2013 New Year Resolutions

While I’m more of a Christmassy person one thing I really love about the New Year is it gives you a serious incentive to set your-self some life-changing goals. Last year my goal was to  kick all junk food out of my diet permanently, so not a diet, a permanent lifestyle change.

Given than I’m a HUGE chocolate lover you can imagine how hard that was. But I’m happy to say I managed it and I feel so much better because of it! And the weird thing is that now I just don’t NEED that stuff anymore and on the rare occasion that I do have it I end up feeling quite ill. Was hard but so worth it!

So what are my resolutions for this year?

  • No.1: 20 minute exercise a day

When I was little I used to be very active. I did six years of Judo (was soooo close to my green belt!) 3 years of ballet, 2 years of trampolining (the professional trampolines not the round ones) 1 year of Irish Dancing and a ton of swimming. Around when I was 15-16 I started to get several health issues and found I didn’t have the energy or the time to earn the money to pay for the classes so I had to give them up.

This year I am absolutely determined to not let anything get in the way of building my body/heart back up to where it once was. Now that my diet is clean I want my body to feel strong and healthy again.

  • No.2: More travel 

I’m absolutely determined to travel more this year. I don’t care if it’s just to London to tour the British Museum for the millionth time, but I need stop staring at a computer so much and actually go outside and fill my brain with new and exciting things, and I need to bring a camera with me and blog about it. 

  • No. 3: Read more

I LOVE reading! One serious point of pride for me is I read the entire children’s section at our local library but once my A-levels and then Uni started I’ve had less and less time to just curl up on the couch with a hot chocolate and a book. My favorite geners are fantasy (no shocker there) sci-fi with a healthy amount of romance and action. Any suggestions?

  • No. 4: Buy NICE Clothes

Bit of an odd NYR but I have a serious problem with just having pretty much two sets of clothes which I wear on rotation. A big baggy guys shirt, with harem pants or jeans, and I absolutely hate it! On Christmas day I went through my entire wardrobe and found that it all fit in half a draw and half of it was brown or black. 
So my goal this year is to stop being such a miser, and each month to buy one nice outfit. Nothing cheaply made, good quality stuff that will last years which I love and makes me feel great. (and to blog about it)
  • No. 5: MORE ART! 

More actual painting, more making weird and quirk stuff. More tutorials showing how to make them, just more fun quirky stuff in general. This year as well for my tutorials I really want to push myself to do more crazy and out there stuff. I am aiming to do a few “wearable” tutorials, but I want to make tones more “arty” tutorials.
I have one more “resolution” but I have to keep it under wraps for the moment since I want it to be a huge surprise, and I won’t be able to get it to the level of quality I want till Feb-March. I am both excited and slightly terrified about showing it to you guys but then again if you are not scared of doing it then it’s not worth doing.

What are your New Year resolutions this year?

£200 Giveaway

I’ve been planing this one for ages! It took a while to get all these bits and bobs together, but I finally managed to get together enough of my favorite pieces from my favorite brands to giveaway. Bioderma, Sleek Makeup, e.l.f, MUA, Barry M and Collection 2000, these are all products that I absolutely love and want to give to one of my subscribers.

If you want to see the haul videos you can see the first one here and here

So how to enter…

It’s simple. Lave me a comment (on THIS blog post) saying which one of the videos on my second channel you like the most or what kind of videos you would like to see more of on my second channel.

  • Giveaway ends on 6th of January
  • International (as always)
  • As always I will email the winner directly
  • If I don’t get a reply after a week I will pick another winner

Good luck and thanks so much for being amazing and following my work and videos :)

Review: Kiko Shadow Sticks

If any of you remember my Toxic Glow Goth look you’ll remember me using the the metallic grey colour I used (Anthracite), I’d only spotted Kiko Cosmetics at Westfield a few weeks earlier and Anthracite and Golden Beige were the first two I tried and the first ones that got me hooked on Kiko cosmetics.

“Once set, the colour remains uniform and radiant for up to 8 hours, without streaking or smudging”

Since then I’ve collected a few more of their shadow sticks, hoping to use them quite a bit over the next few tutorials so it’s about time I reviewed them.

I absolutely love using these as a base to apply other colours on top, when you layer eyeshadow over eyeshadow sometimes you really have to pile it on. But when I use these as a base after primer what ever I apply on top just pops like crazy.


  • £4.90
  • Cruelty-Free
  • 20 shades
As far as their claims that they’re smudge proof for up to 8 hours I wouldn’t say that’s entirely true, after 8 hours your you will start to notice a few lines but it’s the kind of thing you’d notice it you were looking for it. 

All of them (or at least the ones I’ve tried) are all highly pigmented and creamy, Violet is slightly less thick than the others, Black is an ever so slightly drier consistency and Anthracite is very thick, to the point where you can get small lumps when applying it. The easy way to fix this is just blending it out with a blending blush.

Under warmer lighting you also get these lovely yellow and light blue flecks of colour that under cooler light you don’t pick up. The Kiko website is actually one of those rare companies that actually have accurate swatches, my lens can’t quite pick up all the lovely little flecks of colour these have in them, so if you want a more accurate idea you you can check out the website.

I really need to lean how to make gifs, I would love to be able to show how these look when you hold them under warmer light.

You can get these at a Kiko store or online

Review: e.l.f Lip Stains

Disclaimer: Items provided for review

You all know how much I love my Body Shop Lip stain, so I was quite interested to see how these would compare, e.l.f actually sell four of these, Cheery Blush a dark burgandy red is the shade I don’t have.

“The pen-like tip lets you draw on color easily for a streak & smudge free professional look”

Well I had it, but it arrived pretty much dry (when I shook it you could hear the inside was loose and rattling around) and I was trying to figure out a way to make them moist again. It didn’t work sadly so I can’t review it with the rest of the lips stains.

On the e.l.f uk website they say these lip stains are “infused with nourishing Vitamin E to hydrate and moisturise lips”, it’s not really that effective. With most lip stains they tend to be drying but these are really, really drying. To be fair I’ve always had really dry lips so for someone how had naturally moist lips this might not be an issue.


  • 4 shades
  • £2.50
  • Cruelty-Free
I won’t be swatching these on my lips today, I’ve been ill for the last week and my lips are not in a state to show on camera so I’ve swatched them on my arm instead. Nude Nectar (top shade) and Pixi Pink (Middle shades) won’t show up too well on anyone who already has quite red lips, you get a subtle tint but you wont get to the exact shade of the lip stain.

Crimson crush is probably my favorite of the lot. On my lips it turns out a lot darker than the swatch above, a lovely retro red colour. One drawback to these (other than they’re crazy drying) is that when you actually want to take it of it is not easy. I’ve tried to use makeup remover to get these off (Bioderma) and nothing, removed a little of it but not all of it. The only thing I’ve found that get’s these off is a little bit of vodka applied to a cotton ball and then wipe it off. So they’re pretty “smudge proof!”


  • Streaky application
  • Drying
  • Dry (as in not enough moisture in the actual product)
  • Best ones are the two darker shades

Overall I don’t think these will replace my Body Shop lip stains. While the stain does last for an age and a half they wear away slowly after about 2-3 hours in the middle of your lips and you’re left with a red outline . Also they’re just too dry, that goes for my lips and the actual nib. Sorry e.l.f.

You can get these online here


Christmas Makeup

This was one of those tutorials where I planned to do one thing and then did something totally different. I had originally planned to do a smokey eye using burgandy, beige gold and green, but after doing the makeup on one eye I decided I didn’t like it and just winged it from there till I got to this look.

My main aim with this one was to try and take colours and things what people wouldn’t normally associate with “wearble” makeup and try and make it wearble and simple.

Also you might notice the editing is slightly different? I’ve been watching Emma Pickles’s videos and her editing is just amazing! I just had to test out that style for myself. I don’t think I’ll keep this kind of editing for my makeup tutorials,  I don’t think it works for me, but I do want to start editing my video reviews like this.

How will this look on my eye colour?

Personally I like this look on all the different eye colours, but if you feel green isn’t for you them either go for a colour close to your eye colour, or go for a contrasting colour if you want your eyes to “pop”

I hope you like the video :)

Review: Starlooks November Beauty Box

Disclaimer: Item provided for review.

I did a review on the September Starlooks beauty box a few months ago and recently I was sent the November box to review too. For those of you who don’t know about Starlooks they are a beauty box subscription service where instead of just sending samples they send 4-5 full sized products.


  • 4-5 full sized beauty products 
  • $15 per month
  • Monthly beauty boxes 
  • All cruelty-free products 
For this months beauty box there was a neutrals eyeshadow quad, a beige lipstick, two crystals (like in all their boxes) and a mascara eyelash comb.

I was really surprised to get a full sized quad and the pigmentation was quite impressive. While I wouldn’t call it Sugarpill quality it is still a good quad and the colours for this one are lovely. Also the eyeshadows can be removed easily (if not a little too easily) so that you can change the eyeshadows to the ones you want.

(swatches done without primer and with 3 swipes)

I have tried one of Starlooks lipsticks before (they sell their makeup individually), that one was really moisturising and it’s the same for this one. Not a colour that I can wear with my skin tone but it really is a lovely lipstick.

What I’ve found with these lipsticks is that they’re perfect if you want something moisturizing and not a super intense colour, if you want colour coats everything with pure colour you want to go for Sleek, Barry M or MUA lipsticks.

Overall I thought this was a fantastic Starlooks box. A good selection of products and I can’t wait to see what’s in Decembers Starlooks box :)

The Starlooks website

DIY Masquerade Mask: Ice Queen

I love doing these, the last one I did of these was well over two years ago and I’ve been itching to get back to making more since then. My plan is to more make more of these but showing how to make them from scratch. Today I will be doing a Snow Queen themed mask.

What I used:

  • Glue Gun
  • Super Glue (if you can use something like bostick)
  • Rhinestones (and lots of them!)
  • Silver Nail Varnish
  • Glitter Nail Varnish
  • A cast of your face

But what if I don’t have a face cast?

I realise that a face cast  isn’t something everyone has or nessesarily want’s to have done. If you don’t have a face cast you can get full sized masquerade masks and use that instead.

Speaking of which I really should show how to do a super basic face mask that you could make these on…I’ll have to work on that.

I hope you like the video :)

Bargain Hunter: Art Brushes

In my last giveaway I asked you all to suggest things you think I could improved on for the blog. There was quite a long list but a lot of you wanted more art based blog posts so today is going to be all about some great places you can get affordable art brushes.

Though I’ve only really done art video on my second channel with huge canvases the face is I rarely paint large surfaces and I absoloutly love painting small details which is why I have a lot of small detail brushes like these.

  • E-bay: No shocker there, I don’t even want to count how much I saved on ebay. Just type down art brushes (or search for the brand that you prefer).
  • Nail Art Brushes: These are amazing for painting, especially since you can get unusulally shaped ones which are harder to find in traditional art shops. Were do I get them? E-bay…or Amazon too.
  • WHSmith: If you have a WHSmith near you it’s worth regularly checking out the art section (same goes for places like Hobby Craft and other art stores). While they’re really expensive normally they regularly have sales and you can snap up some insane bargains.

  • School Fetes (or in some cases the bonfire pile): When I was doing my A-Levels my school decided that half the art stuff in the girls school was not being used, so for them the logical thing to do was chuck half of their Art supplies on the bonfire. When I saw that they were planning to burn around £300-£400 worth of art supplies which for one thing I need (I was the only one doing art), and secondly I could use, I salvaged as much of it as I could.  You would not believe how many schools do crazy things like this, so I’m just saying keep an eye out. One man’s trash is another man’s (or woman’s) lifetime supply of art materials.
  • DIY Shops: If you’re looking for large brushes check out the home decorating section of places like B&Q or Wilkinsons, all the brushes I use to paint the large canvas background are from there and they were cheap and work brilliantly.
  • The Works: If some of you art lovers haven’t found this shop you’re going to LOVE it. This is where I got my Collin’s Complete Artist Manual  and where I get my Acrylic Paint tubes, graphite pencils and a lot of my small art brushes.

Hope those tips helped :)

TOAM: The Hobbit

*TOAM : Thoughts on a Movie

I think a lot of you know how much I loved Lord of the Rings (lets see how many of you remember that huge Lord of the Rings poster I had in the background of my old videos). I think for a lot of people Disney films represented their childhood, for me films like Star Wars (the original trilogy) and books like the Hobbit represent my childhood so you can imagine how excited I was to see this.

Man it did not dissapoint! I think if they’d had a camera watching my face the whole time I’d have just looked like a little kid with their mouth hanging open staring at the screen.

I think some aspects of the film will annoy people because they did include some characters such as Radagast the brown(and create some) which were not in the book at all, but to be honest I didn’t mind that. Given that I’ve read and re-read that book since I was little it would have gotten a bit borring if they’d stuck to the exact storyline , also I didn’t feel that they made outrageous changes and really did try and keep to the spirit of the book.

Overall (not that I ever doubted that he would do anything short of an amazing job) but well done Peter Jackson! I’m really hoping that after The Hobbit Peter Jackson seriously considers make a film (or several) of The Silmarillion, or to be more precise cover the story of Beren and Luthien.

Oh and while we’re on the subject of Peter Jackson check out these awesome vlogs videos he did for The Hobbit.

If Disney Characters Were Real People: Belle

Been planning this collaboration for ages and I’m so happy that we all finally got to do it! Even better (though slightly unrelated) I’m pretty sure that this is the biggest collaboration done on You Tube ever between beauty gurus which is a little point of pride to be honest :D

This series is based on several amazing pieces done by Jirka Väätäinen, a graphic design student who’s word I’m sure some of you have seen as these pictures went viral. You can check out his work here.

So who’s in the collaboration?

I know I really should have done “cute” pictures but you know me. I just cannot do them, they drive me mad and I’m just not good at them. But on the plus side I FINALLY managed to learn a few new tricks and make a smoking rose! Was so happy with how it came out! Was going to try and add flames but I’m not at the stage where I’m good enough to do it realistically yet, but hey…one day ;)

Hope you like the tutorial! :D