Review: Sleek Oh So Special!

So far the most versatile pallet from Sleek, in my opinion, has been the chaos Pallet. My opinion has now changed, this palette is a fantastic addition to the i-Divine family.
Colours for people who like subtle AND dramatic, and the best part is that it’s not limited edition so I can use it in my tutorials too!


  • 12 Eye shadows
  • £6.49
  • Wearable and dramatic colours

Long story short, a fantastic palette!

The palest colour (bow) is pretty much my exact skin tone so you can’t really see it on my arm unfortunately.

I’m hoping that one day sleek will release their eye shadows individually at some point because I would buy crazy amounts of the black eyeshadow. You’ve all seen me rave about the Sugarpill “bulletproof” eyeshadow, well the black eyeshadow from sleek is pretty much nipping on its heels! It’s that good!

I wanted to demonstrate how good these eye shadows are by swatching them on primed and no-primed areas of my arm. As you can see there is hardly a difference in terms of colour pay off.


  • Highly pigmented
  • Cruelty free!
  • Affordable
  • Wearable and bold shades
  • Sturdy packaging


  • I seriously can’t think of any…..a good selection of both matte and shimmery eye shadows, pigmented fantastic colour selection….the perfect palette! : D

You can buy this pallet in Superdrug or the Sleek Makeup website:

Guido Daniele Hand Art

I’m sure some of you have seen the original art by Guido Daniele at some point.

I remember seeing pictures of his work a while back but only found out his actual name when I decided to do this hand art series.

His art work is pretty much the kind that just takes your breath away!

Now I know I can’t do anything which will be even half the standard of his work but I would very much like to give it my best shot.

I guess I should tell you more about Guido Daniele?

He is a hyper-realist artist who was born in Soverato, Italy. in 1990 he developed the amazing body painting technique demonstrated above. It’s only right that I point you in the direction of his website :

I’m warning you now, hold onto your jaw before you go to his website, it will fall off!

If you go through his gallery you’ll see that my hand art above is a very poor version of his one, mind you I think my sisters rabbit would disagree. I tried to stroke it after I’d taken some pictures and the poor thing just froze!

I’m have a few ideas for animal designs of my own, but for the moment till I’ve practiced a bit more I’m going to stick to re-creating Guido’s.

So feel free to have a look through his gallery and leave me a comment down bellow on which one you would like me to re-create next, or suggest an animal which hasn’t been done for me to try :)



Review: MUA Lipsticks

First off apologies for the dodgy lighting, I have to remember to take pictures on days where it’s not raining (which in England is rare!)

I have quite a few of the MUA lipsticks, not all of them as not all of them suite me or are my style, but hopefully I can show a good selection of the MUA range.

Anyway, I’ve had these for about 3 months now so I have a pretty good idea of their pros and cons.

None of these lipsticks have names which for me is a bit of a pain in the neck as I find it very difficult to remembers numbers, heck I’ve had the same mobile since I was 15 and I still can’t remember my own number!

The shades above are the most pigmented, the ones bellow are quite sheer.

Personally I like all the shades minus shade eleven as it tends to apply in a slightly patchy manner and dose not really suit the super pale like me.

I wish I could tell you more about the smell but I have a really bad sense of smell so all I can say about it really is I quite like the smell and don’t find it particularly offensive.

As far at the taste goes, again, I have a bad sense of taste, but don’t mind the taste at all. Some lipsticks tend to have a horrible tar-like taste, not the case with these.

All of them are extremely creamy, they just glide on! But the downside to this is that they do have a tendency to bleed so you will need a lip liner.

One thing I especially like is that you can see the shade on the base. I hate, hate, hate having to open up all my lipsticks when I’m looking for the shade I want.

This way I just have to glance at where I keep my lipsticks, see it and pull it out. Simple and practical. Love!


  • 3.8g
  • 13 different shades sold presently
  • £1 each
  • Presently sold only in Superdrug
  • Basic but sleek packaging


  • Excellent price
  • Extremely pigmented
  • Cruelty Free!
  • Good range
  • Very creamy


  • A few of them are sheer
  • Tend to bleed, use a lip liner
  • A few of them have a tendency to stain

You can get the MUA products in pretty much any Superdrug store or online:

I hope the review helped :)

Paper Butterflies

It occurred to me that not everyone is going to be able to draw them out like I do in the video so last night I drew a series of various butterfly wing styles for people to print out.

Using the method I’ll be showing in the tutorial you should be able to recreate the look easily, and this way you’ll also be able to select which style of butterfly wings you prefer.

Something else you might like to do is layer the wings.

So instead of just using one style you could cut out the fist picture and the last picture down bellow and apply both of them.

Finally one more thing you can do is paint the wings.

One thing that looks especially stunning is when you paint only one side of the wings so that when you open of close your eyes there is a flash of colour.

In case you haven’t seen it hear is my tutorial :)