2013 New Year Resolutions

While I’m more of a Christmassy person one thing I really love about the New Year is it gives you a serious incentive to set your-self some life-changing goals. Last year my goal was to  kick all junk food out of my diet permanently, so not a diet, a permanent lifestyle change. Given than I’m…

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£200 Giveaway

I’ve been planing this one for ages! It took a while to get all these bits and bobs together, but I finally managed to get together enough of my favorite pieces from my favorite brands to giveaway. Bioderma, Sleek Makeup, e.l.f, MUA, Barry M and Collection 2000, these are all products that I absolutely love…

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Review: Kiko Shadow Sticks

If any of you remember my Toxic Glow Goth look you’ll remember me using the the metallic grey colour I used (Anthracite), I’d only spotted Kiko Cosmetics at Westfield a few weeks earlier and Anthracite and Golden Beige were the first two I tried and the first ones that got me hooked on Kiko cosmetics. “Once…

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Review: e.l.f Lip Stains

Disclaimer: Items provided for review You all know how much I love my Body Shop Lip stain, so I was quite interested to see how these would compare, e.l.f actually sell four of these, Cheery Blush a dark burgandy red is the shade I don’t have. “The pen-like tip lets you draw on color easily…

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Christmas Makeup

This was one of those tutorials where I planned to do one thing and then did something totally different. I had originally planned to do a smokey eye using burgandy, beige gold and green, but after doing the makeup on one eye I decided I didn’t like it and just winged it from there till…

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Review: Starlooks November Beauty Box

Disclaimer: Item provided for review. I did a review on the September Starlooks beauty box a few months ago and recently I was sent the November box to review too. For those of you who don’t know about Starlooks they are a beauty box subscription service where instead of just sending samples they send 4-5…

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DIY Masquerade Mask: Ice Queen

I love doing these, the last one I did of these was well over two years ago and I’ve been itching to get back to making more since then. My plan is to more make more of these but showing how to make them from scratch. Today I will be doing a Snow Queen themed mask….

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Bargain Hunter: Art Brushes

In my last giveaway I asked you all to suggest things you think I could improved on for the blog. There was quite a long list but a lot of you wanted more art based blog posts so today is going to be all about some great places you can get affordable art brushes. Though…

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TOAM: The Hobbit

*TOAM : Thoughts on a Movie I think a lot of you know how much I loved Lord of the Rings (lets see how many of you remember that huge Lord of the Rings poster I had in the background of my old videos). I think for a lot of people Disney films represented their…

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If Disney Characters Were Real People: Belle

Been planning this collaboration for ages and I’m so happy that we all finally got to do it! Even better (though slightly unrelated) I’m pretty sure that this is the biggest collaboration done on You Tube ever between beauty gurus which is a little point of pride to be honest :D This series is based…

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