Sirius Skin Sonic Review (Conclusion)

If you haven’t read my first opinions blog post on the Sirius Skin Sonic you can read it here.

Ignoring the cleaning the aspect of the Skinsonic , I love the massage brush head! Especially for massaging around the jawline and jaw bones, I think I’ll be using it a lot once I got back to Uni, its really relaxing.

I used the sensitive brush head to clean my skin, my first impression after washing my face was it felt so squeaky clean. It was weird, it felt clean inside.

The interesting thing is that in the morning when I washed it my skin felt rosy and clean, but later on in the evening my skin suddenly flared up.

It didn’t hurt at all, my skin still felt amazing, but I suddenly got all these red patches across my skin.

The reason I wasn’t worried was because the areas that flared up are areas that I’ve always struggled with blackheads and patchiness, it felt a little odd but not painful.

I figured I would try it out for longer and see if the redness was because my skin was finally pushing out all the rubbish deep-down in my skin or because it was genuinely irritated.

A few days after…

After the first use my skin didn’t flare up again, it’s only really happened on the first and second use. First impressions, my skin feels soooo soft!

After about a 1-2 weeks…

Ok I really really love this brush! I thought people were exaggerating when they said that now they couldn’t clean their skin without the skinsoninc/clarisonic but its really not an exaggeration!

Bellow is a picture I took after about a week or two of using the Skinsonic.

Now my skin still isn’t perfect, you can still see I suffer from black heads and redness on my cheekbones. But these are problems I’ve had issues with for YEARS, and if you compare it to a picture of my skin 2 years ago you can see that my skin has improved dramatically.

Of course it’s not all down to the Skinsonic. In the last 2 years I’ve learned not to stress out so much (a HUGE factor to bad skin is stress, it will take your skin through Hell and back), I drink more water and I’ve improved my diet.

The main problem with the Skinsonic is I can’t really show you what it dose to my skin because it just feels amazing! Like it’s clean deep inside. Even then you can still see from the pictures that now my skin looks a lot much clearer and “fresh”.

Before this I used to use a muslin cloth, it was good but it could be a little bit rough on my skin. It only cleaned the surface and especially with all the makeup I put on my skin because of tutorials at times I felt like I wasn’t cleaning my skin properly and it felt congested.

This really does clean my skin deep down, my skin feels really clean and fresh after I wash it, even after a really heavy makeup tutorial. It’s helped with my blackheads, it’s has not completely removed them, but it is slowly helping.


  • Foundation goes on SO much better

  • Skin feels fresh and clean

  • Cleans more thoroughly

  • Blackheads are slowly disappearing

  • Relaxing to use

  • Affordable


  • For me there are no cons. (well minus how long it took to arrive) I’m really glad I took the plunge and decided to invest in this product. My skin is thanking me for it :)

The main brush heads I use are the sensitive and normal. I normally use the sensitive head and the normal every 4-5 days. To be honest I haven’t used the other brush heads much (except for the massager).


I can’t compare it to the Clarisonic because I have never tried it, but either way I highly recommend this product to anyone who is considering shelling out the £150-200 for the Clarisonic.

So far as I know you can only buy this product at which is where I bought it :)


  1. says

    Wow … there is a big difference after a week use. I have terrible combination skin too but just a bit worried about the flare up after using it =/. Looks painful but glad that you wrote that it wasn’t so! May have to invest in this too, thanks for the review! x

  2. says

    I really want to try that one out. For as long I can remember I’ve had blackheads on my nose. They vary very in size from day to day, but they’re mostly very visible. I also have some impurities on my forehead. But I’m a little bit anxious about ordering from sites that are unknown to me. Do they seem like a serious seller? The other problem is the cost of it. In Norway we have to pay taxes for everything that is over 200NOK (which is about £20)..

  3. says

    It´s like a spell. But ” just after using and later that night”, it doesn ´t look good. I will not do it before school. :D

  4. says

    I think I’ll give this product a go! I’ve wanted to try the Clarisonic, but was obviously put off by the price. I’m glad this one works well. Let us know if it starts falling apart or anything like that!

  5. says

    For those asking it’s about $50-60 US/CAN. I’m really glad you posted this review, Klaire! :) I was just wondering, though, what kind of cleaner you used with it??

  6. Mary says

    I bought my Skinsonic around a month ago after reading about it on blogs and seeing it reviewed by beauty gurus on youtube. I am a student on a budget and I didn’t want to overpay $100 for the Clarisonic Mia. I really love my Skinsonic, especially because it comes with different heads and sponges. I bought mine on Amazon and got it in less than a week (I live in California). After several weeks of using it I can really see and feel the difference. My skin feels so smooth and soft that even my boyfriend noticed it! I wish there were more products like this out there that actually deliver on their promises.