A Gift for All of You: Ebony Face Charts

Today I’m really happy to be releasing the next shade of Face Charts. With my last batch of Face Charts I had only covered all (or most of) the different eye shapes, but now I want to start covering all the different skin tones.

Today I’m releasing the Ebony face charts. How to use them is simple, pick the ones you want to print out, pick the paper you want to use, click print and you’re done! :D


  • Sometimes when you use makeup on the face charts you might find that you can’t get the makeup to “stick” and the colours look muted. To stop this either use your fingers to apply the makeup, a sponge applicator, or a firm brush that will really buff the makeup into the paper.
  • When you’re printing this one out try and avoid paper that it perfectly flat (typical printing paper). The type of paper you have in a sketch pad, something with a little bit of texture, will grip the makeup much better. If this is all you have that’s fine, you might have a few problems will getting the makeup to stick to the paper but it will work.
  • Also you don’t just have to use makeup on these. You can use pastels, drawing pencil’s (I wouldn’t advise paints as it will fiddle with the ink on the paper.

I really hope you like these! I will hopefully have the next batch of face charts for you (the chocolate shade) ready in the next few months.

You can download them Here

Review: The Body Shop Lip Stain

On the rare occasion that I do wear makeup which isn’t for a tutorial there are two products which I pretty much always use, they are the skin 79 BB Creams (no surprise there) and The Body Shop lip stain in Rose Pink.

I love this product so much I went ahead and got a spare one to have in my bag. Well to be accurate I bought two magazines which cost around £3 each and had this as the freebie.

“This dual-purpose liquid stain gives lips and cheeks a hint of natural-looking colour. Can be used under gloss for added intensity”

As much as I love it I draw the line at paying £12 for a lippy, and since this is one of those products which get’s given away as a freebie in magazines quite often, I just keep my eyes peeled and grab a spare when I’m running low.

You know how your lips look when you’ve just eaten strawberries and have that lovely pink/red tint on your lips? Well that’s the look this lips stain gives you. It’s not going to be anything shockingly red, more of a pinky red colour but if you layer it a few times you can get quite a red shade.


  • 8ml
  • £12.10
  • Can be used as a lip & cheek stain
  • Cruelty-free (but owned by a non-cruelty free L’oriel)
  • Comes in two shades: Rose Pink and Bronze Glimmer

I’m not too fond of this product as a cheek stain, overall I prefer to use it on the lips. The reason being than unless you’ve exfoliated recently or have reasonably oily/moisturized skin it really doesn’t blend too well, and tends to look patchy, especially if it put it strait on the skin and then try and bend it there.

I’ve found the best way to do it is apply to the ends of you fingers and then blend it into the skin.

As for the lips it is very build-able as you can see bellow from the swatches. Two things you should note about this product for the lips though:

  • If you have lips that tear and rip easily (which mine do) this product has a tendency to show up darker on those patches if you just apply 1-2 coats.
  • It is drying. Not so drying that your lips turn to prunes then minute you put it on, but you do need some lip balm or a lip gloss over it.
  • If you eat anything or drink anything (if you’re drinking with a straw you’ll be fine) this will slowly wear away and leaves a ring along your lip line.

Provided you don’t eat or drink anything I’ve had this one stay put for a good 4-6 hours. If your going out and eating and drinking expect it to start wearing off a bit by bit after an hour or two, but since the packaging for this is is pretty practical it’s easy enough to throw it in your handbag (or even pocket) and carry it around for a top up.

You can buy this product HERE

The Art Diaries: Chameleon Parrot

I thought I’d start a series, sort of a art diary where I show you the various little things that I’m working on and just take photos throughout it. Sometimes I just want to sit down and work without worrying about filming, just a camera, take a photo every few minutes, no pressure.

Today I was working on a mask using a type of clay called Paperclay which when it dries is really light and quite strong to see if it was suitable to use for future masquerade tutorials.

Half way through making it I picked it up and it snapped in half, it’s really quite heavy when still half-dry, but once the one half had dried it really was quite strong so I decided to see what I could do with it and experiment.

I sanded down the sides till they were smooth and then painted it with a old gold ink a friend gave me years ago. It’s one of those colours I’ve always wanted to use but never got around to using, so I was quite pleased to use it up on the mask today.

One of my HUGE pet peeves is my paints drying up, feels like such a waste.

For the beak I really wanted to see what the nail varnish would look like instead of using something like acrylic ink or gold paint. I used four colours from Barry M (of course), Copper, Gold, and two Magnetic Instant Nail Effects in Violet and Black.

If any of you have seen the Magnetic Instant Nail Effects you’ve have seen the cool effects they have once you hold the magnate over it. I painted the Violet shade at the end, blended it into the rest of the beak and held the magnate over it while it was still wet.

I was really quite pleased with how it turned out! I think maybe next time I’ll do the whole beak in the black version, should look lovely and it would be a nice contrast between the gold mask.

After that I decided to add some old lashes on the mask. I was quite tempted to use the large feather lashes but I really like those and i’f I’m going to use them I’d rather use them a mask that’s not an experimental one.

In the end I ended up using some lashes from QVC I really hated, horrible lash band with really sharp edges. I had to curl them in the opposite direction to get them to work with the shape of the mask but in the end they worked quite nicely!

Mind you I really do need to find a glue which isn’t superglue but is still fast drying and strong. HATE that stuff! Glue my fingers together every single time no matter how careful I am.

Finally I finished off with rubbing chalk pastels all over them to get a variety of bright colours over the mask. I was quite pleased with how the texture I had worked into the mask worked with the pastels.

I didn’t have a good spray varnish, and to be honest I tend to avoid them because I get horrific reactions to some (think stung by a bee style allergies …not fun) so I just used hairspray which doesn’t affect me so badly.

I’m really quite pleased with how this one turned out, there are some things I think I’ll do differently on the next try. I might use acrylic ink instead of pastels unless I can find a varnish that won’t dull the vibrancy of the pastels. If you look at the bottom right picture (above this one) you can see how the hair spray really muted the colours.

I’d also like to make the improved version have a smoother beak, find a way to simulate feathery edges with the clay and maybe paint in some lashes around the eyes.

Gifts for Him: My Christmas Selection

After my last Gifts for her post I had a lot of you asking me to do one for guys, I have to admit, half of these things I’m planning on getting myself but I have a very boyish sense of humor so hopefully some of you will like these suggestions.

  • No.1 Denture Ice Tray: Yea…the perfect gift to give him so he can use it to embarrass you when you have guests. Here.
  • No.2 Desk Skip: If his desk has to be be messy then at least you have somewhere to dump all those bits and bobs. Here.
  • No. 3 My Cuppa Tea: A big mug and the perfect cup of tea…yes please! :D Here.
  • No. 4 Drumstick Pencils: Pencils and drumsticks, two in one…mind you the lead might end up being reduced to powder so maybe not too effective. Here.

  • No. 5 The Art of Assassins Creed: I adore books like this, seeing all the concept art and ideas. I think it would be perfect for anyone who is a fan of art or assassin’s creed. Here.
  • No. 6 The Zombie Survival Guide: Any zombie fan will love this Zombie survival guide, and you could maybe even include it with a box set of The Walking Dead? Here.
  • No. 7 Cheers Ears Mug: Better yet, don’t wrap this one up, just make him a drink, give it to him and wait for him to notice it’s an ear. Here.
  • No. 8 Jedi Dressing Gown: To be honest this is the kind of warm comfy dressing gown you might end up stealing yourself ;) Here.

Hope you like my suggestions :)

Christmas Nails

I wanted to do something simple, elegant but slightly edgy this year for Christmas, so instead of using the typical colour that gets used at this time of year (red’s and burgundies I’m looking at you) I thought I’d make the main colour black.

This one is really easy to do and I decided to use a technique called “masking” which hopefully will give you a few ideas.

Hope you like the video :)

Selling my Dragon

It’s not exactly the same size as a real dragon, but as those of you who saw my video painting this know this canvas is pretty big.

So this is really just to let you know that I’m selling two paintings today. Smokey (above) and the Harry Potter painting I did for Uni (another of my old videos on my second channel).

Both are being sold on e-bay. Harry Potter will be sold internationally but sadly I can only sell Smokey in the UK (unless the buyer can arrange for the panting to be picked up and transported themselves)

The e-bay listing for HP is HERE

And the listing for Smokey is HERE

I have to admit I’m a little bit fond of this Dragon, which is unusual considering I normally hate everything I draw or paint after a few days have passed and I can see all the flaws and mistakes.

But if I’m going to continue painting these I can’t horde them, and hopefully it will go to a home where it makes someone happy and brings a little fantasy and excitement to an empty wall.

So there it is, they’ve got to got to make room for new work…hopefully some of you like them enough to give them a new home.

Enjoy :)

Bargain Hunter: £5 and Under Candle Jars

I am obsessed with jar candles, or more precisely with anything I can smell. I have an extremely poor sense of smell and as a result I love to surround my self with things that smell nice and have strong scents as it’s the only way I can smell them.

This is going to be a series all about places I’ve found candle jars for £5 and under. In general candle jars can be quite an expensive habit so I thought this would be a nice series to start and help my fellow candle addicts.

So to start it off here are some little beauties from Matalan. I picked up 3 candles, £3 pounds each and with an average burning time of 40 hours…not bad eh!? :D

I picked 3 scents, Pink Grapefruit, Orange Scented and Berry Scented. These candles do have a slightly synthetic smell but it’s the well done kind not the “omg-i’m-burning-plastic-kind”.

Orange Scented also reminds me of some French/Spanish sweets that I would have all the time when I was little that had a sweet watermelon smell to them. The jars these come in are quite lovely too as with most candle jars, looking forward to decorating them to hold a few paint brushes when I’ve used them up.

You can get these candles here

Review: Masker-Aid Face Masks

(Disclaimer: Items sent for review)

How cute is that box? And not it didn’t go in the bin after I’d review the face masks, in fact it now houses all the dried rose petals that I use for my blog pictures…gone a bit off track there. Where was I? Oh yes, face masks :)

 “MaskerAide has launched our first line of 6 superhydrating facial sheet masks that target the skin concerns of fabulous women everywhere”

Since these are from a Canadian brand it only took a bit longer to arrive than usual, but they still arrived for me within two weeks which was quite impressive. Hopefully at some point they will have an online store in the UK but for the moment it’s just Canada.

These face masks are free from: parabens, harsh dyes & pigments, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, benzophenone and glycerins.  I wanted to review these face masks in two sections, starting with Weather Warrior, Beauty Rest’ore and Pre Party Prep and then do a second blog post on I Don’t Wanna Grow Up, All Nighter and Detox Diva, but after trying out mask no.2 I decided my skin couldn’t risk trying out another one.


  • $4.99= £3.14
  • Made in Canada
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free

I was absolutely shocked when I opened these, most mask like this are very moist but there was so much product in these that I was able to scrape out half and apply it just like that on my face the next day. Absolutely loaded with product!

Weather Warrior: When I first put this on I got this cool moisturising feeling which changed into a warm tingly feeling. When I removed it the skin felt plump and moisturised, but for some reason the skin on my forehead and temple reacted to it and went really red. Not one I’d try again for that reason.

Beauty Rest’ore: After the last mask I wanted to see if I’d get the same reaction. When I first put it on it was very moisturizing,cooling with quite a heavy smell of what I think was Lavander. Felt fine, but this time when I took it off just like the last mask my forehead really didn’t like it and neither did my cheeks or temples. Humm….

Pre Party Prep: This time I let my sister try out the mask to see how she reacted to it. While I have combination and sensitive skin she has normal to dry skin. For her there were no problems at all. No redness, her skin felt plum and firm and she found the mask quite nice.

After my experiences with the first two masks I think I’m not going to review the remaining three masks as my skin is currently sending my brain death-threats for the previous abuse.

After the second mask my whole face felt irritated for the next 24 hours. I can’t for the life of me pin point what exactly my skin didn’t like, my only conclusion is that sensitive skin types should avoid these masks but normal to dry skin types, like my sister, might like these.

You can get there here.

How to apply Vampire Fangs

After last weeks vampire video I got allot of requests on how you actually apply vampire fangs. It’s really not difficult once you’re shown how to do it so I thought I’d do a tutorial detailing how to apply them. The fangs I like are called Love Bites (which you can get here)

A few tips…

  • Don’t freak out when you first try to remove them after molding them to your teeth. The trick is to slide your nail behind the top of the fang like a leaver and then pull away from your teeth while pushing down.
  • You can drink with these but be aware that something like wine has got a tendency to stain them.
  • Keep those spare capsules. Sometimes the mold gets worn out, so you can just scrape out the previous mold and re-mold it to your teeth again.
  • Sometimes the mixture can “splodge” around the tooth when you apply it (as you can see a little bellow). Don’t worry about it, just wait 30 seconds for the fang to hold to your teeth and you can peel that overspill away .

Hope you like the video :)

Review: Lush Dark Angels

And another Lush review! I got a sample for this one around the same as I got the Lush Herbalism cleanser and after using the tester up I liked it enough to get the full sized product.

It’s described as a facial cleanser but to be honest I think it’s more of a face scrub. There is no way I’d use this daily,however it is absolutely perfect for a face scrub.

“Rhassoul mud, charcoal and black sugar combine to create a very absorbent and exfoliating cleanser”

I’ve noticed that depending on the pot you buy some have a topping of black sugar lying on the top, and some have the black sugar evenly mixed in the product. If you get one with a topping grind that up and mix it back into the product or you might find that it is a bit on the face shredding side of a scrub.

This, like a lot of Lush products, isn’t the neatest product to use. It’s much more suited to using in the shower than over the skin because of the mess it leaves behind, but so long as you don’t mind giving the sink a quick wipe after using it’s not too bad.


  • 100g
  • £6.25
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free

The first time I used this I got a whole load of spots along my cheeks, but since I’d been able to feel those spots under my skin for a good few weeks previously I was pretty sure it was just Dark Angels bringing all the rubbish to the surface. After a few weeks my skin had cleared up and the spots were gone.

I really like using this one as a face mask too. The charcoal in this product I’ve found is fantastic for reducing my blackheads and ensuring that no dirt gets to creep into my skin. One strange thing that happens with this product I’ve noticed is that it tends to cling to dead skin cells or dry skin.

“We invented this as an alternative to Angels on Bare Skin for people with oilier skins”

If my skin is very dehydrated Dark Angels leaves a dark grey stain on the skin, and if there’s an area where I haven’t scrubbed off the dead skin the charcoal sticks to it.

I suppose that’s a good thing if you want to make sure that you haven’t missed any areas on your face but if you have dry skin you might want to give this product a wide berth.

As much as this is fantastic for keeping my skin clear I wouldn’t recommend this for someone who has severe breakouts as it would just irritate the heck out of your skin. This is the kind of face scrub you would use if your skin is in pretty good condition, maybe one or two break outs, and you have oily skin to normal skin.

You can get this at a Lush store or online.