A Gift for All of You: Ebony Face Charts

Today I’m really happy to be releasing the next shade of Face Charts. With my last batch of Face Charts I had only covered all (or most of) the different eye shapes, but now I want to start covering all the different skin tones. Today I’m releasing the Ebony face charts. How to use them…

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Review: The Body Shop Lip Stain

On the rare occasion that I do wear makeup which isn’t for a tutorial there are two products which I pretty much always use, they are the skin 79 BB Creams (no surprise there) and The Body Shop lip stain in Rose Pink. I love this product so much I went ahead and got a…

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The Art Diaries: Chameleon Parrot

I thought I’d start a series, sort of a art diary where I show you the various little things that I’m working on and just take photos throughout it. Sometimes I just want to sit down and work without worrying about filming, just a camera, take a photo every few minutes, no pressure. Today I…

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Gifts for Him: My Christmas Selection

After my last Gifts for her post I had a lot of you asking me to do one for guys, I have to admit, half of these things I’m planning on getting myself but I have a very boyish sense of humor so hopefully some of you will like these suggestions. No.1 Denture Ice Tray:…

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Christmas Nails

I wanted to do something simple, elegant but slightly edgy this year for Christmas, so instead of using the typical colour that gets used at this time of year (red’s and burgundies I’m looking at you) I thought I’d make the main colour black. This one is really easy to do and I decided to use…

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Selling my Dragon

It’s not exactly the same size as a real dragon, but as those of you who saw my video painting this know this canvas is pretty big. So this is really just to let you know that I’m selling two paintings today. Smokey (above) and the Harry Potter painting I did for Uni (another of…

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Bargain Hunter: £5 and Under Candle Jars

I am obsessed with jar candles, or more precisely with anything I can smell. I have an extremely poor sense of smell and as a result I love to surround my self with things that smell nice and have strong scents as it’s the only way I can smell them. This is going to be…

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Review: Masker-Aid Face Masks

(Disclaimer: Items sent for review) How cute is that box? And not it didn’t go in the bin after I’d review the face masks, in fact it now houses all the dried rose petals that I use for my blog pictures…gone a bit off track there. Where was I? Oh yes, face masks :)  ”MaskerAide…

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How to apply Vampire Fangs

After last weeks vampire video I got allot of requests on how you actually apply vampire fangs. It’s really not difficult once you’re shown how to do it so I thought I’d do a tutorial detailing how to apply them. The fangs I like are called Love Bites (which you can get here) A few…

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Review: Lush Dark Angels

And another Lush review! I got a sample for this one around the same as I got the Lush Herbalism cleanser and after using the tester up I liked it enough to get the full sized product. It’s described as a facial cleanser but to be honest I think it’s more of a face scrub….

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