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Sirius Skin Sonic Review (Conclusion)

If you haven’t read my first opinions blog post on the Sirius Skin Sonic you can read it here.

Ignoring the cleaning the aspect of the Skinsonic , I love the massage brush head! Especially for massaging around the jawline and jaw bones, I think I’ll be using it a lot once I got back to Uni, its really relaxing.

I used the sensitive brush head to clean my skin, my first impression after washing my face was it felt so squeaky clean. It was weird, it felt clean inside.

The interesting thing is that in the morning when I washed it my skin felt rosy and clean, but later on in the evening my skin suddenly flared up.

It didn’t hurt at all, my skin still felt amazing, but I suddenly got all these red patches across my skin.

The reason I wasn’t worried was because the areas that flared up are areas that I’ve always struggled with blackheads and patchiness, it felt a little odd but not painful.

I figured I would try it out for longer and see if the redness was because my skin was finally pushing out all the rubbish deep-down in my skin or because it was genuinely irritated.

A few days after…

After the first use my skin didn’t flare up again, it’s only really happened on the first and second use. First impressions, my skin feels soooo soft!

After about a 1-2 weeks…

Ok I really really love this brush! I thought people were exaggerating when they said that now they couldn’t clean their skin without the skinsoninc/clarisonic but its really not an exaggeration!

Bellow is a picture I took after about a week or two of using the Skinsonic.

Now my skin still isn’t perfect, you can still see I suffer from black heads and redness on my cheekbones. But these are problems I’ve had issues with for YEARS, and if you compare it to a picture of my skin 2 years ago you can see that my skin has improved dramatically.

Of course it’s not all down to the Skinsonic. In the last 2 years I’ve learned not to stress out so much (a HUGE factor to bad skin is stress, it will take your skin through Hell and back), I drink more water and I’ve improved my diet.

The main problem with the Skinsonic is I can’t really show you what it dose to my skin because it just feels amazing! Like it’s clean deep inside. Even then you can still see from the pictures that now my skin looks a lot much clearer and “fresh”.

Before this I used to use a muslin cloth, it was good but it could be a little bit rough on my skin. It only cleaned the surface and especially with all the makeup I put on my skin because of tutorials at times I felt like I wasn’t cleaning my skin properly and it felt congested.

This really does clean my skin deep down, my skin feels really clean and fresh after I wash it, even after a really heavy makeup tutorial. It’s helped with my blackheads, it’s has not completely removed them, but it is slowly helping.


  • Foundation goes on SO much better

  • Skin feels fresh and clean

  • Cleans more thoroughly

  • Blackheads are slowly disappearing

  • Relaxing to use

  • Affordable


  • For me there are no cons. (well minus how long it took to arrive) I’m really glad I took the plunge and decided to invest in this product. My skin is thanking me for it :)

The main brush heads I use are the sensitive and normal. I normally use the sensitive head and the normal every 4-5 days. To be honest I haven’t used the other brush heads much (except for the massager).


I can’t compare it to the Clarisonic because I have never tried it, but either way I highly recommend this product to anyone who is considering shelling out the £150-200 for the Clarisonic.

So far as I know you can only buy this product at www.siriusbeauty.com which is where I bought it :)

Review: Fraulein38 Eyeliners

Disclaimer: Items bought by myself :)

This review is going to start with a bit of a rant, thanks to Eyeko raising their prices (double) and getting rid of all the products I used so frequently in my videos (including one video I was really proud of and was going to upload in a few weeks) I’ve had to go on another hunt to find affordable and cruelty free eyeliners >:[

So….now that I’ve got that off my chest I’m happy to say I found some replacement products! :D


  • Cruelty-free

  • Fantastic Quality

  • £6

  • Arrived really fast!

I’m pretty sure these are cruelty free and I have found nothing to say otherwise anywhere so I was over the moon when I found these. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much, I’d bought a couple of false nail from this brand in the past but had never tried their makeup.

For £6 I figured it would hardly be a loss if they wern’t that good and either way I could review it. I am happy to say they surpassed all expectations!

I know I’ve already said it but I’m telling you, these arrived in like 3 days! There’s nothing I like more than fast shipping (and a good product).

The texture of these is just beautiful, a lovely soft creamy texture. The blue eyeshadow is not as pigmented as the others (and slightly harder) but it’s still really pigmented!

“Creamy, affordable and just gorgeous!”

They all have a sheen to them and minisqule amouns of glitter, it’s only really noticable in the black shade. My favorite hands down is the gold, so, so beautiful!

The swatch on the right was done by lightly flicking the pencils across my hand and the swatch on the left was done with a heavier hand.

Long story short, a really good product and I will be using these in future tutorials (especially the gold and green shades!)

You can buy this from the seller I bought it from on E-bay: (Link)

or from the official website: www.fraulein38.com

And here are a few pictures of me just messing around with them :)

Review: Costal Scents GO Palette (Cairo)

DISCLAIMER: Items were provided for review :)

So this morning I received a surprise package from Costal Sents and I was surprised to see they had set me their entire Go Palette collection.

Now I’m not going to review them all in one bunch, I’d rather review them each individually so that you can get a breakdown of each individual palette.

I was quite shocked when I saw the pallets to be honest. I’ve gotten used to their simple packadging so when I saw the lovely designs on the case I was caught an unawares. I LOVE the packaging for this collection.

“The seven palettes each house twelve

exclusively selected shadows that reflect

colors widely found in the corner of the

world they represent”

One criticism I have though is I thought the fonts were a bit badly chosen.

Having a serif, sans-serif and cursive font just looks a bit messy, but I still love what they’ve done which the packaging! Overall a very good idea!

So…for this blog post I will be reviewing the Cairo pallet. First impressions, a fantastic neutral pallet, especially for traveling.

Again, for the packaging I would have liked to have seen something like the compass design on the outer packaging on the lid just to make it more interesting, but that’s just me :)

As far as colour selection goes I thing they did a fantastic job selecting colours that are associated with the countries they are meant to represent.

Haha, I think my Mum is going to nick this pallet off me once I’ve finished reviewing it, a beautiful neutral pallet.


  • $8.96 = £5.69

  • Cruelty-free!

  • Compact + sturdy

  • Travel friendly

  • Large mirror in lid

Each eyeshadow seems to have a varying level of pigmentation so bellow I’m going to mark each eyeshadow by the level of pigmentation.

And I should just mention that the silver and the gold shades are really well pigmented! Not quite Sugarpill standards but still very good!


A really good pallet! Fantastic price and I love how they’ve experimented with the packaging.

You can buy this pallet at: Costal Scents.com

My Favorite Alternative Jewlery (Rings)

A few months ago I did a blog about all my ear cuffs (link), after I did that one I started getting requests to done one for my rings, so here it is :)

The first one is this key ring:

This one is a more recent addition to my collection, lol, just like most of my stuff I bought it from E-Bay (link).

The seller I bought mine from seems to be no longer selling this exact one but I found one which is close enough for those of you who were asking :)

This one is my favorite! It was the only armour ring I could find at the time that didn’t have a skull on it, plus it’s dead handy for opening letters and parcels.

Again this one was from e-bay. I couldn’t find the seller but if you type down “Goth Armour Ring” I’m sure you’ll find something similar :)

And last but not least is this one. I ended up getting two of these because I liked wearing one on each index finger. I bought mine here (link).

Sorry this blog post is so short :/ I’m just a little pressed for time at the moment, I probably wont have time to write any good blog posts for the next few months (Uni has started again) but I will do my best to keep my blog up and running :)

Worst case scenario any updates will be for the monthly giveaways…but then again that’s not so bad is it ;)

The Making of a Title Background no.2

So I’ve been planning to do a sugar skull look for a while now, I finally got around to drawing the title background.

I wanted it be be heavily based on the work of Sylvia Ji, if you haven’t seen her work here is the link to her website. Her work is beautiful! : www.sylviaji.com

I will be doing a video of this showing it from start to finish on my art channel.

I’d run out of black card to paint on so I ended up painting on the front of an old sketchbook.

For the background I used gold acrylic paint, I wanted the background to have an interesting texture so I painted in various directions and applied the paint quite heavily.

Before I painted this one I had done a rough face chart so I had an idea of the pattern I wanted for the sugar skull.

Acrylic paint was used for almost the whole painting minus the eyes. For the smokey eye look I used an old makeup smudge brush and some black chalk.

For the shading around the arms and neck I used what was left on the smudge brush.

Once I had finished I messed around with it in Photoshop for a while, I’m not sure if this is going to be the final piece.

I think I’ll mess around with it for a bit longer before I settle on one but for the moment this is what I have :)

Clarisionic Dupe? Sirius Skin Sonic Review

Disclaimer: I purchased this item myself

So about a month and a bit ago I was buying some props for some upcoming videos on Amazon and I saw this advert for a brush which looked like the famous Clarisonic.

Now, if you don’t know what the Clarisonic is it is a brush which is meant to:

  • Removes 6x more makeup than manual cleansing
  • Leaves skin feeling and looking smoother
  • Cleanses so well that products absorb better
  • Gentle enough for twice daily use
  • Helps reduce oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
  • Helps reduce the appearance of visible pores
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Now here is the thing….the Clarisonic cost’s a whopping £179-£150 depending on which version you buy. Not cheap!

So when I saw this other company (Sirius Skin Sonic) had a similar brush for a fraction of the price (£43 including postage) I was intrigued.

Before I bought it I did a fair bit of research, checking out blogs and online reviews to see what people’s opinion of it was. The overwhelming response seemed to be that people (some of whom had used the Clarisonic in the past) loved it and thought it worked just as well.

Decided to risk it and bough it.

I figured that even if it didn’t work I could review it, and if it did work hopefully it would transform my skin.

After buying it it took around a month and a week to arrive. Seeing as it was from the US I’m not that surprised to took so long, but I won’t lie, when if finally did arrive I was hopping around like a kid in a candy shop. I think the postman thinks I’m mad now…

It came with the handle, five different brush heads and a holder. Unlike the Clarisonic you need to use batteries for this one instead of re-charging it.

Some people wont like that, personally I prefer it that way. I hate it when the battery is flat and you have to wait for it to re-charge instead of just slipping in  a pair of new batteries.

How does it work?

For those of you who are not aware how the Clarisonic works what it essentialy dose is is vibrates, bouncing the rubbish out and off your skin instead of roughly scrubbing your skin. Because of this it is much more gentle than other skin cleaning systems, and is able to deep clean the skin more effectively.

It feels like a little brush massaging your skin, it doesn’t rub the skin at all. But you have to be careful not to get too relaxed and over clean your skin because it’s so relaxing.

Skinsonic Skincare System includes:

Sonic Device . Brush Head for Normal Skin . Brush Head for Sensitive Skin . Exfoliation Applicator . Hydration Applicator . Toning Attachment . Storage Cradle . 2 Duracell Batteries

Sounds a bid sad but I really liked the fact that I could just take the Sonic Device out and turn it on, batteries already in, up and running instantly.

Something else which surprised me was how easy it was to put on and take off the brush heads. It literally just snaps on and off. It doesn’t wobble around when it’s on, just “click” on “click” off. Easy.

So far I’m happy, but I will be trying it out for the next two/three weeks, taking pictures each week to see if there is an improvement in my skin. I really hope it works, I’ve struggled for years with blackheads and if this get’s rid of them I will be over the moon!

…and now to shatter any illusions my subscribers/readers have of my “perfect” skin. Ahhhh….lighting and makeup…the difference you make :)

Makeup Buys: Halloween Suplies

So a week or so ago I made a trip to Charles Fox in London for some Halloween supplies with ItsAMandyThing.

I’ve had this list that I’ve slowly added to over the past few months listing things I would need for upcoming tutorials and I finally decided to make the trip to Charles fox.

I tend to always make a list before I head to shops like Charles Fox because otherwise I always overspend and I end up regretting it pretty quick. Nothing sucks more than wasted money and makeup.

What I bought:

Green Hairspray

Orange Hairspray

White Mascara

Black, Gold, Moss Green and Silver Face Paint

Green, Brown and Black tooth enamel

White Foundation

I was quite happy to finally get my hands on some tooth enamel, I’d been meaning to buy it at the last IMATS in London and some how I forgot. The evil side of me is slightly tempted to go back to uni with my teeth all painted up to look like they’re rotting…haha…that would be fun!

The main thing I needed was the white foundation. I’m not too keen on using white face paint, it just has a tendency to look really heavy (not to mention it’s feels heavy on the skin) and I just prefer to use a proper foundation.

One thing that I didn’t plan to get though was this face paint (above). The picture doesn’t show it very well but it’s the most beautiful mossy metallic green I’ve ever seen!

I’m hoping to do my own version of Poison Ivy at some point and I’m hoping I can find a green eyeshadow that looks like that, it would be just perfect!

Queen of the Web?

Although technically the competition if for “King of the Web” if I won I suppose that would make me queen. I wanted to ask if you would help me win this competition hosted by King of the Web.com, the prize for winning is $5,000 (which in pounds works out to roughly £3,000).

What would you spend it on?

“shoes!”…no I jest :)

I would actually spend it on paying off my final year at Uni, (I’m studying Graphic Design). Winning would really help me wipe away a HUGE chunk of debt!


How do we vote for you?

You’d need to go to my campaign here

And then click “VOTE!”

You would have to register to vote (You can vote up to 10 times a day!) so it’s ok if you don’t feel like voting.

But please do vote for me if you can, I would really, really appreciate it :)


Review: Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless

Disclaimer: I was invited the the Theatre of the Nameless event and was provided with some of the products from the new collection.

There’s always something quite exciting about Illamasqua’s new collection.

“Theatre of the Nameless is a heady mixture of opulent hues, decadent pigments and fearless application”

Some people are looking forward to the strange and wonderful new products, for me personally I look forward to the promotional images as they tend to be an endless source of inspiration.

While I loved a lot of the products I have to admit that some of the pictures did put me off at lot.

I felt like it was moving away from Theatre and was glorifying prostitution which does not exactly have a history of treating women well.

Personally I’m not too bothered what people name products, but naming a lip gloss violate really rubbed me the wrong way.

Ignoring some of the images and the names, I loved the rest. Especially the one above!

I was given 3 products at the event, Violate (sheer lipgloss £13), Berber (pure pigment £15) and Kontrol (lipstick £15.50). Am I the only one who read Beiber instead of Berber?

Anyway, lets start with the lip gloss in Violate.

While the colour is beautiful it doesn’t apply very well.

With one coat I got an uneven application and even after I really layered it on I couldn’t get an even colour.

Also it bleeds quite easily, the colour is stunning, the product is not so great.

Now this one…*rubs hands with excitement*….I LOVE this one!

This one along with Beguile, which is essentially a white version of this, are so so pretty! Call me a magpie but the shimmer in this one just makes me squeal with excitement.

It applies really easily and is really pigmented. The swatch bellow wasn’t layered, that is just one swipe of product.

Ugh isn’t is pretty!

Anyway…dragging myself away from Berber lets have a look at the lipstick.

This one is called Kontrol and it’s a lovely purple lipstick. I was quite surprised at how nice it was to apply, it’s funny because it feels “dry” when you put it on but then after it’s been on your lips for a few seconds you realize it’s quite moisturizing.

I can’t really find any faults with this one actually. A very nice lipstick.


  • Cruelty-free
  • As far as the lipstick and pigment go they’re well pigmented
  • Creative
  • Beautiful packaging/design


  • I feel that as creative as Illamasqua are and despite that in general they do make good products their prices can be a bit ludicrous.

Final thoughts:

If you don’t object to the prices they really do have some beautiful pieces in this collection, the pigments being the ones that are particularly stunning.

While I wasn’t given them to show you I was able to try out all the products at the event and I really liked the pigments, the precision Ink and the blushes. The blush in Ambition is pretty much a dupe of the Nars Orgasm blush.

And seeing as I can’t think of a way to nicely end this post I’ll leave you with a bit of lip art experimentation using all the products mentioned above :)

You can purchase items from the collection at: www.illamasqua.com