Toxic Glow Goth

Today I will only be showing one eye for this look, don’t ask me why but all the pictures I took of both eyes ended up slightly cross-eyed or blurry, epic fail on my part :/

For this look I collaborated with , you can check her You Tube out her channel here. I will also be linking Mandy’s video below :)

Now for the eyes…

This look isn’t really meant to be a “pretty” look really so with pretty much any eye colour it can look quite harsh.

With grey eyes the harshness of this look can easily overpower your eyes and make them look a bit lifeless, unless you want that contrast a good alternative would be to use a gold or a blue eyeliner on the water line instead of a black one.

With green eyes I don’t really have a suggestion, I love it!

For blue eyes, like grey, this colour combination can make the eye look overpowered or a bit lifeless, unless that’s what you want try a gold or a green/turquoise eyeliner .

I hope you like my video and don’t forget to check Mandy’s out! :D


  1. says

    I had to break my promise of not buying any more make up because of this tutorial, which was ideal because Barry M was one offer. I think I might wear this one out next weekend. :)