Review: Sleek and PPQ Shangri-La Collection

Disclaimer: Items provided for review.

I was quite happy to see an Autumn pallet wasn’t the usual hash of dark colours and browns, just because it’s autum/winter doesn’t mean we can’t have some bright cheerful colours too. This year Sleek Makeup have teamed up with PPQ again to release to palettes, Respect (the one I’m reviewing) and Supreme.

“Inspired by classic Motown sound, the collection echoes a retro, urban vibe, channelling glamorous 60’s style”

This time the collaboration collection includes two pallets and a lip gloss with each pallet. With the “Respect” pallet you get a pillar box matte red lipgloss in a 5ml bottle.

Just a little something I noticed, Sleek have been slowly raising their prices haven’t they? Last year their pallets were only £6/£6.50…why the sudden price just in just a year?


  • Limited edition
  • £7.99 for the palettes
  • £4.99 for the lip glosses
  • Cruelty-Free

I realize that companies need to make money but I like to believe that Sleek Makeup is associated with quality AND affordability, at this rate they’re getting dangerously close to moving out of the affordable section.

Lets start with the lip gloss in Truly Mattely Deeply. Brilliantly bright red colour but it’s more drying than the Sahara desert! Bellow  you can see the swatches, on the left after it has just been applied and on the right after 3 minutes and rubbing it.

Overall not impressed. Sure you can apply 3 inches of lip gloss over it so your lips don’t shrivel off your face, but no lip gloss should need your lips needing moisture injections after using it.

While the lip gloss what disappointing the palette was a winner as usual for sleek. All the swatches bellow are done in one swipe, without primer so you really can see how pigmented these beauties are. All of them have a creamy texture, the only colour I didn’t like was the black shade on the bottom left.

Normally the black eyeshadow in Sleek pallets are the closest thing I have found which comes close to Sugarpill’s “Bulletproof”, this one is very different to the shades in other Sleek pallets, it wasn’t creamy, instead rather hard and instead of a remotely black colour produced a weak grey colour.

Other than the black though I loved all the other colours, all of them pigmented with a creamy texture and the four colours on the right side of the palette are just beautiful!

The one drawback with limited edition palettes is that it you fall in love with it you’re going to have to buy backups or risk loosing it forever (sounds like the plot of a cheesy romance).

If you liked the look of the products you can buy them HERE.


  1. says

    i’m not fond of dull brownish colors just cause i love to use as much color as i can .. the brighter the better … not huge on lip gloss but would get the pallet due to the fact that the colors are radiant and i can use all but two in one use weather it would be for blushing my cheeks to replacement eyeliner to make my eye color pop and add a bright fresh spring look to your eyes … its just very enjoyable to play with

  2. says

    The second colour in the second row looks a lot like “Maple” from the Dark Mattes Palette… I think I would by this just because of this particular colour because it’s almost used up in my palette. They should start releasing individual eyeshadows.