past year. I hope you give them a look :)

  28. Afifah says

    Well.. my resolution this year would be improving my life.. I would like to try something new and move to a different career.. I would like to start painting again (may be get myself a painting lesson)..

    Oh, and I want to be the best Mom for my daughter.. ;-)

  29. Emily C says

    1. Get more fit for dance
    2. Start a Youtube channel!
    3. make 4 short films
    4. be less shy
    5. finish Doctor Who and Sherlock

  30. Nina says

    OMG! SAME! My new year’s resolution is to read, do art, and exercise/go out more :O
    let’s work hard together lol ^_^
    i really hope i succeed in those but i really have to work on 2 of my other ones which is to talk louder in french and history because those are the classes in which I…mumble….(even though I’m usually loud…)
    and ohh! add nice shoes to the nice clothes resolution :DDD a girl can never have too many shoes x3

  31. Fay says

    Klaire, if you would like to travel, you should absolutely come to America!
    I live in Texas and we have a guest room and it’d definitely be cool if you came to stay a few days! With the exception of the horror when you realized how quickly the humidity melts products and destroys your hair….I think that it’d be nice here (:

  32. Worldcultured says

    That’s quite a nice set of resolutions!^^ Man I wish I could have the will to get all the junk food out of my diet! Not that I eat really badly but I do LOVE chocolate and I tend to indulge myself into it ^^”! So yeah that would be a great thing to achieve^^ For books…Fantasy yeay^^ we have the same taste for it haha, I have tons of books to recommand! Starting with David Eddings’s Belgariad! Amazing saga ( followed up by another amazing one!^^) if you need more titles just say the word!^^ happy new year!

  33. Mihaela says

    Hi Klaire,

    I am planning to travel more, as well and also to do more and more make-up.
    Thank you for being a continuous inspiration !

    Keep up the good work and good luck!

  34. Silje-Celin says

    My New Years resolutions are mainly to start to exercise regularly, cook and bake more, have more structure in my life, planning, when to study, when to clean the apartment, when to work on other stuff, and finding the time to relax during the days as well. And to get my tattoo, I have figured out the motive, the placement, I just have to get it done.
    Good luck with your resolutions Klaire, hopefully we will be able to look back at 2013 and see loads of achieved goals. Happy new year!

  35. says


    Que buenos propósitos y son factibles, así que ¡ánimo para conseguirlos! ^_^

    Yo también te sugiere leer los Juegos del Hambre. De momento sólo me he leído el primero, pero me ha encantado ^_^ Y, aunque suene infantil, me encantó leer el año pasado la saga de Harry Potter ^_^

    Mis propósitos para este año son:
    1. Prepararme para mi pronta operación: comer más sano, hacer 20-30 minutos de ejercicio al día, ser organizada con la medicación (para estar bien por dentro) y cosmética de tratamiento (para estar bien por fuera)
    2. Jugar más con mis hijos.
    3. Leer más.
    4. Bloguear más y mejor.
    5. Retomar mis miniaturas escala 1:12 con ganas ^_^

    Abrazos y que tus propósitos se cumplan ^_^

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, Klaire! ^ _ ^

    That good intentions and are feasible, so encouragement to get them! ^ _ ^

    I also suggest you read the Hunger Games. So far I’ve only read the first one, but I loved it ^ _ ^ And, although it sounds childish, I loved reading all the Harry Potter ^ _ ^

    My resolutions for this year are:
    1. Prepare for my early surgery: eat healthier, do 20-30 minutes of exercise a day, be organized with medication (to be good inside) and cosmetic treatment (to be good on the outside).
    2. Play more with my children (I have 2).
    3. Read more (always lack the time and inclination)
    4. Blogging more and better.
    5. Retaking make my 1:12 scale miniatures ^ _ ^

    Hugs and your purposes are met! ^ _ ^

  36. Sanne S says

    Great resolutions. NOW STICK WITH IT! Hehehe. Okay. Books: I liked the Caster Chronicles. Young adult romance about casters (upgrade witches), incubusses and other characters. It’s a light read.

  37. Lesley says

    I love your resolutions! I always make tons and tons of them and only manage to keep up with one or two. More art is one of mine this year as well! I’m so excited to see more of your artwork!
    Also, I have a question, since I value your opinion as an artist, what do you recommend putting in an art portfolio? I know it’s a bit of a broad question, but I’d like to know you’re opinion, or what would you do?
    Thank so much and have a wonderful new year!

  38. Elizabeth says

    Anything written by Richelle Mead is brilliant. Her vampire academy and bloodline series are my favorite :)

  39. says

    I loooove reading fantasy! Some of my favorite fantasy authors are M.L. Legette, C.S. Marks, and I’m in the process of reading the Once Upon A Time series… And if you’re intersted I wrote a fantasy book also :-) It’s called The Latanica Saga: JAZMINE – book one. Here’s a link to the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PapdfLzy_Bs

    Have fun!!