Review: Dead Sea Spa Magik Moisturisers

Dead Sea Spa Super Night Cream

I’ve been experimenting with different moisturisers lately, normally I use coconut oil, but like a lot of things I get bored and wanted to experiment. I have already tried a few products from this brand and liked some of them so I decided to give their moisturisers a shot.

Basics: Both around £8 • Both 75 ml • Cruelty Free

Unlike the mask I tried from this brand previously I really liked both these moisturisers. The night cream is slightly lighter in texture, but perfect for a trouble patch of skin I have on my face which always dry when I’m stressed or eaten food I shouldn’t have.

Dead Sea Spa Moisturiser

Rich Moisturiser (**):

The texture is quite thick (it’s the swatch on the left above) but once it’s rubbed in it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin. It’s actually quite lovely as a makeup primer since it has a matifying effect on the skin. I’m not sure how to describe the smell of this moisturiser other than pleasant  and subtle.

Super Night Cream (**):

This one (it’s the swatch on the right) absorbs much quicker into the skin. It smells just like the Rich Moisturiser and t’s definitely more moisturising. Out of the two creams this one is my favourite for myself and the other one I keep in my kit for a makeup primer on dryer skins.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Moisturiser

If you’re looking out for a new moisturizer then I would definately suggest you give these a shot. They’re both fantastic, the Super Night Cream is my favourite for the dry patches on my combination skin and the Rich Moisturiser is a fantastic primer.

You can get these at Holland and Barrett or here (**)

A New Giveaway

Giveaway   I don’t know how long it will be till I have another giveaway, so I thought that this one should a pretty big one. Today I’m combining two giveaways which were not claimed, so I have a regular makeup kit to giveaway as well as a special effects kit.

Rules are simple: One entry per person • The giveaway is worldwide  •  The giveaway ends on 25th of May  •  Winner will be notified by email  •

I have a few few announcements too with this giveaway. First, I currently have a book giveaway running with Victor Salinas, and within the next week I should have some MASSIVE news regarding Malumi. I can’t say too much for the moment, but be ready to see us perform live in quite a few places ;)

Hope you enter the giveaway :)

Real Life Disney: Captain Hook

Once Upon A Time Captain Hook Cosplay

Out of all my Real Life Disney looks the guys are the most fun to do hands down. You get a beard, chest hair and even a bit of guy liner, what’s not to enjoy? After doing my Flynn Rider look I wanted to do a character which took more inspiration from the Once Upon A Time character rather than the Disney red coat and massive Charles II hair Captain Hook.

My last Real Life Disney look was Hades

I know a lot of you are probably going to ask about how I made the hook, no it’s not made entirely from hot glue, just the lower half. The actual hook was made from ThermoMorph(**) and the wrist covering was made by covering a glass egg with a layer of glue gun plastic, peeling it off the egg, turing it inside out so the pattern on the glass egg would show, and then gluing the hook on.

Real Life Disney Captain Hook's Hook

I know in OUAT Captain Hook has slightly bluer eyes, but I’d run out of my pure blue contact lenses and I personally thought my favourite Desio lenses looked better, even though they’re more on the grey side.

Even though I use crepe hair in this tutorial you don’t have to to get the final look

Crepe hair is a bit of a nightmare to apply and if you’re just doing this look for a night out you can get away with just using a dark brown and a black eyeshadow instead.

Captain James Killian Hook

So that’s my hook look! I forgot to mention in the video that I added the chest hair using the alcohol activated makeup but – like I mentioned before – if all you have to hand is black eyeshadow just use that.

Which Disney character should I do next?

Speed Drawing: Jarl


I haven’t done these in a while, but now that the second Outsider book (called Defiance) will be coming out on July the 14th I’ll probably be doing a lot more of these. There have been a lot of requests for me to draw Ragi, Halvard and Dag, so I’m planning to set aside a few days to draw them in the next few weeks before the second book comes out.

Outsider Drawings

If you haven’t seen it already last week I did a post and a video all about my favourite blending techniques. I mentioned that I loved to use my paintbrush trick for pan pastels and in this video (along with the old Knud video I did) you can see exactly how I apply the colours.

I’d sketched Jarl out a few weeks ago but I wanted to do a proper drawing of him like I did with Knud and Astrid. I might re-do the drawing at some point, I’m not sure what it is but somehow I’ve managed to loose the kind look he had in the sketch, and in this drawing he looks a little harsher than he’s meant to.

I hope you like the video and feel free to suggest which character/location from Outsider I should draw next

Review: Cailyn BB Fluid Touch Compact


Apart from getting to meet Angie, Bethany and Alexys there were quite a few amazing new brands there that I had not seen before at IMATS New York. I use BB creams a lot, I rarely use a regular foundation, even for my videos, let alone in real life. So when I saw this new BB cream/liquid I decided to give it a shot.

Basics: Made in the USA • 15g • $32 • Cruelty Free

It’s described as a foundation/corrector/brightener/moisturiser. It is brightening and very mildly moisturising, but  I wouldn’t recommend just this product for some who is trying to cover rosacea or heavy acne. It would be a perfect product to start with to provide a light even base, but it won’t do the job if you want to cover acne or severe redness.

BB Cream

The packaging was what originally drew my eye. It’s quite an interesting idea, if you press on the button a little of the formula is pumped up into the pan, I also love that you have the option of re-fillable pans.  It’s the perfect formula for natural makeup, unfortunately the shades (like most BB creams) are a little limited, I’ve found very few brands that cater for any skin tone darker than a caramel brown which is very annoying.

Comes in 7 shades • My shade is in Porcelain

It feels so lightweight on the skin, each time I wear it I keep forgetting that’s I’m even wearing makeup, which is exactly the kind of makeup I love. It’s described as a moisturising formula, if you have very dry skin you would need something a little more, but it’s perfect for normal skin or oily skin if you apply a little powder after along the t-zone.

Calyin BB Cream

My only negative thought on this BB is that it’s not a long lasting base, after about 4 hours it is going to wear out around the cheeks and the bridge of your nose, especially if the weather is a little warm or if you’re out for the night.

I’m not sure how easy it is going to be for me to get refills since this brand doesn’t currently sell in the UK, but other than the skin 79 BB creams I think I’ve found my favourite foundation. It’s even more lightweight on the skin than the skin 79 creams and it is the perfect shade for my skin.

You can try it out here 



I had intended to buy things for my next giveaway while I was at IMATS NY, but when I got there I figured it was my first holiday in a while and I was going to enjoy myself. I met so many other You Tubers while I was there, Angie, Bethany, Heather and Alexys and I met quite a few of my subscribers too which was so lovely. I was so nervous about going, it was my first time in America but then I didn’t want to leave because I had such a good time.

I’ll be blogging/reviewing most of the products mentioned in this video

I can’t say how soon the reviews will be, the Smith brushes I mentioned will probably take the longest to review. I need to see how well they last after using them for a while and not just initial first impressions. If you see anything mentioned in the haul that you really want to see a review of soon let me know and I’ll try and bump it up on my list.

I hope you like the video :)

Book Giveaway Collaboration

Book Giveaway

It’s just over 2 months before the second book in my Outsider series will be released, the cover is almost finished (you can see a sneek peek here) and I cannot wait for you to be able to read it. So many of you were asking if I’d do a book giveaway so I thought I’d start it off with a collaboration with Victor Salinas.

For the moment this giveaway is limited to United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia

I will be doing a lot more of these in the future which will be worldwide and hosted on my blog, so if you couldn’t enter this one don’t worry, there will be more. You can enter the giveaway here.

Another Addition to My Nina Ricci Collection

Nina Ricce Perfume

When I say collection what I mean is a Nina Richi addiction. I have tried almost all their perfumes, and I’ll admit I’m a sucker for their beautiful packaging, especially their apple shaped bottles. I was actually happy they decided to go with different packaging this time than their normal apple bottles, the apple bottles are pretty, and I love all the different colours they come in, but after a while you start to want to see something different.

While I was passing through Dublin airport I picked up L’extase and Les Delices

I’ll post about Les Delices later on in the week, I still need to photograph it and you guys know how picky I get about my photography, it’s easily my favourite part about uploading on my blog. At some point I really should do a video about all the weird things I keep for my blog photos, really, I have draws filled with rocks, dried flowers, moss and even slate roof tiles. Anything which will help me get the perfect themed picture.

Nina Ricci

The funny thing about this perfume is apparently one of the notes is rose, and I hate the smell of roses (hey don’t judge me, we all have our preferences) but I can’t really smell that much rose in it. If I had to describe the smell I would say fruity, warm and confident. The advert gives you this idea that it will be a super sexy, heavy smell, which it is not at all.

Top Notes: Pink Pepper • Middle Notes: Rose, White Flowers • Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Virginia Cedar, Siam Benzoin

Even though it doesn’t have any fruit notes there’s is a definite fruity smell to this, but not in a sickly sweet way, more of a mysterious fruity kind of smell (yes, I know that does paint quite an amusing image). It was the bottle which drew me in originally (isn’t it beautiful!) but now, out of all the perfumes I have tried this one is my currently my second favourite. It’s not an attention seeking perfume which will punch you in the nose and leave your head spinning. It’s a warm, feminine, confident smell which will last about 4-5 hours before it starts to fade. Just in time to layer a new perfume for the evening.

You can get the perfume here(**)

Review: Dead Sea Spa Magik Masks


For once I thought I’d dabble outside of my favourite Lush masks and try a few new products. Although it’s not a product I’ve reviewed before on my blog the Dead Sea Spa Magic Algimud Face Mask(**) face mask is one of my favourites, I like it so much I though I’d give these other two masks from the brand a try.

Basics: Both around £8 • Cruelty Free

I’d tried the mud mask a few years ago and I vaguely remember that I didn’t like it at the time, now that I’ve tried it again I remember why. Simply put it’s just not good,  it might just be me and my skin, but I doubt it.


Mud Mask (Right Side Swatch • £8):

It’s not often I think something absolutely terrible, but this one really is. The consistency is lovely, creamy and easy to apply. But it really didn’t do anything for my skin and it left a horrible ashy residue on my skin that I really had to scrub at to remove.  Even when I tried to use it on my legs it just got stuck/clogged every single pore. It’s not because of lack of exfoliation or dry skin either, I exfoliate and I moisturise very regularly, it didn’t stop my skin from looking like I’d rubbed a graphite pen all over it once I’d attempted to wash the mask off.

Delicate Boosting Mask (Left Side Swatch • £8.33):

My favourite hands down (not that there was much competition). It warms up slightly when it’s applied, its so moisturising that when when I was about to wash it off I noticed that my lips were moisturised too like the moisture had traveled along my skin. It really is a fantastic product. Easy to apply, a creamy texture, very moisturising without being oily and quite easy to wash off compared to some mud or clay face masks. Perfect for when your skin is dry but also not in the mood for a slightly heavier clay mask which requires a little more work to wash off.

It is recommended for sensitive skin but I’d be a little wary. I have combination skin and I have one area on my cheek that easily flares up, it was a little sensitive after I used this mask (it calmed down after 10 minutes) so I’d imagine anyone with very sensitive skin would react in a similar way just all over their face.


Obviously I hated the mud mask, but as for the boosting mask I think it’s a fantastic product. So far I’ve used it about four times and I’m guesstimating that I’ll get another ten uses of the whole tube. A great mask for when your skin is dry and needs a little moisture.

You can get the boosting mask here (**)

The Zodiacs: Leo


Leo is one of those symbols where you can’t really do anything else (hair wise) other than big blond golden hair. I did briefly consider a red wig but it just didn’t work with the feel of Leo. Other than a peacock I always thought lions were quite showy animals, and I wanted to keep that “look at me I’m fabulous” feel in the look.

The look for me had to be a mixture of showgirls meets masquerade

The first thing I thought of when planning the look for Leo was a masquerade and lots of gold. Leo’s are described as confident, ambitious, loyal and encouraging but also pretentious, domineering and vain. I wanted to have the masquerade mask partly drawn onto the skin and party coming from it with the Leo symbol cut into the patterns.

The Zodiacs- LeoThe Confidence of a Leo

If you want to replicate this look I’ve made it easy, the template for the cut outs are linked bellow. You can just print them out, trace them, cut them out and then paint them gold to match the ones I wore.  If you’re not sure how to make a transfer then I have a tutorial for that here which should make it easy.

You can download the face patterns here

If you download the pattern you’ll notice there is another one at the bottom, well, you’ll want to keep that (or start cutting them out) because those are the patterns I’ll be using for Gemini.

I hope you like the tutorial :)