Tutorial Props: Dragon Egg

And now I’ve finished all the props for my big dragon tutorial series! :D

I was aiming to imitate the dragon eggs in Game of Thrones but like a genius I somehow managed to not notice that the scales in GOT were pointed and not round. In total it took me two days to do, but it’s mainly just because you have to wait for the top half of the scales to dry so realistically if you wanted to make more than one you could make around four in two days.

What I used:

  • Coconut shells 
  • Sand Paper
  • Fimo clay
  • Brown Ink
  • Airbrush
  • Blue ink (mixed with white)
  • Gold ink  

Enjoy the tutorial! :D

Tutorial Props: Dragon Background

This background was a royal pain in the butt.

I ended up painting to paint it twice because the first version was an absolute disaster. Colour is absolutely not my strong point, so after the first try I decided to go back painting the whole thing with just black, white and brown before slowly adding any bright colours.

The sad thing is the one bellow I’d already been working on for four/five days solid till I realized that it wasn’t going anywhere, then once I’d painted over it the new version only took a day to paint. Guess my lesson is if it’s not working by the second day it’s time to re-think the painting/drawing.

What I used:

Two books I should mention here because they’re really helping me improve are two books from James Guerney, “Imaginative Realism” and “Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter”.

The second book in particular was a HUGE help!

I will do a blog post or a video at some point on the books that have and are helping me push myself to improve at some point, but for the moment I will just highly recommend these two!

And if you want to see the whole process from beginning to end here is the video:

Not too sure of what to do with these paintings when I’ve finished them though. I was originally going to use the same canvas again and again and just paint over it but I got quite attached to this one once I’d finished it (which is a first because normally I hate any new work I’ve done within a few minutes of finishing it).

I’ve hung this one over my bed for the moment, but with the future backgrounds I’m painting I’m going to see if there is some way to sell them, I was thinking of using e-bay as that way people pay what it’s worth to them only.

But I have no idea how to package something like this so I don’t know…either way it’s going to be roughly a month and a half till my next “big” tutorial is planned so I have plenty of time to think about it.

Any suggestions ?

New Find: Brit Rocks Lashes

As some of you have probably noticed in my tutorials I pretty much never wear mascara because my lashes are a decent length, and I am yet to find a mascara that I don’t get a horrible reaction to.

I found these little beauties in Savers from a brand called Perfect Girl the other day and I’m in love!

I got fed up of my eyelashes coming off with the mascara when I removed it, not to mention my eyes constantly tearing up and going red, so I am a die-hard lover of false lashes and I think these are my new loves.


  • Made in Indonesia
  • £1-£2
  • Thin lash line
  • Natural length

Because they have a very thin lash line it makes them very easy to apply, a lot less likely to lift in the inner corner and they blend a lot more naturally into your real lashes.

For a moment I thought that they might be similar to the Girls Aloud By Eylure False Lashes- Nicola but they’re not as flared on the outer corner. I’ll probably be wearing these in quite a few future tutorials, they apply so easily and look semi-natural enough to wear in the day time.

This seems to be quite a small brand and and so far the only place I’ve found them is in-store at Savers but occasionally they do pop up on Amazon or ebay.

Are you a false lashes or a mascara girl?

Red Loose Pigments: Illamasqua vs Face Front

*Both products were provided for review

This post was going to be a dupes post but once I actually swatched the two products and had them side by side I realized that, while they have slight similarities, they are not dupes.

These are the kind of eye shadows that only the daring will wear but with very different prices which is why I wanted to compare them.


  • Both brands are cruelty-free
  • Illamasqua’s Berber is £15
  • Face Front’s Acrylic Apple Torte is £8
  • Face Front is Vegan and made in the USA
  • Face Front gives you 5g
  • Illamasqua gives you 1.5g

The price difference on these two is HUGE! Especially when Face Front gives you 3.5 grams more. The main thing with Illamsaqua, apart from the fact that their products in general are extremely pigmented, is their packaging is beautiful! So simple and minimalistic but still manage to have a elegant “gothy” look.

Even though I try not to buy something just for the packaging Illamasqua makes it very hard for me not to.

Berber ( I keep reading Bieber) is a beautiful orange red with gold/yellow flecks while Acrylic Apple Torte is a perfect rusty red.

Both of them apply very easily and are really easy to blend.

Like all loose pigments they can be quite messy out but this is usually made up for with the extra pigmentation.

Berber would be a much harder colour to pull of with it’s orange undertone but in general red is quite a hard colour to work with as an eyeshadow so it would be daunting for pretty much any one.

I absolutely love the yellow/gold flecks in Berber but the price difference is so huge I think I might find away to just mix together another pigment with Acrylic Apple Torte to mimic Berber. Apart from the price difference and slight colour variation there really isn’t a difference in quality with these two.

You can buy Acrylic Apple Torte(uk) here and you can buy Berber here. If you’re from the US you can buy Acrylic Apple Torte here.

Which one do you prefer?

Review: Limited Eddition Body Shop Eau de Toilette

It just ocoured to me that all my perfume related posts must look quite boring seeing as they’re mostly Body Shop perfumes, but what can I say, I have an addiction! :)

These three are the new, limited edition Eau de Toilette’s from The Body Shop and I love them! Even the white musk one is lovely and usually I’m not a fan of White Musk, I find it a bit too overwhelming but this one I like.

All of the bottle shapes are the same as previous or current bottle designs that The Body Shop use, so nothing spectacular about the shape of the bottles but I’ll admit the thing that drew me to them was the gradient colours. I’m a total sucker for gradients!

I’m not terribly good at describing smells as my nose isn’t one of the best but I will do my best.

 Sun Kiss Eau de Toilette: White Musk Sun Glow

Generally I’m not a fan of musk, I tend to find it a bit over whelming and just a bit stuffy but this mix works.

“This summery fragrance is a blend of peony, soft peach notes and a shot of zesty lemon. It is elegant, seductive and feminine. Perfumer Domitille Bertier says, “I brought a joyful and luminous touch to this iconic musk by adding a zing of lemon and a dash of amber”

Personally this is the kind of perfume/eua de Toilette that I would wear in the evening. I suspect that the smell will appeal to women in their late teens and early twenties and it’s the kind of thing I can image someone wearing on holiday, at a late night party in a hot country.

This isn’t the kind of thing I would wear if I was going to the pub or out cubing, the smell lasts only about 4-5 hours and in a “energetic” setting I suspect it would last a lot less time.

I like all three of these but out of the three this is probably my least favorite.

Dreams Unlimited: Sun Fresh eau de toilette

Love this one! This is my kind of smell!

“This summery fragrance is a blend of neroli blossom and refreshing watermelon notes. It is vibrant, energizing and as refreshing as a splash in the ocean. Perfumer Loc Dong says, “I added freshness with sea spray and fruity watermelon for an unexpected fragrance fusion.”

The smell that is the most strong is the watermelon but it’s not a “sticky-sweet” smell. This one makes me think of walks on the beach at sunset in Greece. (I’ve never been to Greece but this is what the smell makes me think of).

LOVE etc… Sun Kiss eau de toilette

“This summery fragrance is a blend of jasmine and fresh nectarine notes. It is deliciously light, upbeat and cheeky. Perfumer Dominique Ropion says, “I used nectarine with an unexpected solar accord, perfectly embodying the scent of summertime.”

Jasmine is one of my favorite smells so it really wasn’t much of a surprise that I liked this one. Not much to say really, I love it! This one I’ve gotten really addicted to wearing when I go out as it’s quite a fun smell and is small enough to fit really snugly in my handbag.

I’m not picky about many things but always having a perfume or eau de toilette in my handbag is a must.

These are all limited edition (sadly) from The Body Shop and all three of them cost £15, but they seem to be having sales every few weeks so if you keep an eye out you can probably get them for a lower price. You can buy them here.

Photoshoot at the Prince Rupert Hotel

I was contacted by photographer Steve Jetley over a year ago asking for me to model for him and we finally got to work together this week. Long overdue but better late than never right?

To say I was nervous about this is an understatement.

I was absolutely terrified! I’m fine in front of my own camera but when someone else is behind it I freeze and clam up like something crazy, so I was quite impressed that despite my horrible posture and nervousness Steve still managed to take some beautiful pictures!

The photos were taken at the Prince Rupert Hotel in Shrewsbury, it really was beautiful!

It was an old Tudor building turned hotel and since (in typical English fashion) it was raining all day we were only able to take photos in the hotel. The ones above were taken in the cellar, and the one bellow was a quick one I took for the first look.

And yes, I will be doing tutorials on the looks I did (minus the one I wore above, not too fond of that look, it just does not really work with the lashes).

My favorite look was hands down the more gothy/tribal look. Did a face chart of that one years ago and this photo shoot was the perfect time to use it.

It was quite creepy though for the second shoots, the cellar was meant to be haunted and Steve’s dog kept barking at this dark corner, found out I’m quite a scaredy-cat, kept looking behind me expecting to see a pair of red eyes. Nearly died of fright at one point when I saw these white silver eyes staring at me from a dark corner, and then Steve’s dog walked out of the corner like “what…you scared of me?!”

I know…guts of steel.

For the second night I stayed at the Lucroft Hotel and it was absolutely lovely! All the basics and in the attic.

I love attics, they’ve have always made me feel really comfortable and relaxed and the hotel was absolutely lovely, cozy and simple. Not to mention you could see all the beautiful old buildings from the window, another bonus I love about attics. (lol this is turning into a bit of a attic-appreciation blog post).

I won’t be putting all the photos on this blog post as I’m sure that Steve will want to show them on his facebook so you can see the rest if you like