Review: Sleek Makeup Sparkle 2 Palette

Disclaimer: Item provided for review.

Tis the season to be sparkly so naturally a lot of makeup companies are releasing glitter loaded makeup palettes.  This year Sleek have released another limited edition Christmas palette, and in typical Christmass season fashion it’s glitter heavy.

“Sparkle 2 is the shiny new sequel to its sister Sparkle i-Divine”

It’s almost a shame to chuck the packaging for this one, absolutely love the out of focus shimmer design! (magpie instincts kicking in). As far as the actually palette packaging goes, it’s just the same classic Sleek palette packaging.

I’m not overly fond of glitter eyeshadows, they either tend to have glitter which is too chunky (and seriously uncomfortable) or glitter which either stays on your brush or just blows away the minute you apply it on your eyes. Some of these eyeshadows do have the second problem where the glitter just doesn’t seem to stick which is sad.


  • £7.99
  • Cruelty-free
  • 12 shades
  • Limited edition 

Also while some colours (like the bottom left hand corner color) are velvety I noticed some of the other colour are a bit hard and you have to work with them a bit more. The green shade had this problem which resulted in there being hardly any glitter left once I’d layered it enough.

(all swatches were applied without primer)

Oh yea, and I think I’m doing to try and display the swatches like this from now on, at least for palettes. What do you think of it?

My overall impression of this pallet? The pigmentation is great but the glitter not so great. If you like the look of the actual colours and aren’t looking to get it for the glitter aspect then you’ll love this pallet. If you’re looking for tones of glitter then I’d give this pallet a miss.

Bit of a side note, I’m not too fond of when a whole pallet is glittery since it doesn’t make for a very practical colour selection. I love it when there it’s a nice variety of glittery and mate shades, but then again, seeing as for half of these shades the glitter didn’t really stick anyway from that perspective it is quite a nice Christmas-y selection of colours.

What do you think of this Christmas pallet? Another tempting addition to the makeup collection or a miss?

You can get this pallet in Superdrug or online HERE


  1. says

    Some of the colours are very pretty. I like the way you’ve swatched them though I’m not sold on the glitter for this or any makeup… I usually end up with very sparkly cheeks. I am not entirely sold on Sleek anymore. Their metallic cremes are horrid and the last couple of palettes I bought (the mattes) had terrible quality pigmentation and were very chalky. Compared to their beautiful original palettes which I bought… which are lovely in every way… it’s been a real disappointment.

    • Klaire says

      Oh you didn’t like the Mattes? I have that one and I have to admit I quite like it, though now that you mention it there is a difference in pigmentation between their old palettes and their new ones :/

  2. Ell says

    Hi Klaire,
    I was wondering do you have the sleek storm pallet?? If you did I was wondering is you could do a review on it if you have the time because I was thinking of getting it for christmas and I didn’t want to buy it if it wasn’t very good.
    Thanks Klaire!
    P.s Love your reviews and videos! :D xxx

  3. Wendy says

    I love this palltte so much I got 2 of there but then I used them all.I also like the colors in the palltte

  4. Johnna says

    I really like how these are swatched, it shows the actual color how it will appear on the skin instead of just how it looks in the package. I wish eye shadow packaging had swatches on them like that.

  5. says

    My eyes are quite big, so I don’t normally use eye shadows as I don’t think they look very good on me. Smokey eyes don’t suit me. Neither does one plain colour or colours mixed in together. I can’t win! I wish I could though, these look beautiful!

  6. Rindy says

    I like how you swatched the eye shadows, it helps to see the true pigment. Not lovin how the glitter seems sparse on some of the swatches. I would call this,(a miss)