Drawing Goblin and Human Clothes

Azure Oasis Cover Image

Now that is not a title I thought I would ever type out. One of the first things I had to send Nicoy for the second issue of the comic book were illustrations showing how the clothes looked. There were the humans in Einn, the Humans in the Azure Oasis and then the Goblins. All of which needed their own style of clothing to reflect their different cultures, social status and the climate they live in.


The Humans in Einn

Since Einn is a trading town I needed the clothes to reflect that. Einn is quite a cold town on the sides of the mountains, so I wanted the clothes to be practical and warm

One of the first ideas I had was to have a layer of clothing that works a little bit like an overall. If I ever end up expanding more on the culture of Einn I might have the design so that there are different apron/overall colours depending on the trade, but for the moment I have a hundred and one drawings that I need to get to before I start expanding on these ideas. 

Another thing I wanted to do was have it so that the humans wore two different pairs of shoes. A light pair for indoors and then a thicker boot which is worn with the first pair for outdoors a bit like Dutch clogs.

Azure Oasis

The Azure Oasis

Apart from being able to go into the backstory of all the characters so much more than I have in the books so far, I’m really excited that I can show more of the human worlds too. Places like the Gold Coast, the Azure Oasis and Bayswater have wildly different fashions, cultures and rulers.

For the Azure Oasis I wanted the colours to be vibrant, the complete opposite to Einn. I drew different sets of clothes, one for the wealthier travellers who would be in a caravan protected from the sun (and be able to afford blue dyed clothes), and the rest, who would be walking.  They needed plainer clothes and shoes which would protect them from the hot sand.

The Goblins

The Goblins

Now this part was fun! If you’re wondering why I drew them in their underwear that part was so that I could see clearly in my head how their clothes would layer up. Most of the goblins live on the plains. There are almost no trees so there is a constant cold wind and they need to stay warm. One of the most useful pieces of clothing they own is the veil (the same type Astrid wears) which can double up as bandages, a hood, even a crude tent if it’s completely unwrapped.

Apart from keeping warm the goblins also needed to be able to move fast. I didn’t want their clothes to impair their movements in any way, especially when they’re riding their bison. Since its quite normal for a bison or two to be toppled over by the heard when the goblins are hunting one of the most common ways for a goblin to get killed (apart from by the dwarves or a rival tribe) is being crushed under their bison. So when they ride they sit crouched on the backs of the animals so that they can jump off at a moments notice. Of course a fall like that, especially in the middle of a hunt means that they might end up with several broken bones, but their odds are a darn sight better than if they end up crushed under a bison. With an animal that size landing on top of you it’s game over.

Just Pink Perfume

Just Pink Next

I haven’t tried the Chloe perfumes, but I really appreciate how simply beautiful their bottles are. This one looked so much like them when I past it in Next I decided to give it a try, and it’s really quite a beautiful scent.

Basics: 100ml • Cruelty Free • £12 • Top notes of Green Mandarin and Cassis • Heart of Muguet and Jasmine • Base of Musk and Patchouli

You would think that for such a pink bottle it would smell like the perfume love-child of a candy shop and a florist shop. Spoiler, it doesn’t. When I first sprayed it the first image that sprang to mind was a feminine version of mens aftershave, the Musk is quite strong. After a minute or two though that smell settles down and you get this lovely subtle fresh floral smell.

Just Pink

It’s described on the Next website as a “fresh green floral fragrance with soft fruits and pink blooms”. The citrus isn’t very strong at all, it sits just under that smell of fresh flowers, and it’s only when you bury your nose against your wrist that you smell that faint citrusy scent.

For someone with such an aversion to pink I’d oddly fond of this perfume. The packaging is beautiful, the price and size extremely good value, and it is the perfect scent for almost any event.

I bought mine here

The Three Fates: Lachesis


Yea, they’re getting creepier. With the first Fate, Clotho, I wanted her to look reasonably normal. Ok, maybe the lashes aren’t normal, but compared to this one she it. Lacheisis is the disposer of lots, she knows how many years you will live and what day you will die on. I can’t imagine that would be a nice thing to know, so I imagined her as more of sad, borderline angry character.

Lachesis: Disposer of Lots

I didn’t want to just have this character holding a ruler, that would be quite boring, so I decided to go for a more morbid approach and have her keep track of people’s years on her actual skin.

I Know Your Time

The Numbers

The idea I had was that for each year a person lived she would cut a small tally into her skin, but when she knows the exact year or day a person will die she tattoos that number onto her skin. Since I’m doing the Greek versions of the fates the numbers in black are using Greek numbers, but depending on the version of the Three Fates you want to do you can use a different system of numbers. You could also make this whole look a lot more sever if you used things like sculpt gel or rigid collodion, or just keep it simple with lipstick and a few brown eyeshadows :)

I hope you like the tutorial :)

Drawing the Goblin Sisters

Systa Close Up

Last week I finally got around to drawing Systa and Ótama, my favourite goblin sisters. It’s quite funny actually, while I knew that I wanted to introduce Ulf in the second book so that I could (hopefully) completely flip people’s opinions on who the bad guys really were, Systa and Ótama were not characters that I had planned for. They fought their way into the story and then refused to leave. Systa especially, who is too much of a badass for her own good. Speaking of Systa, I saw how she’s going to look in the comic book last week and she looks amazing! It might be a while till she appears in the comic, but when she does it’ll be good!


Ótama is the oldest of the two sisters by quite a few years. She’s also the only goblin who ever came close to killing Ulf in battle, so that gives you an idea of just how lethal she is. She is loyal to Ulf, but her sister comes first for her in everything, Systa on the other hand is completely devoted of Ulf and his vision for the goblins. I don’t want to give away too much of her backstory quite yet, but let’s just say she has a very good reason for hating the dwarves, other than the hæta of course.

What I used: Black Polychromos Pencil • Pentel Techniclick G Pencil • Pentel White Marker • White Gel Pen 

Systa was the first one I drew. As it turned out my Pentel G pencil really didn’t work so well on this brown paper, it reflected like crazy when I was trying to photograph it. So when I drew Ótama I used a polychomos black pencil which photographed much better. I think that the next time I draw on this paper I will use a mixture of a sienna brown with the black. For the highlights on both drawings I used two white pens; a normal white gel pen for the highlights on the eyes and outlining the face/hair, and then a broad nib white marker for larger highlights. For Ótama’s hair I tried something a little different and used my script pen instead of my mechanical pencil, I don’t know if I’m going to keep doing hair this way, but for a quick twenty minute drawing it worked quite well.


Coffee For Your Face

Cup o Coffee Lush

For someone who doesn’t drink coffee – I have enough addictions already, thank you – I really do love the smell of it. Most of the Lush face masks are infamously perishable, you have three or four weeks to use it but after that, it’s done. This mask, along with Mask of Magnaminty, are one of the larger and more long lasting pots. Perfect if you’re a scatterbrained goldfish like me.

Basics: • Cruelty Free • Vegan • £6.75 • 150g  •

The texture of this is…interesting for a face mask. I’m used to clays, serums and jelly-like masks, but this one is like rubbing mapple syrup into your skin with half a cup of coffee thrown into it. Normally I prefer to apply face masks in the evening, but this smells so strongly of coffee it’s lovely to use first thing in the morning while your brain is still in zombie mode.

Cup o Coffee Swatch

Because this is such a thick sticky texture I prefer to apply this just to the center of my face and t-zone. Otherwise when I’m massaging the face mask in it feels like I’m trying to re-mould my face. I wouldn’t recommend this mask for anyone with sensitive skin. I think it’s far too rough for that. But if you still want to try this mask out and think it’s too abrasive for your face then try using it on your decolletage and arms. Feels fantastic! Though you do end up smelling like Costa after.

Face and body Mask

I’ve actually started using this as a body mask, which is something I hardly ever do! To be honest I’m really bad with taking care of the skin on my body. My face get’s all the pampering normally, but I have such a massive pot to go through I think it’s the only way I’ll get through the whole thing.

You can get this here

My Favourite Things: No. 7

My Favourites

I think it’s been a little over four months since my last favourites video, so a new one is long overdue. As usual there is a lot of new books, art supplies and jewellery, but I also had to mention what is easily the best face cream that I have every tried.

72 Markers Sense Bags:

They sell these in quite a few sizes, but if you have a collection of markers as big as I do you’ll need the 72 markers size. For smaller collections though they sell them in an 18, 24 and a 36 markers size. It was only after I’d bought both my cases that I noticed there are some cases with a transparent plastic option instead, but since I ended up adding swatches to the ends of all my pro-markers it worked out perfectly.


This is a long list of rings so prepare to click on a lot of links. I got the rope twine rings, leaf rings, black onyx ring, tigers eye and my favourite, the amber sun ring. Since I’ve been buying a lot of rings online lately I thought it would also be a good idea to finally get a ring sizer too.

Era Organics Relief Cream

I’ve already done a full blog post all about this cream so I won’t bother repeating myself. It’s amazing, I can’t think of anyone I wouldn’t recommend this cream to. Oh, and did I mention it’s also great for your hair when the ends are dry and frazzled?

Paint Brushes

I bought two sets to replace one brush. Yes, I’m an art addict I know, but in my defence everyone needs their little addictions – apart from rings, shoes, perfumes and books – obviously. I bought the Pro Arte Artists Series 3 set and the Pro Arte Artists Pure Sable 6 set,

Pentel 0.3mm  Mechanical Pencil

I actually have Stephenie Mun Law to thank for this purchase. I’ve been following her Instagram for a while now and noticed how she was able to achieve incredibly thin lines on her sketches, so I jumped onto Amazon, bought myself one. One week later I bought myself a second one for backup because I’m paranoid I’ll misplace the first one somehow.

Anatomy for the Artist 

Now there is another addition to the art books I consider essential for every artist along with the Collins Artist Manual. While the Collins Artist Manual covers tools, primers, techniques etc, this book covers anything and everything you will need to know about anatomy.

Small Stud Earrings 

Now that I have these I’m trying to resist the urge to get the Cubic Zirconia ones too. They’re the perfect size, small, dainty and comfortable. 

I hope you like the video :)

The Three Fates: Clotho

The Spinner Of Life

After my Zodiacs series I wanted my next series to be considerably smaller than that one. Quite a few of you had suggested the three fates and, after a little bit of research on the different versions, I decided I would do it.

The first in the Series is Clotho, the weaver of the thread of life

I had originally planned for her to have no mouth at all, but my first few tests to try and do this looked horrible. I couldn’t get the smooth finish I was looking for so instead I decided to go for a stitch pattern over the mouth instead.

The Three Fates


I want all the fates to have the same grey eyes, and for this character I wanted her eye makeup to be colourless and the lashes textured. She is a weaver after all, so I thought the little details like the lashes and the lips should reflect that.

I hope you like the tutorial :)

The Night Owl Precision Eyeliner Pen

Night Owl Review

I don’t know how many of you remember the collaboration with MadeYewLook, but Lex started selling her own brand of eyeliner a few months ago and sent me a few of them to try out.

Back when I first started You Tube one of the first eyeliners I bought was the Migi eyeliner and it was fantastic for doing detailed eyeliner, like the glam goth look I did. The Night Owl eyeliner is the closest I have ever found to that one.  It gives you the same kind of ultra precision even though it is a felt tipped pen instead of synthetic bristles, like the Migi pen.

Night Owl

Basics: Cruelty Free • 6ml •  $18-£11.96

•  Slight Sheen Finish

As you can see from the swatches above you can draw very thick lines with this, or very fine detailed lines which are perfect for more arty looks. I’ve been using this eyeliner for a few months now and it’s still just as precise as when it first arrived. If you’re rough with this I think the nib will start to get a little floppy, but I’ve been using it for a few months, and as you can see from the photos above, it’s still pretty darn good!


Since Lex sent it to me I can’t remember how much the postage was exactly, so this might be a little tricky to get your hands on if you’re from Europe. I don’t know if Lex will be doing other versions of this pen in the future, but if she does I would love to see a matte black version or even a gold version. Imagine how cool it would look! Especially if you used them for looks like this.

You can get the eyeliner here

Drawing the Voices

The Sketches

I’ve had this image in my head for so long I’m just glad it’s finally on paper. In the book I could only describe the two voices Astrid has in her head as the ‘harsh’ voice and the ‘quiet’ voice. In the third book (which I’m still writing) I get to explore those two sides of Astrid’s personality more, but I really wanted to draw how she sees them in her head.

On the original sketch I had drawn Astrid’s wolf skin, and I was going to have it so that one hand had her wolf claws and other other didn’t. But in the end it thought it was trying to cram in too much information into the picture. Since it’s about the two sides of Astrid’s personality I wanted that to be the focus to the story, not her Vârcolac skin.


When I was about half way through the drawing I realised I’d drawn her damaged ear on the wrong side, so I had change that. If there’s one thing that drives me nuts about Astrid is having to remember which side her scars on. I keep drawing them on the wrong side and then only realising half way through that I have to flip everything onto the other side of her face.

Astrid's Face Pre ScarsHalf Way Through

I have a favourites video coming out next week on my second channel where I’ll be raving about my new mechanical pencil for at least a few minutes, but I have to rave about it a little bit here too. I only bought it a few weeks ago and I’m utterly in love with it. Apart from the art brush I used for blending, and the white gel pen, I only used the 0.3mm pencil for this whole drawing and it’s perfect for everything from outline sketches to very, very detailed shading.

What I used: Mechanical Pencil • White Gel Pel • Art Brushes for blending

Drawing the harsh voice was fun! While I was working on the face it occurred to me that the sketches around her back looked a little bit like the scars she has on her back, so I decided to accentuate that even more once I’d finished drawing her face, hair and tattoos.

The Dark Voice

The Kind Voice


Now that I’ve finished the drawing I’m really, really tempted to add some gold foil into the background. What I might do, once I’ve scanned this in, is paint the gold foil pattern I want onto a second paper and then digitally add it behind the picture so that I don’t risk messing up. After spending 11 hours on this drawing the last thing I want to do is wreck it.

Man In The High Castle Transformation

Man In The High Castle

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would work with The Man In The High Castle to make a makeup tutorial about the series. Although I haven’t read any of Philip K Dick’s books,  I knew about Man In The High Castle from my Dad, so I was interested to see what the the series would be like. I watched the first episode, loved it and I actually got to see the second episode a few days ago at a private screening and it’s amazing!

For the makeup tutorial I decided that instead of doing just one look I would make myself look like the villain and the heroine. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that I wore two different contact lenses, blue for Alexa Davalos’s character and green for Rufus Sewell’s character.

You can watch the series here