Review: Royal and Langnickel Silk Pro 12 Piece Eco-Friendly Brush Set

Disclaimer: Items provided for review.

The full name of this brush set is the Royal & Langnickel Pro Greenline Eco-Friendly Brush Set 12 Piece Silk…sheesh is that a mouthfull! I really think that name needs to be shortened just a tad.

I really should have reviewed on this one ages ago. I was given this one to try out at IMAT’S London last year and I’ve been testing them out ever since, so you could say I’ve had an extra long time to test them out.

When I first was given these I’ll admit the price made me put them through quite a lot of abuse to really test them, and they held up marvelously!


  • £79.99
  • Eco Friendly
  • Bamboo handles
  • Synthetic hair
  • Chrome-plated ferrules
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan

If I hadn’t been told that the hairs were synthetic I would have though they were reall hair. So incredibly soft! I can honestly say the softness is comparable to the Hakuhodo brushes and that’s an increadibly high standard!

I’ve used these for over six months so I’ve really had time to figure out all the pro’s a cons. Lets start with the cons as it will be quite a short list.

  • One thing I noticed is that the case cannot get wet or the cork tends to rise and buckle.

As that’s the end of my list of cons! (Seriously!)

So lets just cover this in bullet points…

  • They don’t shed. If it does then it’s only one or two hairs at most.
  • LOVE the shape of the handles. The fact that they thin out at the ends make them really comfortable to hold.
  • Practical sturdy case.
  • Really good selection of brushes. The only one I’m not to fond of is the flat liner but that’s just personal preference.
  • Easy to clean

After I’d used these for so long and found almost no faults with them I decided to do the maths and if you divide the cost up between each brush it ends up being around £6-£7 per brush.

As you can see I have nothing bad really to say about these brushes. While they’re not the kind of brushes that you can just rush out and buy on a whim they are professional quality and are what I would consider investment brushes.

You can purchased them here.

What do you think about the price? Worth it or not?

Smokey Eye: Jewled Nights

And another smokey eye to add to my series. I’ve been wanting to do a dark look with purple for a while now and here it is. Oh and I got to make another title background for this video, what do you think of it?

Green Eyes:The purple on the waterline can be quite a contrasting colour (so it’ll make the eye colour really pop) if you want you can swap it for a dark green eyeliner or a black one.

Grey Eyes: For grey eyes I can’t really think of an eyeliner that wouldn’t go with it. The danger with grey eyes (especially very light grey eyes) is that sometimes the makeup can overpower the eyes, in general avoid cold colours as eyeliner.

If you want to use a different colour I’d recommend gold or copper.

Blue Eyes: Purple looks lovely with this eye colour but you can also use gold which looks so, so stunning with blue eyes.

Hazle Eyes: For hazel eyes I wouldn’t lean towards purple too much, anything remotely close to the red family can make hazel eyes look a bit blood shot, I’d recommend black eyeliner and blue.

Enjoy the tutorial :)

Review: The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils

I love things that smell nice. I have a wee bit of an obsession with always having a candle burning when I’m working but my big BIG obsession is essential oils and fragrance oils. I love mixing them according to my mood and how I want to feel.

For example if I’m feeling a bit sluggish I love to have a mixture of pine, mint and ylang-ylang, and if I want to feel a bit more laid back I love mixing strawberry, bluebells and sandalwood.

The Body Shop had a sale a while back at my local store so I managed to snap most of their home fragrance oils to add to my collection which I was over the moon about.

Apparently with these oils you’re meant to put them directly into the oil burner without putting water first, and quite frankly it’s a horrible suggestion. I always put water first and then a few drops of the oils on tops as some of the oils (Vanilla and Tonka Bean I’m looking at you) have a tendency to stain the oil burner a red-y brow colour which is impossible to get rid of.


  • £3.50
  • Cruelty-free
  • 10 ml
  • Made in the USA
  • All have safety caps

Not to mention some of the oils after a few minutes just smell burnt instead of fresh. Not a nice smell. Just go ahead and put water first, it lasts longer and smells nicer.

  • Pomegranate and Raspberry: Love this one! My favorite out off all the Body Shop fragrance oils, I’ve already gone through two bottles of these. A colourful, light (well light as far as oils go) summer fruit smell.
  • Vanilla and Tonka Bean: Not too fond of this one. Quite a heavy creamy smell that makes me think of being cuddled to death by and over-sized teddy bear, quite a mature smell.
  • Sandalwood and Ginger: Bit of a weird description, but I’d describe this as the addorable less over-powering cousin of Vanilla and Tonka Bean. A soft spicy wooden smell, perfects for a relaxing late night bath (with candles!)

  • Jasmine and White Frangipani: A really soft floral smell, so exactly the kind of thing I love, it also contains Ylang-Ylang. Makes me think of a tropical late night romantic dinner.
  • Exotic Home Fragrance oil: Mmmm! This one is lovely! It could be my nose playing up but to me it smells quite strongly of watermelon. Every time I have this one burning I imagine a freshly cut watermelon in the sun.
  • White Musk: First impressions, a bit of a floral old lady smell. Not my kind of smell really.
  • Aloe & Soft Linen: This is my “I’m-super-stressed-and-I-need-to-calm-down” smell. Really, really relaxing. It’s a light and uplifting (makes me feel a bit light-headed) fresh smell with an ever so faint tint of orange-blossom.

You can buy these at a local Body Shop store, online here or from a seller on amazon here (**) that I found a few days ago that sells them for £2 instead of the original £3.50! Now it only I’d found that seller a few months ago…..

What’s your favorite kind of smell?

Review: Paperself Lashes

I’ve seen these little beauties fluttering around the web for a while now and being extremely unusual they caught my attention right away.


  • Made in Tiwan
  • Made of paper
  • Price rages from £10.50-£14

The main thing that prevented me from getting these a while back is the price.

These are the kind of things I would just HAVE to use in a tutorial and it’s not affordable and they’re paper…so surely they can’t be that re-usable?

“Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, Eyelashes blend an element of traditional culture with contemporary design”

Recently I discovered that Claire’s Accessories have started selling Paperself lashes, and here is the great thing about that; every so often I’ve noticed that they have a sale on the Paperself lashes so I was able to pick up 3 sets for £4 each instead of £12 each! Bargain!

I first got to test these out at my Photoshoot with Steve Jetley a few months ago and they really were quite fiddly, didn’t help that I was nervous to be fair.

“Intricately cut and delicately pretty, each infused with symbolic meaning rooted in Chinese culture”

You really don’t get much more than 1 (3 max) uses out of these, they’re pretty and unusual but the price and lack of convenience really is a problem.

Plus some of the designs just seem to be a bit odd for the eye shape and jut out in weird ways, I’m not always a fan of symmetry but I when I put stuff on my eyes I like it to work with my eye shape, not against it.

My video review:

Overall I think these are a beautiful but flawed product.

For the price I really do expect to get more than one use out of them (though you could cut them up into three or four parts and use them as accents on the outer corner) and if you do decide to wear it all on the upper lid some of the designs really don’t work with the natural shape of the eye (as demonstrated in the video).

You can buy the Paperself lashes on Amazon here

Review: LUSH “You Snap the Whip” Body Butter

Lush really do have some quite weird names don’t they? The worst part of it is when I was buying this I saw another girl buying it with Fifty Shades of Grey peaking out of her bag.

“Our hardcore skin scrub, which still manages to protect your skin whilst it’s dealing out its punishment”

Apparently it’s named after a line in the song, The House of Blue Lights by Ella Mae Morse, but I still can’t stop associating it with Fifty Shades of Grey (and no I have not read the book).

Moving on, this is meant to be a body scrub with moisturizing properties, and on a side note smells divine!


  • £5.95
  • 95g
  • Preservative free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan

I was quite interested seeing how I liked this one since it has charcoal in it which is good for detoxification. Lush also sell a tin which you can fit it in but it doesn’t quite fit perfectly, it’s just a little bit too big but if you rub it down it fits fine.

This bar really does smell heavenly, like a fruity blackcurrant cocktail, but the bad side of this product it that it doesn’t really last more than 3 uses.

If you use this all over your body after the first use you’ll notice that almost half of it will be gone, not to mention it leaves your shower or bath in a right messy state (which is not too easy to clean either).

It melts on your skin extremely quickly, so much so that if it’s a hot day you really should keep this product in the fridge. You don’t really have time to thoroughly exfoliate your skin because of that, even though it’s described as this intensive scrub in reality it’s a bit of a mild scrub.

Tip: Keep this away from any kind of heat and windowsills unless you want a black, scented puddle.

Also I’ve noticed that at times it leaves this weird grey residue on my skin and isn’t particularly moisturizing, it’s quite nice to use as a foot scrub though, especially if you leave it for a few minutes and then wash it off.

All in all I wouldn’t recommend this product. A messy, so-so scrub which doesn’t last long, and for something that’s meant to clean you leaving a ashy residue is not really acceptable, the only thing it really has going for it is the smell. Sorry Lush :(

Have any of you tried this product?

Review: Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation

Disclaimer: I purchased one of the powders myself and the other was provided to me for review.

Most of the time in my tutorials only really see me wearing a skin 79 BB cream but in the summer this becomes worn almost as much as my skin 79 BB cream.

Unfortunately since I bought this foundation over a year ago I haven’t had many opportunities to wear it in England as the weather as been a little bleak, but when I went on holiday a few weeks ago this became an essential. If you live in a hot country or planing on visiting a hot country and want a foundation that won’t melt off I can highly recommend this.

On the few occasions that I did bother wearing makeup while on holiday this powder was just amazing. It was hot as hell at some points but it didn’t budge at all. You can’t really apply with with a fluffy brush though, you need something quite dense like the Sigma Kabuki brush to really buff it into the skin or it just ends up looking powdery and cakey.


  • £12.49
  • SPF 15
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • 10g

Also Lilly Lolo is one of the few brands that provide mineral makeup to really, really pale skin like mine. I tend to avoid the sun at all times of the year and always wear suncream so my skin doesn’t tend to change much and I’m generally either in the colour China Doll or Blondie.

Recently they have changed the packaging from the old dispenser (left) to the new one (right) which is much better, my first pot of this as you can see ended up having a lot of product just falling around everywhere and the new one is much cleaner.

Unfortunately Lilly Lolo still have quite a poor selection of mineral foundations for darker skin tones. Anything darker than dark beige isn’t really catered to. I also found that, quite like a BB Cream, my skin quite likes this foundation and looks and feels better after using it.

If you have heavy acne this won’t perfectly cover it as it has light to medium coverage, depending on how much you layer it. I have worn this on a few occasions when I had acne (one time even when I had a quite nasty case of sunburn) and it did a great job of covering it without irritation, and to be honest in some cases I think it helped!

I was planning on doing a hot weather makeup makeup tutorial this year featuring this product but then it occurred to me it would make more sense next year when summer comes around again so expect to see this product again then :)

You can purchase this product from the Lilly Lolo website here, or from Cocktail Cosmetics here.

Have you tried mineral makeup before?

Tag: Six Favorite Nail Varnishes

I’ve never really done any tags on my main channel, mainly because they tend to end up talking about more and more personal stuff which is something I just don’t want to do on any of my channels.

But now that I have my second channel I think I will start doing more of these kinds of tags as they are quite fun to do. My favorite out of these six is Copper from Bary M. Obsessed with this colour!

It’s so sparkly and pretty and just ugh! Love, love it!

What are your six favorite nail varnishes?


Thoughts on a Movie: Total Recall

First things first, I haven’t seen the original and I think that’s why I liked this film.

The general consensus seems to be that this is the poor man’s substitute of the original, but given that I’d never seen the original and I didn’t have the original version to compare it to, I quite liked it.

I think people’s main beef with this film is that they were expecting an “up-to-date” version of the original and where instead presented with a film which, while it has similarities to the original, is pretty much a different story completely.

What I loved…

Loved the action scenes in this film! Fast, exciting and the special effects were impressive. The story-line I quite liked too, even though it felt like they could maybe have cut down just a little bit on so many action scenes and maybe elaborated on some elements of the story more.


Selene I love you…just not in this film.

Kate Beckinsale’s character, Lori, just annoyed me to be honest. When she was fighting it was cool, but half the time I was thinking “Woman just tie your hair up already so you can stop flicking it out of your face!” and the rest I just felt like her character was an ex model who took every opportunity to pout, flout and glare at the camera.

I really wish they’d elaborated more on the story!

We’re told so much about who Douglas Quaid/Karl Hauser used to be, but at the same time told almost nothing at all. For example how did he meet his love interest Melina who convinced him to defect to the Resistance? Hammond, more information about this character please?!

The backgrounds and scenery obviously took so much time to build and create, I really wanted them to just explore it more.

Lori? Why does she seem to have this personal obsession with killing Douglas Quaid/Karl Hauser? Does she resent the fact he’s considered the world’s best agent? Does she hate him for betraying his allegiance to the United Federation of Britain? Did he kill her mother in another life? To quote the Nostalgia Critic…explain movie, explain!


Overall I liked it, sure there where parts which I wasn’t head over heels about but to be honest this isn’t a bad movie.

Don’t expect it to be some mind twisting omg-I-didn’t-see-that-coming film. It’s simply a visually impressive action packed film which had it been named differently and not marketed as a re-make of a cult classic I think it would have generally been received well.

Review: Bee Lovely Hand Cream

Disclaimer: Item provided for review

I don’t think I could have been sent this hand cream at a better time really.

I had recently found out that my favorite hand cream which I’d been using for years, Yves Rocher Arnica hand cream, had recently changed it’s animal testing policy and so was no longer cruelty-free, and I was on the hunt for a new favorite.


  • Cruelty free
  • 50ml
  • 5% of the RRP will be donated to charity
  • Costs £10
  • Paraben and SLS free

I was able to test this cream out while I was on holiday and it really did a fantastic job. For a hand cream that’s branded around honey it really doesn’t smell of honey, rather of orange blossom and I end up constantly smelling my hands when I use it, even though the smell only really lasts about an hour.

It has quite a thick consistency but it’s not a heavy cream.

I found it took around 5 minutes to sink into my skin, but once it was there it really didn’t budge and kept my hands feeling moisturized and smooth all day.

Is it the most amazing hand cream I have ever tried? No. Is it a very good hand cream? Yes.

I was really impressed with how well it protected my hands on holiday from all the salt and sun, so I can quite confidently say that unless I find an other cruelty-free brand that makes a better hand cream this is my firm favorite.

You don’t need much, just a small 5p size will be sufficient for your whole hand so I suspect it’ll take me a few months to get through this bottle.

Also Neils Yard are also trying to raise awareness with this line of products for a petition which is hoping to encourage England to join France, Germany, Italy and Slovenia in these banning powerful pesticides.

“Neonicotinoid pesticides have been linked to the dramatic loss of honeybees around the world. British beekeepers have lost up to 80% of their hives in recent years, more than any other country in Europe”

If you want to find out more about the petition you can read about it here.

It’s a bit silly but I love the packaging for this product, I try my best to overlook packaging but I really do appreciate it when I feel that the graphic designers have taken their time to create a visually interesting and presentable product.

You can buy this product directly from Neal’s Yard or from Amazon.

Have you tried any products from Neal’s Yard?