Giveaway no. 3

Bringing on my third giveaway, I was contacted by Vivo cosmetics around a month ago to see if I was interested in reviewing their products. I wrote back replying that I did not have the time at the moment, but would they be interested in sponsoring a giveaway? They were absolutely lovely and said yes and sent me a bunch of products to give away to you guys! :D I hope you like them :)


1. If you are under 16 PLEASE ask your parents permission before entering. I don’t want to get angry emails from someone asking why I’m sending their son/daughter presents.

2. Leave the comment enter me below. That’s it :) Nothing complicated, just that :)

3. The competition ends on the 31st of December.

4. If you should win and do not reply withing 48 hours I’m sorry, but I will pick another winner.

5. You can only leave ONE comment.

6.Yes, the giveaway is international :) It wouldn’t be fare to exclude some of my subbies just because they live in other countries.

How it’s done:

At the end of the competition I take the numbers of everyone who entered, put them all in a random number generator and pick three winners…yes THREE winners :D (Please note that if you do not reply within 48 hours I will pick another winner) Once they have all replied to me I send their prizes (they’re all sent by recorded delivery so that I’m sure they get there).

“So…what are the prizes?”

Vivo were absoloutely amazing and provided 3 of the following:)

-Eyeshadow pallet

-Eyeliner Pencil (different colours)

-Lipsticks (different colours)

-Baked Bronzers (different colours)

-Liquid Eyeliners(different colours)

-False Eyelashes (different colours)

Random Phtos: Autum

I’m going to start off this blog post with an excuse and and explanation, as some of you might know I am in my final year at University so I’m pretty bogged down.

I had hoped to be able to keep doing reviews on my blog but it’s just not going to be possible so from time to time I’m going to try and do quick blog post like this one so you guys know I haven’t totally forgotten about my blog and died :)

I might start doing one or two blog posts showing you the projects I’m doing at Uni, I’m not sure…would you guys be interested in that?

Anyway, the photos are just three of a bunch I took white I was at my cousins wedding a few weeks ago. I took more than these 3 but these were my personal favorites, especially the one above.

I’m hoping I can improve my photography over they next few months, so these are just my stabs at some landscape photography.

Random Photos: Egg Art

So some of you might have noticed that I’ve been completely inactive the last week, the reason for that is that I had to go to a wedding and so I had limited access to the Internet.

It was a bit weird at first, I’m so used to being on the internet that it felt strange to be cut off it, but it was also quite nice as I got to relax a bit.

White I was there I took a few pictures (no not of the wedding: ), just a few random stabs at food art and some landscape photography. Where we were staying was so nice! I don’t have any pictures of the house but it was an old barn that had been really simply restored, just the basics and it was lovely!

Its quite relaxing to be away from mobile, computers and just noise in general some times :)

Anyway, there were a few eggs in the kitchen when we left and seeing as I had time to kill I ended up doodling on them. If you google food art some people have done some really amazing/funny ones.

Something that’s quite fun is too do this to the eggs in the kitchen and then wait to see people’s reactions, haha it can be quite funny!

I did take some really pretty pictures of the surrounding landscape where we were staying but I’ll show you that in a few days :)