Review: Generation Q – Where beauty has no age limits

Illamasqua is one of those brands where every time I go to a new event I think they can’t do better than the last collection.

Once again they’ve proven me wrong, this collection is AMAZING!

What I love about this is it’s celebration of age. Some of the models were older women and they were not trying to hide their age, rather celebrating it and just that in it’s self blew me away.

“Generation Q – is generation YOU! It’s what they tell you not to do; it’s what you see your true self through. It’s what’s old and what’s new”

Mostly every brand I can think of always uses young teenage models, heavily airbrushes them and then likes to portray age as the most disgusting beauty crime you can commit. I think this is the first time I’ve seen a brand dare to challenge this disgusting taboo.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the collection (or rather a super sneak peak as it isn’t coming out till September).

“Generation Q is a clear message to everybody, everywhere that beauty is not old, black, white, male or female, but anything, everything and everyone”

At the moment I can only show you these rough shots of the collection but as soon as the collection is released I want to do a video review, the photos just don’t pick up all the gorgeous undertones these eye shadows have.

The empower palette is pretty much a collection of duo-chromes in mint pink and yellow and the lip gloss in Opulent (described as rainbow beige) really is a flecks of the rainbow in beige.

The eyeshadows are so creamy and pigmented! These are not eyeshadows that you will have to drag and layer on the skin so that it shows up.

This collection is perfect for people who love bold and subtle makeup, for the more daring the pallet in Empower is perfect, and for the more natural makeup inclined Compliment is the perfect pallet. Makeup for the old, young bold and subtle. Love it!

As for the blushes Gleam Cream is back! This time in a cream blush rather than a liquid form called Gleam: Aurora. Being an absolute sucker for coral blushes Sophie is a blush I think I may have to get my hands on…

Personally I cannot wait for the collection! I love the products, the idea behind it, everything.

What do you think about the idea behind this collection?

Tutorial Props: Baby Dragon Skull

For one of my upcoming looks (Dragon Slayer) I’d had this idea in my head of having a dragon skull resting on the end of a sword, I’d already decided to to paint a large background for that tutorial so a little dragon skull wouldn’t be so hard…right?

It ended up taking around 4 days to make and I have to figure out a new way of making a mold because I nearly broke the final piece several times from trying to get it off the base, that was till I accidentally knocked it off the table and it snapped in half :(

What I used:

  • Children’s Modeling Clay
  • Cake Decoration sculpting tools
  • Liquid Latex
  • Talk powder
  • Fimo Air Light Air-Drying Modelling Clay
  • Air Brushing on a mixture of brown ink and water to “age” smokey jr.

First thing I did was make the “base”, a rough mold of what I wanted the skull to look like. I didn’t want to go for the chunky heavy looking skull that a dragon would have in Western art, rather I decided to go for something that looked like a cross between a reptile/crocodile and an Asian art dragon with a long thin snout and long thin teeth.

Once I had made the base I covered it in about 3 coats of latex so that once it had dried it would create a protective layer between the Fimo Air clay and the modeling clay, making it less likely to stick to it.

While it did make it easier to remove it wasn’t easy to get the clay off once I had sculpted the final skull on top. What I ended up doing was cutting it out one section at a time so than I didn’t break anything, got to find out a better way to do that…

One thing that occurred to me that once I’d finished making it was that I could have taken a stipple sponge over the whole thing to add a bit of texture instead of smoothing it down a bit by blending it with water and my fingers, but hey, lesson learned for next time :)

Here is my video showing what I did:

And at the end of this tutorial I’ve also included a rough draft of how I want the intro clip that I made this skull for to look like.

What do you think?

Chart Me: A present for you ALL!

It’s taken me a while to finally make these but now they’re here and I’m so happy to be able to give you guys some free face charts for ANY eye shape.

The reason I decided to make these was after it occurred to me that face charts are always the same eye shape (almond eyes) and always on white paper which, if you are doing a look for someone with brown or black skin, is a problem.

This is my way of thanking all my lovely subscribers for watching my videos. As lovely as giveaways are for who ever wins there are always so many people who don’t win I thought this would be a good way to give everyone something :)

For the moment I will just be releasing the white face charts but each month I will be releasing all the ones I’m offering today but in a darker skin tone till I get all the way to ebony.


  • 5 different layouts

  • 4 different eye-shapes

  • Free!

  • Just download and print

You can print these, copy them, share them with friend, anything you want! The only thing I do ask is that you do not upload them on a another website. If people want them they will always be on this website to download.

And you can download the first batch of these face charts here bellow.


TOAM: Snow White and the Huntsman

* TOAM= Thoughts On A Movie

I’ve been looking forward to this film for a while now! I absolutely love it when people take old fairy takes and “un-disneyfy” them and make them dark and gritty. Plus Charlize Theron as the bad guy…I just had to watch that!

Charlize Theron plays queen Ravena who manages to enchant her way into marrying the King (Snow White’s father) and killing him on their wedding night and taking control of the kingdom.

Theron was absolutely awesome as the evil queen, a tad bit too scream happy at parts but I loved her! The ultra cool bad guy who you’re just not sure what she is going to do next and the costumes were pretty awesome too.

The thing that let the whole movie down I thought was picking Kirsten Stewart to play Snow White. Just a bad, bad, decision! I felt like I was watching twilight again but with Bella swan in a dress with a sword.

It is the same awkward breathing, slow stares and staring at the camera with her eyes welling up with tears. I was just 20 minutes into the movie and I was already thinking “why did you pick Kirsten Stewart!”

Chris Hemsworth I thought was good as the huntsman but the character I liked the most (aside from Charlize Theron) was the Prince played by Sam Clafin. I just wish they’d explored his character more. Since he’d thought he’d lost his childhood sweetheart Snow White, he’d turned into a kick-ass queen-hating fighter who I think could compete with Legolas in archery.

You can tell he still really loves Snow White and regrets having left her all those years ago, but he also realizes that Snow White loves the Huntsman and dose not question it. There’s no “she’s mine!” fights between the two it’s all just a bit too mellow.

Overall I think the film was just a bit too long with scenic shots which were just un-necessary, when they could have explored so much more of the characters like the Prince and the Dwarfs.

And the ending just plain annoyed me. Snow quite kills the evil queen and gets crowed, que slow stares at the camera and teary eyes for no apparent reason and then boom, the end! We don’t know what happens with the huntsman or the prince, nothing.

As usual the girls get a wimpy heroine. Ugh!


This really makes me sound like I hated the movie. To be fair I didn’t, some parts of it were awesome. The queen, the costumes and the backgrounds are what made this movie. But it just felt like they could have done so much more with it and didn’t.